Diet after holidays for unloading: how not to recover after a feast

  • Diet after holidays for unloading: how not to recover after a feast

    The diet after the holidays for unloading is especially relevant after the New Year, which is traditionally held at a table breaking with food. As a result, many are unable to resist overeating, and 10 days of vacation result in an exorbitant load on the gastrointestinal tract. And since the food is accompanied by the use of alcoholic beverages, the liver after the holidays is also in a deplorable state.

    A more gentle option, than a strict diet, is fasting days after the holidays. They will help to normalize the gastrointestinal tract and cleanse the body of accumulated toxins.

    General rules of nutrition after the holidays

    How not to recover after the feast? Start preparing in advance.3-4 days for events eat according to the scheme "breakfast eat yourself, lunch is stripped with a friend, dinner is given to the enemy."Then during the feast the body simply compensates for the lost.

    If you still gained 2-3 extra pounds, which you urgently want to get rid of, some general rules and tips:

    1. Unloading, as a kind of mono-diet, is harmful to health. Therefore, limit 1-2, maximum 3 days. Then a shortage of nutrients and a deterioration in well-being will begin to manifest itself more vividly.

    2. Discard any drugs and dietary supplements that promise quick weight loss without effort. At best, there will be no effect, at worst - the degree of harm to health is unpredictable.

    3. Perhaps to return the form, it will be enough for you to simply 10-20% to reduce your usual portion within 10-14 days. Also, give up foods that contain a lot of fat and carbohydrates, try to eat less sugar and salt and drink more liquid. And remember the golden rule "do not eat after 18:00."

    Unloading days

    How to recover from overeating? A fasting day after a meal means eating one non-calorie product in limited quantities in small portions every 2-3 hours. Choosing this product, you should focus on your own taste preferences, and on existing diseases. Most often it is kefir, apples, cottage cheese, buckwheat, white chicken meat.

    The main goal is purification of the intestines and restoration of its microflora. Therefore, you should drink a lot - at least 2.5 liters a day. Save the achieved result will help a temporary refusal of all sweet, spicy, fatty and fried for 7-10 next days.

    Do not abuse this practice. Unloading more often than once every 3-4 days will not give any positive effect. This you only harm the body.

    Discharge products

    1. Apples. In a day for 5-6 times eat 12-15 fresh apples. Pieces 3-4 can be baked in the oven without the addition of sugar, honey and so on.

    2. Kefir.2 liters of skimmed yogurt without sugar, drink just like this or prepare a cocktail, chopping a fresh cucumber and any greens in the blender to the consistency of the gruel.

    3. Buckwheat porridge. It is prepared in advance. In the evening, pour a glass of cereals into the thermos and pour twice as much steep boiling water. The resulting divide into 4-5 servings and eat during the day without adding oil, salt, sugar, squeezed low-fat kefir.

    4. Yoghurt. Get 10-12 cups of natural yogurt( it can be distinguished by the shelf life - no more than 14 days) and every hour eaten in portions. Drink green tea.

    5. Cottage cheese.2 packs of fat-free cottage cheese and a liter of the same yogurt are divided into 4 parts. To the curd, you can add oat flakes, a little dried fruit, flax seeds, sesame.

    6. Dried fruits. The best dried apricots and prunes. They are thoroughly washed, poured with boiling water for 2-3 hours and eat during the day no more than 100 grams at a time.

    7. Vegetable soups. Cook all the vegetables that you find in the house. If there will be a lot of cabbage - generally wonderful. Refuse salt in favor of greenery, natural spices and spices.

    And remember that the main thing is the right attitude. Treat the diet not as an inevitable evil, but as a means to restore beauty and health.

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