• Treating sinusitis at home is easy to organize!

    Sinusitis is an inflammation of the mucous sinuses, caused, as a rule, by an infectious or respiratory disease of the respiratory system or allergy. Also this disease can be caused by fungal infections.

    And yet, many townsfolk, noticing the emergence of discharge from the nose, nasal obstruction and pain in the head area do not aspire to the hospital, but they treat the genyantritis at home. With the right approach, such therapy can give good results, but for an accurate diagnosis and treatment methods should consult a doctor.

    Methods of treatment of sinusitis

    Treatment of sinusitis is carried out depending on the cause of the disease. One of the main tasks is the removal of inflammation. From medicamental agents doctors often prescribe antibiotics at a genyantritis. Also, drugs can be prescribed to eliminate all other symptoms of the underlying disease - cough, headaches, fever and others.

    If you are diagnosed with genyantritis - treatment at home should definitely try. In this disease, the drying of the mucous membrane of the nasal passages can often be observed. To prevent this phenomenon, it is recommended to monitor the humidity in the room( actual in the winter months in apartments with central heating), if necessary buy a humidifier or arrange a dish and dishes with water in the house and hang wet towels on the grilles of the radiators - for natural evaporation of water.

    Home treatment of sinusitis should also include a plentiful drink. Preference is given to soft tea, natural fruit drinks and compotes. You should also take care of irrigation of the nasal passages, for this, sprays based on sea water, sold in the pharmacy, are fine, but in their absence, you can get by with the usual physiological solution that is available in any pharmacy and costs several times cheaper or a solution of home-cooking salt.

    If there is swelling, you should buy drops narrowing the vessels, but this category of drugs should not be groundlessly entrained. Also, with sinusitis, you can use drops in the nose on an oily basis - they gently envelop and soften the mucous membrane.

    Salt treatment

    In order for the home treatment of maxillary sinusitis to be as effective as possible, we recommend that you wash your nose several times a day. One of the best folk remedies for this procedure is saline solutions. A good anti-inflammatory drug - an infusion of chamomile and sea salt.

    To prepare such a solution for washing, you need a tablespoon of chamomile grass for a glass of boiling water. Once chamomile is boiled, add a tablespoon of sea salt and let it brew for a full cooling. Then strain, warm up to a comfortable warm temperature and in turn introduce an infusion into each nostril.

    You can also prepare the salt solution for irrigation of the mucosa by yourself. Sea salt should be diluted at a rate of 1 tablespoon per glass of clean water. Treatment of sinusitis with sea salt can also be carried out in the form of warming up.

    For this, sea salt should be placed in dense cotton bags, and heated to apply to the bridge of the nose. Closely monitor salt temperature and exposure time, otherwise you run the risk of effectively treating the sinusitis with sea salt, get problems in the form of burned skin.

    The method of treatment with natural juices

    Good results in the treatment of sinusitis give the application of natural fruit and vegetable juices. Carefully study such folk recipes and be sure to include suitable for home treatment of sinusitis. The easiest way to use it is to instill freshly squeezed juices into a few drops in each nostril throughout the day.

    Juice is recommended to use freshly squeezed, on the day of instillation to produce up to 3-4 times inclusive. At any time of the year, treatment of sinusitis with beet juice can be performed. The juice can be used in its pure form, or by adding a little honey to it. If there are unpleasant sensations when introducing beetroot juice into the nostril, it should be diluted with a salt solution in a 1: 1 ratio.

    Many folk recipes offer the treatment of sinusitis onions. You can also use the juice of onions in the fight against this disease. In addition to instilling fresh juice, you can insert a tampon soaked in onion juice in the nostril, or chopped onions in gauze. After half an hour, repeat the procedure for the second nostril.

    Similarly, it is possible to treat the treatment of sinusitis with garlic. We must not forget about such a magical means as the juice of the century. Treatment of sinusitis with aloe juice does not require any special skills, possessing a degree of dexterity, the juice can be digested directly from the freshly cut leaf. Agave, or aloe, has a variety of healing properties, this succulent is unpretentious in the care and will be an excellent decoration of your room window sill, as well as a green first aid kit in case of many diseases - how effective is treatment of sinusitis with aloe juice, you can check for yourself right now.

    Popular traditional medicine

    Many pharmaceuticals include propolis, but it can be used for home prescriptions. The most popular recipe is to mix the alcohol tincture of propolis in equal parts with peach butter or olive oil. Bury in your nose every three days.

    Treatment of sinusitis with propolis can be carried out with swelling of the mucosa. Propolis can be diluted in ordinary water and buried as a drop. Water with propolis can also be used to wash the nasal sinuses and nasal passages.
    Effective treatment of sinusitis with sea buckthorn oil.

    Before the procedure, it is recommended to rinse the nose, and only then instill the oil. Sea-buckthorn oil is applied a few drops. If a burning sensation appears in the nasal cavity, mix the sea buckthorn oil with the sunflower in equal parts.

    Not only treatment of sinusitis with sea buckthorn oil is effective, it is possible to prepare natural sea-buckthorn berries or syrups for adding to tea. These drinks are very useful to use inside for any signs of viral or colds.

    Non-standard recipes

    Among the recipes of traditional medicine, there are strange, at first glance, advice. But if the recommendations do not include substances that have a strong effect on the body in the composition of medicinal mixtures, and the patient does not have an allergic reaction to the components, you can try them on yourself. Unusually treatment with hydrogen peroxide of sinusitis. To perform this procedure, 15 drops of hydrogen peroxide must be added to the tablespoon of water, mix the liquid and bury it in the nose like drops with a pipette.

    Such treatment will not be pleasant to every patient, but to refuse it if there is enough willpower for such washing, then it's worth a try. Good disinfecting properties have also all the familiar laundry soap. For the purpose of prevention, it is sometimes advisable to wash the nose from inside with a small amount of laundry soap - this method of treatment can be used to prevent colds that are so often complicated by inflammation of the paranasal sinuses.

    Also treatment of antritis with laundry soap is carried out and during acute stages of the disease. Based on the usual brown soap, you can prepare effective ointments. Take equal parts of the crushed laundry soap and goat's milk, bring to a boil stirring, so that the soap is dissolved, add a little honey, a tablespoon of olive oil and the same juice of onion.

    Boil for a few minutes, cool, enter into the nostril on a cotton swab. Ready ointment stored in the refrigerator. Such treatment of sinusitis with soap provides results in the shortest possible time.

    Quite unusual treatment of sinusitis with chestnut. For this therapy, the horse chestnut fruit, which grows in the middle zone of Russia, will be needed. