• Communication in sexual relations

    1. Many of us feel uncomfortable when we have to talk about sex with our partner because we can not find the right words or because the words that we could use can offend our partner or sound too different,scientific.

    Make a list of body parts and types of sexual behavior that occupy an important place in your relationship with a partner. If possible, use the correct terms. Ask the same to do and your partner.

    2. Against each term, write synonyms that are used in the spoken language. And there can be a lot of them!

    3. Now underline in red those ones that you like or excite you in certain circumstances. Black or blue underlining those words that you do not like or that you dislike in any way.

    4. Now exchange the lists with your partner. Find in these lists the general and differences. Pay attention to what your partner likes while making love.


    One of the most enduring miracles in life is that a single human egg, fertilized by a single sperm cell, can grow, develop and become a full-fledged human being that is unique in its individuality. The human body, with a million cells enclosed in it, grows from a single, fertilized egg. Developing female embryonic cells( if it's a woman) or sperm( if it's a man), the human body has a remarkable power - to give life to new human beings.

    The female and male reproductive system constantly develops female germ cells and spermatozoa, which under certain circumstances can be reunited through a system of tubes and cavities. In the case of fertilization, an embryo develops in the woman's body, which is comfortably located in the mother's womb and which later turns into a fruit that develops there until its birth.

    Most of the female reproductive systems are hidden from the eyes and located inside the body. In men, the components of the reproductive system are more or less in sight. The visible parts of the body that enter the reproductive system of the human body are called genitalia.