• Working mother.

    How to be mothers who do not dare to breastfeed because they want to return to work? The answer depends on the work schedule and how soon you need to return to it. If a mother leaves for work only for eight hours, she can breastfeed, skipping one feeding. Even if the mother can not feed after returning to work, it is worth starting with breastfeeding, if you have one or two months left.

    There are other ways of showing tenderness to the child. Suppose you want to breastfeed your baby, but you can not. Will the child suffer physically or emotionally? No, do not worry too much about this. If you diligently prepare the mixture and keep in touch with your doctor, it is very likely that your child will physically prosper. And if you, holding him a bottle, hold him in your arms, he is emotionally receiving the same satisfaction as the breast. Some mothers, after reading what psychologists and psychiatrists write about the importance of breastfeeding, sometimes start to think that artificially nurtured children grow up not so happy. No one has proved this.

    In other words, there are hundreds of ways that the mother shows her devotion to the baby and earns his confidence. Breastfeeding is only one of them, good, but not the only one. When a husband gives his wife flowers, he thereby manifests his love for her. But no intelligent wife who has other proofs of love and devotion to her husband will not fall into despair if he does not give her flowers. Maybe you think I'm exaggerating. But I want to emphasize this circumstance once again. After reading and listening to such opinions, mothers put all their hopes on breastfeeding. And if they can not breastfeed, they begin to think that they have betrayed their child and were defeated as women. This exaggeration of the importance of breastfeeding is not supported by facts, and despair in case of failure in it is hard for the mother and, accordingly, for the child. In the end, a cheerful and cheerful mother needs him more than breast milk.

    It should be remembered that the production of milk in the mother's breast depends on the activity of the glands and the hospital schedule of the day - neither over nor over the other mother is not powerful. So do not blame yourself for the failure of breastfeeding.

    Think of breastfeeding not as a test of your devotion to the child( in the past, thousands of mothers raised children without much devotion to them) or as a test of your physical and moral qualities( it's not at all), but simply as a good deed, which

    canrejoice, if it is obtained, but do not despair, if nothing comes out.

    Most women who want to breastfeed find that with each succeeding child they are getting better - probably as a result of experience and self-confidence.