• Swelling under the eyes: causes and treatment

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    Any problems in human health leave their marks not only inside the body, but also impose their imprint on his body and face.

    Distortion of the cushioning of the membrane separator that retains periorbital fiber in the orbit causes swelling under the eyes. As a result of the action of all sorts of provocative reasons, it undergoes stretching and swelling, resembling a hernial sac.

    Fatty deposits of fiber adjacent to it, expand and leave the area of ​​the eye sockets, forming bags. An additional condition in the formation of edema is the natural quality of fiber - to promote the accumulation of fluid in the tissues.

    The appearance of puffiness under the eyes of the elderly is not surprising. With age, the process of age-related withering of the skin begins with the loss of its elasticity and additional fat deposits that promote puffiness.

    The layer of adipose tissue serves, in a way, to protect the eye from the ocular processes of the malar bone. In the formation of an excess of moisture, fatty tissue keeps it, thereby promoting edematous formations under the eyes. Stretched old skin shines through the blood vessels, creating dark circles around the orbit.
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    Similar pathologies occur in most young people who do not pay much attention to them. Considering such a manifestation is a consequence of drinking or salty food, eaten at night. But the etiology of the disease can be quite different.

    Reasons for swelling under the eyes

    Swelling under the eyes is manifested for several reasons caused by:

    • regular stress conditions;
    • heredity;
    • on the background of hormonal changes;
    • cardiac pathologies;
    • pathologies of renal tissue;
    • depressive states.
    Women who are subject to edema should be aware that the influence of frequent ultraviolet light in the solarium can be one of the reasons for the formation of edema. As a result of the action of ultraviolet light, the skin is thinned and dried. Defending itself, it accumulates water, loses its elasticity and is easily extensible. This puffiness becomes chronic.

    Even the elementary female laziness, when cosmetics, sometimes of questionable quality, remains on the face for a night's sleep, is a valid reason for the formation of edema. Even the most minimal amount should be removed with lotions or, preferably, with nourishing creams. The appearance of puffiness is the signal of the body to attract attention to itself.

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    What can the edema under the eyes tell?

    Quite often, swelling, accompanied by a change in the color of edematous sacks, is the first bell of diseases of internal organs, even before the first symptoms of the disease.

    1. 1) Swelling with dark tones is an indicator of dehydration of the body.
    2. 2) Blue color - indicates a weak blood circulation.
    3. 3) Puffiness of gray color is a sign of gynecological pathologies.
    4. 4) Too much redness swelling - evidence of oxygen deficiency, kidney disease and a tendency to allergies.
    5. 5) The combination of red and blue - the likelihood of heart disease.
    6. 6) The dark blue color is characterized by excessive addiction to smoking and vascular insufficiency.
    7. 7) Yellow edema shows the pathology of the biliary tract.
    8. 8) Swelling dyed black - a pointer to intestinal problems.
    The cause of the manifestation of such a palette are:

    • obstruction of lymphatic and venous outflow,
    • consequence of allergic reactions;
    • individual properties in the location of capillary vessels;
    • chronic diseases of various organs;
    • inflammatory diseases of the ENT organs;
    • inflammation of the connective gland.
    To a greater degree, edema is susceptible to women, the characteristic swelling under the eyes and in children of different ages is not rare.

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    Causes of child's edema under the eyes

    Manifestation of edema under the eyes of children is not a mandatory testimony, the presence of the disease. They can be provoked by various situations:

    • salty foods;
    • large amount of drunk fluids;
    • uncontrollable long crying;
    • uncomfortable posture during sleep;
    • is not a controlled time watching TV programs
    • long computer games.
    Having eliminated the provocative factor, edema will pass by themselves. But do not forget that children are affected by the same diseases as adults. In case of any doubts, you should consult a pediatrician.

    In what situations is consultation required?

    1. 1) If swelling has appeared for no apparent reason, and accompanied by a runny nose, this may indicate the manifestation of allergic reactions. It is necessary to establish the cause.
    2. 2) Swelling, accompanied by fever, headaches, and pain in the lumbar region can indicate pathologies in the kidneys.
    3. 3) Rodnichkovoe protrusion and the simultaneous formation of edema under the eyes.
    4. 4) With prolonged, constantly increasing swelling.
    Do not try to find solutions to the problem, you need to treat the investigation by curing background diseases - and disappearances will disappear. As preventive measures, it is necessary to accustom the child to a correct and sparing regime.

    Treating edema under the eyes

    Swelling under the eyes, and their treatment is individual, and the decision is made by a qualified specialist. Namely - the therapist and narrow specialists, when diagnosing background diseases, with subsequent treatment.

    If the problem is peri-orbital fiber dysfunction, then the treatment is:

    • in restoring normal blood circulation;
    • in the exclusion from the diet of provocative products;
    • in limiting the use of liquid;
    • active rest, high-grade sleep;
    • vitamin therapy;
    • refrigerated compresses;
    • therapeutic, individually selected creams.
    A tangible result is noted with daily compresses before bedtime with cubes of frozen water, the use of essential oils, cream with the content of sea buckthorn oil.

    The usual type of nutrient suspensions and creams in this situation will not help. The basis of the cream should be oils that can activate the vascular system and maintain the water balance. In the morning exercise it is essential to include a short soft massage of the edematous area with the subsequent rubbing of the healing cream.

    Today in medicine there are many cardinal methods of treatment and disposal of puffiness in the eye area:

    1. 1) Lymphatic drainage procedures contribute to the outflow of fluid and stimulation of the facial muscles through microcurrent electrostimulation.
    2. 2) The use of mesotherapy provides the restoration of cellular skin metabolism by introducing in the edematous zone of vitamin solutions based on guaranine, diaminohexanoic acid and mesenchyme extract.
    3. 3) Fat transplantation - restores the lost density and elasticity of the skin.
    4. 4) With the help of bio-microcirculatory therapy, muscle fibers, blood circulation and lymphatic drainage in the edema zone are restored.
    5. 5) The surgical method of blepharoplasty, by puncturing, removes excess fat and completely relieves swelling under the eyes.
    Only an expert can find a suitable method of treatment, do not make independent decisions and listen to other people's advice. Remember that the problem is individual. To one, friendly advice can help, another - to do much harm.

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