• Increased sweating in women, men: causes and treatment

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    A healthy person sweats, and this is a normal reaction of the body to increased stresses and overheating of the body. Such a reflex is due to the response of the skin receptors to heat.

    Sweating provides the body with control over body temperature, cooling and saving it from overheating.

    This is an important function of the body, which provides a vital system and the release of harmful substances from the body through the skin. Especially sweating is manifested during physical exertion, with nervous stress, overwork and overheating of the body.

    Sweat most often evaporates in the areas of the face, underarm and plantar surface, palms, back. If there is increased sweating, this may be a signal that the body is not all right.

    Causes of increased sweating in men and women

    The cause of high sweating may be heredity, malfunctioning of the internal organs and glands, and other diseases. In women and men, hyperhidrosis can provoke:

    • endocrine disorders;
    • diseases of the cardiovascular system;
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    • obesity;
    • kidney disease;
    • oncological neoplasms;
    • infectious diseases, including tuberculosis;
    • stress and nervous disorders;
    • taking medications.
    Increased sweating causes a lot of trouble. Many people hesitate to admit to the doctor about the problem, although many people suffer from hyperhidrosis.

    Clinical manifestations of increased sweating

    There is an unpleasant odor of sweat, irritation on the skin, sweating, fungus. In addition, the skin becomes shabby, there are pustular lesions.

    To unpleasant and painful sensations is added shamefacedness to communicate, to greet for a hand. Often, patients begin to withdraw, become withdrawn, lose friends and suffer even more.

    Therefore, with excessive sweating should not be shy, it is necessary to consult with a specialist. It is important to find out the cause of the disease in order to determine the technique and strategy of treatment. Successful and timely treatment will help reduce sweating, get rid of discomfort, improve social adaptation!

    Hyperhidrosis - a disease that is not a temporary phenomenon, this predisposition can be observed from childhood and throughout life.

    In hot climates, men and women are more prone to hyperhidrosis. Emotional, unbalanced people are subject to increased sweating. But most often the disease develops due to internal failures and imbalances in the body.

    See also, the causes and treatment of hyperhidrosis.

    Treatment of excessive sweating in women and men

    The main methods of treatment for increased sweating include drug therapy with antiperspirants and surgical intervention.

    There are many popular recipes that help to alleviate the disease. These include tar tar soap, natural hand soap with the addition of pine resin and rose oil.

    Effective baths with decoction from pine branches, oak and chamomile bark, foot baths with the addition of tomato juice. To reduce the sweating of the face, you can rub it with lemon zest, an alcohol tincture made with fresh parsley. It is useful to take broths of medicinal herbs in equal parts: chamomile, birch buds, immortelle, St. John's wort.

    Tinctures based on thyme, bearded, sage are recommended for skin care. These are antibacterial agents that normalize the water balance of the skin.

    To fight the disease is necessary in a comprehensive way, cleaning the body and increasing its protective functions. For cleaning, you can use tincture from an annual sunflower and Jerusalem artichoke, take a powder of milk thistle, a broth of wild rose and marigold.

    Professional procedures for the treatment of sweating

    In addition to traditional medicine, there are other methods to combat the disease.

    Botox, used to block sweat glands or medications. Botox is used only with excessive sweating in the armpits.

    If the hands are sweating strongly, then an operation called thoracoscopic sympaectomy is prescribed. The essence of the method is that during the operation, the nerve endings that are responsible for signaling to the sweat glands from the spine are interrupted. The result appears already on the operating table. In the axillary region, an endoscope is inserted and nerves are removed from the sympathetic trunk. Moreover, simultaneously under two hands operation is unsafe, since complications are possible.

    Surgical intervention is a very effective and reliable method of treating hyperhidrosis. An operation is performed for 40 minutes under general anesthesia. In the hospital the patient spends no more than 2 days.

    Sometimes you need control over the condition of the patient for a week, then you need to come to the doctor repeatedly.

    Recommendations for excessive sweating

    For the normalization of sweating requires strengthening the body as a whole. It is necessary to eat food enriched with vitamins and minerals, drink up to 2 liters of liquid.

    In summer, eat a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables, melons and gourds, juices. In the winter it is necessary to drink broth of a dogrose and dried fruits, mineral water, to use honey, products of beekeeping, nuts, dairy products. To increase protective functions, it is enough to perform hardening procedures, to bathe in the shower in the morning and in the evening.

    It is advisable to take baths with pine elixir, make contrasting showers. Effective are the water procedures - the pool, hydromassage, Charcot's shower.

    To normalize weight and reduce sweating requires a balanced diet containing fiber, exclusion from the diet of fatty, smoked and fried foods, the use of mineral water or juices. If the cause of excessive sweating are nervous disorders, a tendency to depression, then to strengthen the nervous and cardiovascular system recommend light exercise in the fresh air, aromatherapy, electrosleep. You can do your favorite thing - dancing, gymnastics, the main thing is to have fun and be able to relax.

    The patient should be set up for recovery, philosophically treat life and the world around him. Such harmony with oneself and the outside world will help to maintain a balance of energy and strengthen health.

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