Hyperhidrosis: causes and treatment, prevention of hyperhidrosis

  • Hyperhidrosis: causes and treatment, prevention of hyperhidrosis

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    Hyperhidrosis is a disease associated with increased sweating.

    The term is derived from the Latin word "hyper", which means elevated and from the word "hydro", which means water.

    This disease is characterized by increased sweating in the area of ​​the hands, back, face, feet and axillary zone.

    In a healthy person, sweating is observed with physical exertion, temperature stress, increased mental work, stress and anxiety.

    The nervous system reacts quickly to external factors, resulting in increased heart rate, increased blood pressure, increased muscle tone and increased sweating. This is a normal physiological process that helps the body maintain a constant body temperature. However, many people have increased sweating, which leads to inconvenience, embarrassment and discomfort.

    There is a fear of a handshake, public speaking, close communication. Many lose contact, contact, do not advance through the ranks and can not arrange a personal life. It would seem a trifling problem, but it brings difficulties and hinders enjoy life.
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    Causes of hyperhidrosis

    Such a phenomenon as hyperhidrosis does not pose a threat to human life, but it can be a signal of the course of serious diseases, the main reasons are:

    1. 1) Abnormal number of glands or an increased response to external factors( idiomatic hyperhidrosis);
    2. 2) Perspiration after eating( coffee, tea, spices, tomato sauce), due to the mechanism of idiosyncrasy;
    3. 3) Endocrine disorders( due to increased tissue metabolism, increased heat production and sweating occur);
    4. 4) Diabetes mellitus( the appearance of thermal intolerance is associated with impaired function of nerve fibers of sympathetic and parasympathetic origin);
    5. 5) Hypoklikemia( lack of glucose provokes the production of adrenaline, resulting in sweating, palpitation, trembling);
    6. 6) Menopause or climacteric syndrome( sweating and warm tides occur due to discontinuation of menstruation, reduction of estrogens, increase in gonadotropic hormone, stimulating follicles);
    7. 7) Pheochromocytoma is a disease characterized by excessive sweating at elevated blood pressure. Sometimes there is increased metabolism and weight loss;
    8. 8) Carcinoid syndrome( with the appearance of tumors, hormones are produced - serotonin, prostaglandin, histamine, bradykinin, which are strong vasodilators, sympathetic stimulation also leads to hot flashes);
    9. 9) Aromegalia. Intensive sweating in the disease is associated with the effect of growth hormone, which is formed due to the increase in pituitary cells on the peripheral tissue sites;
    10. 10) Infectious diseases. Against the background of a viral or bactericidal infection, substances that affect thermal sensitivity are formed, chills, fever and sweating appear;
    11. 11) Septicemia is an infectious disease in which microorganisms that produce pyrogenic substances are produced. Such infections include intestinal bacteria, gram-positive bacteria, strains;
    12. 12) Tuberculosis. Increased sweating at night indicates the course of pulmonary tuberculosis due to intoxication, weakening of the body and fever;
    13. 13) Brucellosis( as a result of the capture of leukocytes exotoxin, an endogenous pyrogen is formed that acts on the center of thermal regulation);
    14. 14) Malaria( ingestion of parasites into the circulating channel leads to changes in the level of red blood cells and damage to endothelial cells);
    15. 15) Tumors characterized by fever in the afternoon, fever and increased sweating;
    16. 16) Neurological disorders( central nervous system damage leads to local or generalized hyperhidrosis);
    17. 17) Genetic disorders;
    18. 18) Psychogenic factors. With restlessness, stress, nervous tension, depression, sweating is observed due to hyperactivity of the nervous system and the appearance of autonomic dystonia;
    19. 19) Medications( analgesics, aspirin, insulin, cholinergic drugs, pilocarpine, physostigmine have a side effect - excessive sweating).
    The cause of hyperhidrosis is an abnormal number of glands or the body's reaction to certain foods( red pepper, spices, coffee).Hyperhidrosis can be local and manifest as a sweating of certain parts of the body - palms, feet.

    The second type of disease is generalized hyperhidrosis. In this case, there is increased sweating on all parts of the body( axillary zone, arms, legs, back, face, neck).There are many reasons for this hyperhidrosis.

    In case of sweating without obvious causes( heat, nervous and physical overloads), it is worthwhile to consult a doctor for advice, as increased sweating is the first call to an imbalance in the body and possible disorders.

    Treatment of hyperhidrosis

    Treatment of hyperhidrosis should be comprehensive. When a patient seeks a doctor, a survey is conducted to establish the diagnosis and determine the degree of hyperhidrosis. There are three degrees of the disease.

    1. Light hyperhidrosis with a slight excess of sweating, while the patient feels normal.
    2. With of moderate degree hyperhidrosis, sweating of palms and other areas of the body is observed, the patient experiences discomfort, social inconveniences.
    3. The severe degree of is characterized by excessive sweating, externally untidy kind of wet clothing and an unpleasant odor.
    To determine the diagnosis, the doctor conducts a survey: "How often does the patient sweat, at what time of the day, do sweating accompany other symptoms?" In addition, studies are being performed on the work of the nervous, cardiovascular, endocrine system, blood tests, x-rays of the chestcells. The patient gives a general analysis of blood, urine, a blood test for hormones, diabetes, Wasserman's reaction.

    As medications prescribe sedatives, tranquilizers, urotropin. Bellataminal, phenazepam, diazepam have an effect on the central nervous system, and sweating is significantly reduced.

    Surgical methods of treatment of hyperhidrosis include endoscopic sympathectomy. The principle is that the endoscopic method covers the sympathetic nerve trunk, which is responsible for thermoregulation. In addition, there are techniques for lipoaxation of the axillary mass and removal of the axillary cells.

    Curettage is distinguished by the fact that the site where the sweat glands are located is being scraped. These methods are particularly relevant for complete people and are quite effective.

    How to treat hyperhidrosis folk remedies

    Before going to the doctor, you can try the treatment folk remedies. At home, you can do the following:

    To reduce sweating, it is desirable to take a bath every day with the addition of decoction from the bark of oaks. Trays for feet with the addition of soda will help ease the condition with sweating feet.

    Because hyperhidrosis is associated with a malfunction of the nervous system, it is recommended to take sedatives. These include fees based on melissa, mint, motherwort. To maintain the cardiovascular system, such plants as hawthorn, valerian are effective. Places of greatest sweating can be wiped with lemon juice or apple cider vinegar.


    Like any disease, hyperhidrosis is a consequence of disruption of the internal organs. Therefore it is important to monitor your health, do not abuse alcohol, play sports.

    Daily walks in the fresh air will improve oxygen metabolism, and proper rational nutrition will enhance the protective functions of the body. Take philosophical life, as advised by Chinese sages.

    Balance of yin and yang energies, positive, kind attitude to people and life gives calmness, balance. This is a guarantee of health and prevention of many diseases.

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