Exercises bodyflex for weight loss - bodyflex exercises for weight loss.

  • Exercises bodyflex for weight loss - bodyflex exercises for weight loss.

    Surprisingly effective, practical and easy, while taking only a quarter of an hour a day, the weight loss program and braces of flaccid muscles "Bodyflex" was developed by a middle-aged American Grieg Childers.53-year-old mother of three children, having invented this system of exercises and regularly doing it on her, changed her wardrobe from the 56th clothing size to the 44th.

    Bodyflex exercises for weight loss are divided into three groups by load:

    • Isometric - such exercises involve only one group of muscles. Compressing a hand into a fist, for example.
    • Isotonic is an exercise in which two or more muscle groups work. Fold the two palms together and press one on top of the other. In this case, all the muscles of the hands are in tension.
    • Stretching - Such exercises allow you to make the muscles elastic.

    When performing the Bodyflex program, the combination of muscular load and breathing exercises increases the access of oxygen to all parts of the body, positively affecting the overall well-being.

    Classes for the program "Bodyflex" require unconditional fulfillment of several conditions:

    1. The first of these is the regularity of exercises. The secret of the result is not in force loads, but in their constancy. Raising the bar once a day will not give such a result as a few lifts of hands without any load.

    2. The second condition is the choice of physical exercises, which involve all muscle groups. Excess weight is the problem of the body as a whole, with the help of separate exercises it will then be possible only to correct any residual deposits.

    3. The third condition is strict adherence to the program without any additional effects on the body( such as diet or fasting).Since any diet is an interim measure, and it can not be adhered to throughout life, the results of its application will also be temporary.

    The program "Bodyflex" is designed not only to get rid of excess weight, but also to build an elegant, proportional figure. Performing breathing exercises bodyflex, you will fill your body with oxygen, clean and improve it, and your skin will become velvety, supple and fresh.

    Breathing technique

    In order to properly perform bodyflex exercises, you first need to learn the breathing technique. You do not need to breathe, but your belly. Given that the body learns to breathe in a new way, you can have side effects. This may be an illusion of lack of air or tingling in the palms and feet, darkness in the eyes, dizziness. Do not be afraid, it's just a normal reaction of the body to the excess oxygen entering the blood.

    Starting position - slightly spread your legs( about 30 cm apart), slightly sit down, rest hands, turning the brush outwards, just above the knees. Your posture as a whole should resemble the one in which you are going to sit down.

    Inhale through the nose, and exhale only through the mouth. It is very important that, when exhaling from the lungs, the whole volume of exhaust air goes away. To do this, fold your lips with a tube and slightly pull forward, exhale slowly and calmly, and when you feel that there is no more air in the lungs, just close your lips.

    Inhalation of air is necessary only with the nose, while closing the mouth tightly. The breath should be fast and complete, accompanied by a characteristic noise and fill the air with light to failure. Breathe with all your might, as if you want to stock up on the air for the rest of your life. And inhaling, hold the air in your lungs.

    Now you need to go through your mouth with all your strength and very quickly push out all the air from your lungs, while straining your stomach. This is done as if by a diaphragm you knock out all the air from the lungs.

    The most difficult part of the breathing exercise is holding your breath. Exhaling all the air with your mouth, close it tightly and do not breathe through your nose. The head is slightly inclined downwards, attention is concentrated on the stomach. Begin to draw it in, while slowly counting. Internal organs are drawn in such a way that they reach the spine. Stomach, climbing up, stubbornly pulling the bowels. You no longer have a stomach, instead of a hollow. It is necessary to count up to 8, several times uttering each digit. First you pronounce them 2 times, then 3, and after a long training - and 4. When you reach the repetition of each digit 4 times, the preparatory process can be considered complete.

    After you have counted to 8, you can breathe. This must be done by letting go of all the muscles. The air seems to burst into the lungs. The relaxed stomach returns to its place.

    Breathing exercises should be performed before breakfast, in front of a large mirror, to better notice errors. The room before this should be well ventilated.

