Exercises for slimming your hands and shoulders

  • Exercises for slimming your hands and shoulders

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    What exercises help you lose weight on your hands and shoulders: results

    In the process of losing weightit is very important that the fat goes away from all parts of the body, and not just from the abdomen, thighs and buttocks. Hands and shoulders also need to be loaded, and special exercises can be provided that strengthen the muscles.

    Effective exercises for slimming your arms and shoulders ^

    If you visit any gym, you can see that athletes in one class of exercise training complexes for various parts of the body.

    Despite this, in any exercise, almost all muscles are always involved, so it's impossible to lose weight in one area, you can provide an optimal load for it, and fat will go away faster than from other areas.

    Do not think that by doing weight loss exercises, you can pump huge muscles that do not always adorn women - they just help to quickly remove fat and increase the elasticity of muscle tissue, and for those who want to have biceps, there are separate complexes.

    It is possible to perform different exercises with or without power tools, but adherence to a fat burning diet is a must for everyone:

    • It's worth to give up flour, roast, smoked foods and sweets: such products accelerate the conversion of calories to fat cells, which ultimatelynegatively affects the figure. In addition, they do not bring any health benefits - they only harm: slow down metabolism, increase cholesterol;
    • To quickly lose weight, you should eat mainly fruits, vegetables, cereals, cottage cheese, boiled eggs, lean fish and low-fat meat: this food contains few calories and stimulates metabolism.

    What exercises are useful for slimming your hands and shoulders ^

    Exercises for slimming your arms and shoulders: a set for doing house exercises

    To exercise fatigue easily with your hands and puff up your muscles, a set of exercises for losing weight with dumbbells is recommended. Their weight can be from 1 to 3 kg - at the initial stage, but after a few weeks it can be increased. What you need to do:

    • We are getting ready, we keep hands with dumbbells in front of us, then we spread it to the sides and lower it down. Repeat 15 times;
    • We lower our hands, turn the palms with dumbbells to the face and lift them up. We do 20 times;
    • We press the dumbbells to the hips, bend our arms in the elbows and perform the lifts upwards, and so 20 repetitions;
    • We lay our belly on the floor, lift the hull and legs as much as possible, put our hands back and stay in this position for 30 seconds, go down. We repeat 15 times.

    Exercises for slimming your hands without dumbbells

    If for some reason you can not work with dumbbells, you can do physical exercises for slimming your hands for women - they are no worse than force:

    • Simple push-ups: we lie down on the floor with your stomach,in it, we hold hands under the chest. We rise and fall at the expense of bending elbows, and so 15 times;
    • Push-ups on the knees: we kneel, hands on the floor and do the same as in the previous case;
    • We stand straight, straight arms raise to the sides and raise to the level of the shoulders, then we outline in the air circles first into one, and then - in the opposite direction. We perform for 7 minutes;
    • Back push-ups: we turn our backs to the chair, lean on it with our hands, legs stretch forward and slightly bend at the knees. Due to the work of the elbow joints, we climb up, then we return. We do 15 times.

    Effective exercises for slimming hands in the gym

    Usually, coaches independently develop a training program for their wards, including the following exercises with power tools:

    • Press: We sit on the floor, we bring our hands together with dumbbells and hold them over our heads. When lowering the elbows, we start the brush by the head, repeat 20 times;
    • Dilution of hands on the bench: we lay down on the bench, we hold hands above in front of us, we breed from together with dumbbells, then we close back. We do 15 times;
    • Mixing-dilution of hands in the simulator: 20 times;
    • Difficult push-ups: we put on one bench legs, and on the other we rely on hands. We wring out 15 times, keeping a right angle between the trunk and legs.
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    Exercises for slimming hands at home: feedback and results ^

    If all the movements are correctly done and dealt with daily, after a month you can see a reduction in fat in the arms and shoulders, as well as strengthening of muscle tissue. Of course, the best way to choose a gym is to visit the gym.there the coach will be able to correctly formulate the training and nutrition program, but if there is no such possibility, it is necessary to observe simple rules:

    • If the goal is to pump muscles and remove fat, you need to eat only protein food: nuts, fish, meat, buckwheat, rice, beans. The use of vegetables and fruits should be limited;
    • If you need to reduce the fatty layer, but you do not need to pump muscles - it's enough to eat right.

    Exercises for slimming the muscles of the hands: feedback

    Marina, 28 years old:

    "Without push-ups, you will not be able to get rid of fat in the area of ​​shoulders and arms. At first, it is best to wring out, placing your legs and hips on the elevation, tk."

    Larissa, 33:

    " After losing weight, my hands still did not change much in volume, and then dumbbells helped me: their weight is 1.5 kg, but after several complexesthey do not seem so easy. Do not immediately buy yourself heavy dumbbells, tk.a big load in the beginning will only hurt "

    Anastasia, 35 years old:

    " I always wanted to have sharpened shoulders and thin hands, and for this I decided to study at home. I did exercises every day with dumbbells and without, and after 3 months I noticed that the fatty layer had significantly decreased, and muscles had also strengthened. "