• Cutting ends of hair: treatment at home

    The cutting ends of the hair are a problem familiar to many girls.

    What is the mechanism for splitting strands? The hair consists of several layers, the upper part of the hair( cuticle) is layered on others like tiles.

    Because the inside of the hair consists of keratin, the cuticle protects it. The cross section is due to the wear of the cuticle cells, in case the keratin fibers begin to separate from each other.

    Trichoptilosis in medical practice or a section of hair is a longitudinal cleavage of hairs. With this disease, the hair looks dry and lifeless, the hair looks dull. The disease appears in women and men, but the female half of the society she worries more, because the long hair damage is more visible.

    Typically, long, dry and damaged hair is seized. Dry hair is poorly reflected light, strands are not glossy, dull. Hair is tangled, easily damaged, ends are split due to lack of moisture and nutrition. Frequent washing of the head with dry hair is contraindicated, it is effective to use a scalp massage, masks and balsams-rinsers. Protect dry strands of the sun and salt water, they need to be painted very carefully.
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    The length of the hair also provokes the appearance of the cut ends. The required lubrication and sebum is not enough, so the ends are stratified. Owners of long manes are recommended at least once a month to cut ends."Hot" scissors - an effective method to solder dry tips. With oily hair roots and dry tips, ask a specialist to choose the appropriate care for you for each zone.

    If there are damaged hair, change the influence of harmful factors: curling, dyeing, exposure to sunlight. Medical components and competent care without a hairdryer will change the situation.

    Causes of split ends of the hair

    The cutting ends of the hair appear for several reasons:

    1. 1) Internal diseases: chronic diseases of internal organs and infections provoke a section of hair. Usually, the problem is associated with the gastrointestinal tract, when the absorption of vitamins, trace elements and amino acids deteriorates. Also, the dysbacteriosis of the intestines is detrimental to the condition of the hair. Eat yogurts, yogurt and other healthy foods rich in lactic cultures.
    2. 2) Stress and constant experiences.
    3. 3) Diseases of the skin: seborrhea of ​​the scalp, ichthyosis and dermatitis.
    4. 4) Genetic predisposition. If your mother has the same problem, most likely, and will suffer from hair that has been traced.
    5. 5) Lack of fluid in the body. Since the hair is moistened from the inside, it is extremely important to provide a sufficient amount of moisture. Drink a day to two liters of water.
    6. 6) External influence: wrong combs, excessive exposure to hair dryer and towel, hot styling, permanent coloring, perm and poor ecology also provoke a section of hair. No less aggressively, tight hairpins and elastic bands on your hair.
    7. 7) Insufficient amount of trace elements and vitamins in the diet. All external manifestations are problems from within. Therefore, review the diet, make sure that the diet was fresh fruits and vegetables, unrefined oils, nuts, mushrooms and fish. Omega-3 fatty acids, potassium, magnesium, zinc, calcium, silicon, as well as vitamins B, A, E, PP, D and others are part of the normal structure of the hair. Remember that alcohol, nicotine wash away vitamins and selenium. A refined sugar leads to the elution of calcium from bone tissue. As for too fatty and sweet food, the situation is similar: because of this, the condition of the hair deteriorates directly.
    8. 8) No headgear in frost and heat. Do not neglect this rule, as the blood supply to hair bulbs in frosty weather is disturbed, which can provoke not only the cross section of the hair, but also other problems. Dehydrate your strands also the sun and salt water, so use special headdresses.
    The hair of people is different and different in structure. The specialist will be able to choose for you the normal length of hair, taking into account their strength, severity and health. Hair is also exfoliated after growing to a length of more than 20-25 cm.

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    Recipe for the treatment of split ends of hair

    This disease should be solved in a complex: inside and out. Proper nutrition, normal sleep, sports, a sufficient amount of fluid will have a good effect on the condition of your hair.

    Eat vegetables, mushrooms, greens, fruits, meat, vegetable proteins. Sharp, fatty and fast food should be limited or excluded. Also, to avoid split ends, drink juices, clean water and decoctions of herbs.

    If you do not have enough vitamins in winter, use special hair complexes. Revalid, Dragee Merz, Perfectil, Vitrum Beauty are the most popular. Also effective are dietary supplements like brewer's yeast, preparations with selenium, calcium, zinc, fish oil.

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    Care for split ends of hair at home

    What external tools and methods will help to strengthen hair and get rid of dry tips? At home, we recommend you try the following recipes:

    1. 1) Almond, olive, burdock, castor oil has not been canceled yet. Preheat a little oil or a mixture of these oils, brush your hair, then wrap your head with polyethylene and a towel. After you wash the hair well with shampoo, rinse them with a freshly killed egg. Then you can rinse your hair with tea broth( brunettes) or infusion of chamomile( blondes).
    2. 2) The honey-egg mask will cope with the split ends. Take the yolk, 1 tbsp.a spoonful of honey and 1 spoonful of olive oil. Stir the mixture and apply to all the hair. For 5 minutes, massage the scalp and hair. Wrap with polyethylene and a towel, after half an hour, rinse in the standard way.
    3. 3) Kefir-yeast mask. Take kefir 70 ml, yeast 2 tsp, mix the mixture and let it brew for 20 minutes in a warm place. Apply a mask on all hair, especially on split ends. After half an hour, the mask should be washed off with warm soapy water or shampoo.
    4. 4) Repepit. The product is on sale in a pharmacy. This is a real vitamin bomb for the hair, which should be rubbed into the scalp! It contains oils, extracts of herbs, hair becomes beautiful, elastic and well-groomed. And the cross section does not occur in the future.
    5. 5) Acid solution of 1 tbsp.a spoonful of vinegar per 1 liter of water is an excellent conditioner. Thus, the hair will not begin to be cut.
    Remember: if the dry ends have already appeared, they can hardly be glued together by some miracle cure. The best option is to trim the cut ends, and with the help of further correct care to prevent the appearance of this problem. If the hair began to be cut along the entire length, then the cascading haircuts became the blame.


    So, let's clarify all of the above. First of all, pay attention to nutrition. Lactic acid products, fish, meat, eggs, vegetables and fruits must be present on the table. We also remember about water and freshly squeezed juices.

    If there are common diseases of the body, especially worms, dysbacteriosis, pancreatitis, gastritis and others, start solving the problem from the inside.

    Protect hair from external influences: hair dryers, dryers, sun, salt water, linings by hot means. Be sure to pamper your hair, take good care of them.

    The simplest masks will save the hair from overdrying and cutting:

    1. 1) Kefir. On clean, slightly damp hair, apply kefir along the entire length. Put on the protective cap and leave the mask for a long time( you can overnight).
    2. 2) Wash the burdock oil before washing in the hair roots and on the tips. Olive warm oil is especially useful for the ends.
    3. 3) Jojoba oil. Sold in any pharmacy. Very effective for maintaining hair beauty. It should be rubbed into the tips, you can not even wash it off. When rubbed into the scalp, the hair becomes thicker, will begin to grow sooner.
    4. 4) Rinsing of herbs: birch, chamomile, plantain, dandelion. However, it should be remembered that overdried hair from such infusions as bark of oak and chamomile can become even more dry.
    Combs should only be made of natural materials. Excessive combing of hair provokes a cross-section of the ends, so gently comb them. Use natural shampoos without sodium lauryl sulfate. We wish you beauty of hair!

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