Exercises on the lateral muscles of the press

  • Exercises on the lateral muscles of the press

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    • How to pump the lateral muscles of the press: for what they answer, recommendations for performing the exercises
    • Exercises on the lateral muscles of the press: description and sequence
    • Exercises for the lateral abdominal muscles: feedback when the results appear
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    Exercises on the lateral muscles of the press: testimonials and results

    For sure everyone wants to have a nice podkachenny press and a tight figure, but you need to know how to pump the lateral musclesa.

    In this case, a visit to the gym is not necessary - it is enough to have a little time to do exercises at home.

    How to pump the lateral muscles of the press: for which they respond, recommendations for performing exercises ^

    The muscles of the lateral wall of the abdomen are located about 5-10 cm from the axillary zone and end in the region of the hips( anterior-upper bone).They are divided into several subgroups:

    • Oblique abdominal muscles( external).With regular sports, they perform more than others, and shrink when turning in different directions;
    • Internal oblique muscles are not visible, tk.are located under the outer. Reduced also when bending and tilting;
    • Straight abdominal muscles;
    • Transverse muscle.

    In the daily life of a person, the lateral abdominal muscles are practically not involved, but without working on them, obtaining a beautiful press is not possible. In order to bring your press back to normal, you need to regularly perform special exercises: slopes, rises and twists on the bar.

    The turnstile can be hung at home on any door rise, making it from pieces of iron and attaching it to strong screws or screws.

    Who should not give pressure to the press:

    • People suffering from gastritis and other gastrointestinal diseases, incl.and an ulcer - it can cause attacks of pain and worsening of the course of the disease;
    • Hypertension and hypotension should be limited. Rises, inclinations and twists are often provoked in people with unstable pressure of dizziness.

    Some useful tips for a successful workout:

    • It is recommended to take food in small amounts 2 hours before the beginning of the classes, and also it is not necessary to eat a lot after the exercises: it is enough to have a bite with an apple;
    • Be sure to perform warm-up: jump or run in one place, make turns or slopes;
    • Beginners can not immediately give the maximum load, making it more difficult as physical training improves;
    • For the duration of training, always carry mineral water without gas - this is the only thing you can use at such times to quench your thirst;
    • Always start and finish training from the starting position( PI).

    Exercises on the lateral muscles of the press: description and sequence ^

    Exercises on the lateral muscles of the press: how to pump at home

    Exercise 1 - Slopes to the sides

    • We stand straight, we place our shoulders across the width of the shoulders, we put our hands behind the head and close the brushes;
    • Slowly lean to the right side, stretching the muscles to the maximum;
    • We accept IP, we do the same in the other direction;
    • Alternate the slopes 20 times, gradually increasing their number.

    When you feel that the muscles have grown stronger( after about 1-2 months), you can hold this lesson with a dumbbell up to 10 kg: put it in one hand, put it behind your head and perform the same thing.

    Exercise 2 - Lifts on the bench

    Instead of a bench you can use a sofa:

    • Accept the horizontal position, lie on its side, while the upper part of the body is left in a hanging position;
    • Feet at this time should hold another person;
    • We put our hands behind our heads and begin to perform lifting of the body up;
    • We turn to the other side and repeat;
    • In total, raise up to 30 times each side.

    Exercise 3 - Twisting on the crossbar

    • We grab two widely spaced arms over the crossbar from above;
    • Straighten the legs and lift them up to the level of the chest, alternately taking them to the right and left;
    • The number of lifts is not limited.

    Exercise 4 - Body and leg lifts, for the experienced

    • We occupy a horizontal position, wind the right hand behind the head, straighten the legs;
    • Simultaneously raise the trunk and knee, bringing them to each other before touching;
    • We accept IP and change sides.

    Exercise 5 - Lifts and turns of the body

    • We lay down, we have our hands on the back of the head, we bend our knees;
    • Lift the body, reduce the left elbow to the right knee, then change sides;
    • We perform about 10-20 times.

    Exercise 6 - Raising the legs on the

    • horizontal bar Clinging to the top of the crossbar, placing our hands at maximum distance from each other;
    • We keep our legs straight, in the same position, raise them to the maximum height;
    • We lower in the IP.We do 10-20 times.

    Exercise 7 - Bow slopes, for prepared

    • Feet should be set to the width of shoulders, we place the bar with the neck on the trapezium( the area just below the back of the neck);
    • Alternately, we bend in different directions;
    • Do as far as possible, but do not overdo it.

    Exercise 8 - Rotation on the

    horizontal bar. Several muscle groups are involved:

    • We hang on the crossbar, start rotating the pelvis first, then turn it counterclockwise;
    • The number of rotations is unlimited.
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    Exercises for lateral abdominal muscles: feedback when the results appear ^

    As a rule, the lateral muscles of the press are not too hard to pump, but visually after a month of training, only the elasticity of the area of ​​their location and a slight decrease in the waist in girls are noted.

    Before you swing the side muscles of the press, you should read the feedback that will help in increasing the effectiveness of training:

    Julia, 24:

    "In addition to classes, I follow my diet: I ruled out eating with carbohydrates, leaving the advantage behind the proteins. It is not necessary to refuse fats, tk.

    Dmitriy, 30 years:

    "I work as a trainer in a sports club, and I recommend such exercises for the press as my students"

    Ivan, 27 years old:

    "Or with me something like this, or these exercises do not give a good result: I have been doing for 2 months, but I have not noticed the improvement of my press, which is not. While I sin on food - probably, still it is necessary to make the program of a food, differently and it will not turn out to put itself in order »

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