• Sexual therapy and counseling psychoanalysts

    In the UK, psychoanalysts and sexologists provide the necessary support to both single people and couples experiencing sexual difficulties. The counseling of psychoanalysts helps people to establish the psychological and emotional factors underlying their dissatisfaction with the sexual life. Sexopathologists often attract psychoanalysts to work with patients. Thus, a combined approach, which includes counseling and "homework", helps to solve patient problems."Homework" does not do without exercises on the technique of concentrating partners on the feelings of each other. The more those who turn to specialists for help, they know about the activity of their body, the sooner their sexual life is normalized. For example, information on how sexual experiences and reactions change as a result of the traumas suffered or in connection with the aging process help patients to understand what their difficulties are. Those who suffer from severe diseases, people with disabilities also seek help from specialists. Meetings with specialists sometimes occur several times a week and can last for a month or even longer. Their effectiveness is confirmed by the fact that almost half of those who applied for help as a result of such meetings established their sex life.

    One of the leading sex therapists in the United States Joel D. Block identified five factors that serve as indicators that a married couple( and these five factors of the

    are just intended for couples) require advice from a sex therapist or psychoanalyst. These are the factors.

    • Frequent disagreements among spouses over sex.

    • One of the spouses avoids having sex.

    • Feeling of complete rejection of sex and disappointment in sex.

    • Inability of spouses to talk about sex, sexual difficulties and desires.

    • Adultery.

    Many married couples who visit a specialist either by themselves or separately, or both together, then individually, benefit from access to specialists. Each pair has its own difficulties. It's bad when only one partner wants to get qualified help, because specialists who practice on such problems usually work with couples. Although, of course, there are exceptions. And it goes without saying that each person can seek help from a specialist even if he( she) does not have a permanent partner, but there are difficulties that caused the destruction of relations in the past.

    Before using the services of such specialists, you should make sure that the person you are applying to is a professional and he has the relevant documents, as well as a license for this type of activity. A self-respecting professional will not abuse the client's trust and even more to enter into sexual relations with him.