• Adenoids in children: laser treatment, homeopathy, removal

    Adenoids are not very large formations in the nasopharynx in humans. If your child gets sick too often, adenoids may swell and interfere with normal breathing. Also, enlarged adenoids in children affect the composition of the blood, the development of speech, the work of the nervous system, kidneys, the formation of bite.

    If adenoids are enlarged: treated or removed?

    No drops are able to help reduce adenoids in your child. If there is an adenoiditis( a chronic inflammation of an adenoid tissue), all over again it is necessary to try every possible methods of treatment, and then already to be solved on operation.

    There are cases when after adenoid operations grow back again. It depends on the skill of the doctors who performed the operation, as well as on the age. Most often, adenoids re-grow in young children again.

    Before surgery, children should be shown to several different doctors. Before choosing a doctor, it's best to talk with people who were their patients.

    If you do not want to have surgery, then the question is: how to cure adenoids in a child? Fortunately, there are a lot of ways.

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    Treatment of adenoids in children with laser

    Recently, laser therapy is often used for treatment. The beam of the laser directly exerts its effect on the blood vessels, restores the immune system, reduces swelling and inflammatory processes. As a result of laser therapy, breathing is restored, since air is easier to penetrate into the body.

    Usually, this therapy is carried out in two stages. The first one removes inflammation, renews immune cells, improves metabolism. And at the second stage, prevention of inflammation in the nasopharynx is carried out.

    Laser therapy in many ways facilitates the course of the disease, but that's only to reduce the adenoids, it is not capable. That is why it is not an alternative to surgical treatment. Usually, doctors appoint four courses of laser therapy per year for ten sessions a year.

    Treatment with homeopathy

    The homeopathic method is also very successful. First of all, you need to turn to a good specialist who will choose the right homeopathic remedies, taking into account the individual characteristics of your child.

    A poor immune system is one of the reasons for the increase in adenoids in children. Just properly selected homeopathic remedies can improve the immune system as a whole and help to defeat these complications. Soon you will be able to see that the baby is breathing easier, and the number of infectious diseases that he is sick with will decrease.

    Children should not use drops that narrow the blood vessels. Sometimes parents drip too much, and as a result, life activity decreases, drowsiness occurs, the skin pales, breathing becomes rapid. Thus, the use of vasoconstrictive drops becomes unsafe for life.

    Burying the nose can be protargol. It can be bought in almost every pharmacy. Before applying it, it is necessary to rinse the nose: it will not let the drops slide into the mouth. When digging in the nose, put the baby on his back. In one nostril, drip about six drops. Then give him some time to lie down on the spot. Carry out the procedure twice a day for two weeks. You can repeat this course in at least one month.

    Very often doctors began to prescribe the spray "Nazonex" for this problem. It must be injected into the nose. This spray can reduce the effect of allergies on the body, and also resists inflammatory processes. The drug is prescribed not only for adults, but for children, so that parents can safely treat their children without harm to their health. Judging by the responses of the parents, when using "Nazonex" it was possible to avoid operations. The drug really proved to be effective: it facilitated breathing, cleaned up the swelling.

    Good results can be achieved by combining homeopathic treatment and laser therapy.

    Treatment at home

    At home, you can use a variety of folk remedies, not using homeopathic drugs.

    Long since people have been practicing the treatment of adenoids in children with celandine. Strangely enough, this method gives good results. With the help of celandine, you can prepare a compress and drops at home. First you need to heat the milk. Then add to it celandine( per 1 glass of milk, one teaspoon celandine).Bring this broth to a boil, then chill and sieve. This broth should be applied on the throat before going to bed and bury your nose five times a day for two cap.

    There is also another way to treat celandine. Juice celandine must be diluted with water in a ratio of 1:60.This solution will serve as drops, which must be buried in the nose one at a time two times a day. You need to do this one month, but every day do not forget to make a new solution.

    Nasal drops can also be made from beets. Rub grated beets and squeeze out 1 cup of juice. Add one tablespoon of honey to the beet juice. This mixture needs to dig in a nose about fifteen days on five cap.

    Also suitable inhalation with various essential oils. You can use for inhalation such oils: mint, cypress, juniper. If you do not have a special inhaler, then the child can breathe oil from the bottle or pour a small amount on a napkin and inhale the smell.

    It is also recommended to wash the nose with sea salt solution twice a day. If the child is very small, it is recommended to suck the mucus from the spout with a special "pear", which you can buy at any pharmacy, then do the rinsing. This procedure is able to remove microbes, restore normal breathing and soothe the mucous membrane in the nose.

    Remember, if you have found enlarged adenoids in children - treatment should be followed immediately. The earlier parents begin to treat their children, the better the results will be.

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