    Exercises "Bodyflex"

    According to doctors, excess weight appears in a person due to an abnormal metabolism, called metabolism. Full breathing in the supine position can stabilize this process.

    Complex of basic exercises "Bodyflex":

    To perform this program, lie on your back on a flat, not too soft surface. Put your hands on your stomach, breathe the same way as described above.

    Exercise "Almaz"

    Exercise begins with the position described in "Respiration Technique".With your nose you inhale air, exhale, breathe again, exhale, then hold your breath, draw your belly, straighten up and put your feet to the width of your shoulders. You place your hands in front of your chest parallel to the floor, touching your fingers. Exercise is performed on a delay in breathing. Press your fingertips one on top of the other. Press the pressure for 8 accounts, then relax and inhale, return to the starting position. The exercise is repeated 3-4 times.

    Oxygen directed to the muscles of the hands burns excess fat. This exercise gives an opportunity to pump up the muscles of the hands, make them beautiful and smooth.

    Exercise "Boat"

    To perform this exercise you need to lie on your back, straighten your arms along the trunk and press them to it so that the elbows do not touch the floor. Press firmly against each other. Exhale, inhale, exhale again and hold your breath. At the delay of breathing, raise your straightened legs so that they are 30-40 cm above the floor. Then raise your head about the same height. Looking at your toes, count to 8, then relax. Exercise should be repeated 3 times.

    Thus, you can pump up the abdominal muscles, improve blood circulation, heart activity and digestion.

    Exercise "Pretzel"

    This exercise is performed in a new starting position. Sit on the floor, bending your knees and crossing your legs so that your left knee is over the right one. The right leg should be lowered as close to the floor as possible. Take the left hand behind your back and rest against it, and put the right hand on your left knee. Inhale, hold your breath, draw your belly. The left knee pulls closer to the chest. As much as possible, turn left at the waist, looking back. Count to 8. Exhale and relax, returning to the starting position. Then change the leg, leaning against the back with the right hand and do the exercise, bending to the right side. Exercise try to repeat 3 times, in the right and left side alternately.

    Thus excess fat very quickly leaves not only from the hips, but also from the waist and neck.

    Exercise "Pose bow"

    To take the starting position you need to lie on your stomach, keep your legs together, put your socks on the floor, bunks pull along the trunk. Place your chin in the floor. Exhale, then inhale. Spread the legs apart, bend at the knees, hands grasp the ankles. Then exhale and hold your breath. Expand your legs, lifting your chest and head, counting to 8. If you are able, then sway on your stomach, like a boat on the waves. Then relax, returning to the starting position. First, do this exercise only 1 time, then 2 and with time - 3.

    With this exercise, you drive away excess fat from the hips, waist, legs and abdomen.

    Exercise "Scissors"

    For the starting position you need to lie on the floor, stretching your legs. Put your hands under the buttocks with your hands to the floor. At the delay in breathing, lift the legs from the floor by about 10 cm. Spread them apart and then reduce them, overlying one over the other. Counting to 8, lower your legs and relax. Exercise it is desirable to repeat 3 times.

    This exercise will help to perfectly strengthen the muscles located in the lower abdomen.

    Swinging the abdominal press

    Swinging the abdominal press with the program bodyflex

    To accept the starting position, lie on your back, bending and slightly spreading your legs. Press your foot firmly against the floor. Do not raise your head, pull your arms up. Inhale, hold your breath and begin the exercise. Raise your shoulders as high as possible, keep your head straight. Counting to 8, sink to the floor, first touching the floor with your back, then with your shoulders, then your head.

    Doing this exercise will not only burn the fat deposits on the stomach, but also improve the functioning of the heart and digestive organs.

    The effectiveness of the program "Bodyflex"

    The effectiveness of the program "Bodyflex" is based on the fact that isotonic and isometric poses load muscles, aerobic respiration while filling tight areas with oxygen, which breaks down fats. In addition, performing exercises helps improve metabolism and deepen lymph flow.

    If running for an hour will allow you to burn 700 Kcal, and aerobic exercise - 250, then a bodyflex within an hour will save you from 3000 Kcal! The main thing is to do the exercises correctly.