• Treatment of sore throat at home: primary actions

    Angina is an infectious disease in which the tonsils are inflamed.

    The main symptoms are:

    1. discomfort in the throat when swallowing,
    2. reddening of the throat mucosa,
    3. general weakness, headache,
    4. chills,
    5. increase in body temperature to 38-39 degrees.

    Infection occurs by airborne or by alimentary tract.

    Depending on the symptoms present, several types of angina are distinguished:

    • lacunar and follicular,
    • fungal,
    • diphtheria.

    Each type of angina requires a separate method of treatment, but sometimes, if in time it was possible to recognize only the beginning ailment, you can conduct treatment of angina at home. Folk recipes are very effective, they are tested not for centuries, but for thousands of years. In addition to direct treatment, they always have a general strengthening and antiseptic effect.

    General recommendations for home treatment of angina

    First and foremost, what needs to be done is to put the patient in bed and in any case not allow him to walk around the house. After all, freely moving around the house, he will make it worse not only for himself - the patient will bear the infection. In simple terms, it will infect other family members with sore throats.

    The second recommendation, which must be listened to, is to give the patient as much fluid as possible. Why? During a sore throat, body temperature rises, intense evaporation of moisture from the surface of the skin occurs, which is fraught with dehydration of the body. Therefore, it is necessary to replenish the supply of liquid. Useful abundant drink, warm tea with lemon, fruit juices, mineral water, milk.

    Folk recipes against the disease

    Folk medicine is very resourceful and intelligent. She has a huge experience of successful treatment of various diseases and angina is no exception. There are many recipes for combating this infectious disease, the most interesting is that they are "for different tastes": rinses, compresses, teas, herbal medicine, inhalations, etc. Everyone can find something more suitable for him.

    Treatment of angina at home is best to start immediately with the appearance of the first signs of the disease. But remember one more tip: if the symptoms persist for three days, contact your doctor immediately.


    Infusion of linden and chamomile flowers

    Lipa heart-shaped - 2 parts, chamomile - 1 part. Preparation: 1 tbsp.l.of this mixture brew 1 cup of boiling water. Infuse for 15-20 minutes, then drain. With a warm infusion, wash your throat several times a day.

    Infusion of horsetail field

    Horsetail field - 5 tbsp.l.dry raw materials. Preparation: Pour 400 ml of boiling water into the raw material, allow to stand for 15 minutes. Strain. Apply several times a day to rinse your throat.

    Infusion of raspberry leaves

    Raspberry leaves - 2 tbsp.l. Preparation: Insist raspberry leaves in 200 ml of boiling water for 10 minutes. Rinse the throat with a warm infusion several times a day.

    Infusion of red beet juice

    Grated red beet - 1 glass, vinegar( 6%) - 1 tbsp.l. Preparation: pour the vinegar into the beets and let it brew. For rinsing use 1-2 tablespoons.received infusion.

    Treatment of bee products

    The most important substance used in the treatment of sore throats is honey. Traditional medicine extols it to a significant height and is not in vain. He really is a panacea for many diseases.

    Honey with aloe

    Honey - 3 tbsp.spoons, aloe juice of the treelike - 1 st.a spoon. Preparation: Mix the ingredients until smooth. Within 2 weeks daily lubricate the inflamed tonsils.

    Inhalation with propolis

    Propolis - 10-15 g, water - 1 l. Preparation: Dissolve propolis in water and put in a water bath. After - hold the inhalation. Breathe in pairs for 15-20 minutes in the morning and evening.

    Other treatments

    Compress with cabbage leaves

    The throat of the patient is covered with fresh cabbage leaves and wrapped with a warm cloth, a handkerchief( for example, woolen).The leaves are changed every 2 hours. This procedure helps fight the body with inflammation.

    Compress with vinegar for feet

    Thick soft cloth should be soaked in cold water with diluted vinegar in it. Wrap your legs. Keep the compress until the tissue warms up. Remove it, wrap your feet with a warm blanket. Keep bed rest.

    Lubricating the throat

    Often you can hear about the treatment of angina by Lugol, but not all represent, as it really is. All is simple, the throat is lubricated with a lugol or a solution of chlorophyllipt.

    For the treatment of angina at home, do not become a patient for torture, always ask him what he would like, what products he tolerates, and what he tries to refuse, never force him to take a prepared medicine through force.

    Never buy drugs for the treatment of sore throat alone, because you were advised by a newly cured neighbor or relative. A well-known saying warns of the consequences: that one is good, the other is bad. Always think about the consequences!

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