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    Exercise vacuum: does it quickly get rid of the abdomen

    In an effort to havea slim figure people often face difficulties, when you can not get rid of creases on your stomach. They can be easily removed by mastering the technique of performing the "vacuum" exercise.

    Exercise vacuum for the abdomen: what is the essence and use ^

    While doing sports, people basically "pump" the external muscles, completely forgetting that the load is important for the transverse muscles of the abdomen. In the end, it really does manage to pull up the tummy, but it will not be flat precisely because of the relaxation of the transverse muscles.

    To eliminate this drawback, it is necessary to perform a simple vacuum exercise. In fitness it came from yoga and is based on respiratory gymnastics, because it is through breathing that in this case it turns out to control your muscles.

    This technique is used by many stars: for example, the vacuum exercise Arnold Schwarzenegger does regularly, becauseit helps maintain the elasticity of the press and helps strengthen muscle tissue.

    Exercise vacuum: the use of

    Performing an exercise vacuum for the press, each person gets a certain benefit:

    • It allows you to get rid of a large amount of visceral fat;
    • Strengthens the supply of oxygen to the abdominal region;
    • Improves blood circulation;
    • Tightens the muscles that hold the internal organs in the optimal position.

    It is worth noting the special importance of the vacuum exercise for women: since it has a positive effect on blood flow, this allows the work of "female organs" to be set up and various diseases to be avoided.

    Despite all the positive aspects, the exercise of a contraindication vacuum still has:

    • Heart and vascular diseases;
    • Ulcer and gastritis;
    • Frequent dizziness and fainting.

    In the presence of such diseases, the exercise of the abdominal vacuum is strictly prohibited, becauseit affects not only the muscles, but also the internal organs.

    Exercise vacuum: how to do it correctly ^

    Vacuum exercise for the abdomen: how to perform correctly, instruction

    Exercise vacuum: technique of performing

    Having learned about the benefits and having read positive reviews, many people believe that the first time you can easily overpower it. In fact, this is not so, and without detailed instructions it is impossible to learn how to do an exercise vacuum. If all movements are done correctly, the result can be felt very soon:

    • The easiest technique of the exercise is "vacuum in the abdomen" - in the supine position with bent knees: hands stretch along the body, take a deep breath, strongly draw in the stomach and hold the breath for 20seconds. All this time he must be in a stationary state: only in this way can the transverse muscle be pumped;
    • After mastering the previous technique, you can proceed to the vacuum exercise for a flat stomach standing: legs are placed on the width of the shoulders, take a deep breath, and at this time we lay our hands on the hips, slightly bend forward and bend the legs in the knees. We draw in the belly when exhaling. To ensure optimal air intake, it is necessary to hold the head, slightly tilted forward, and the back - perfectly flat.

    Having mastered these two techniques, you can begin to perform the exercise by sitting or standing on all fours: this will allow you to carefully work out the transverse muscle and tighten even the most saggy belly.

    After a thorough study of all the methods, you can complicate the task: in the standing position, slightly bend to the side, take a breath and hold the air for up to 30 seconds. The most important is the exercise vacuum after delivery, because it helps to make not only tightened muscles, but also the skin.

    Exercise vacuum: how much to do

    To achieve the best effect from vacuum exercises for the muscles of the press, it must be performed in accordance with the following rules:

    • Breathing delay should be from 20 to 30 seconds, and each of their techniques is done 3 to 5 times;
    • After eating, take at least 3 hours to avoid the appearance of nausea and vomiting.

    When performing the exercise vacuum, for men the norms may vary slightly: they can increase the number of approaches up to 7 times.

    No less important is how often to do an exercise vacuum: it must perform daily, otherwise it will not be possible to quickly strengthen the muscles, because they must receive the load regularly.

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    Exercise Vacuum for the abdomen: reviews, results before and after ^

    In many sports forums, the effect of exercise vacuum is almost the most discussed topic: some say that it helps to clean the stomach in just a month, while others claim that this is forit took them almost half a year. In fact, everything here depends on the initial ratio of muscle mass and fat: the more it is, the faster it goes.

    With regular exercise, the waist vacuum eventually succeeds in getting good results:

    • The stomach and sagging skin are significantly tightened;
    • Muscle strengthening;
    • Digestion is normalized.

    Exercise vacuum for the abdomen: feedback from our readers

    Anastasia, 30 years old:

    "I did this exercise a couple of months after I gave birth to my daughter. At that time, my stomach was terribly hanging, and it was the vacuum that helped me return the former form and make the press elastic. "

    Alexandra, 33 years old:

    " To me, "vacuum" at first seemed an easy exercise until I moved to the second stage. At first it was difficult to draw the belly out on exhalation, because I used to do something differently. Over time, I managed all the difficulties, and now my waist is 63 cm, although it used to reach 72 cm. »

    Marina, 25 years old:

    « I was advised by the coach to do a vacuum exercise at home to make the tummy tighter. I must say that I got this for 2 months, becausefat was not too much, the muscles were simply weakened. "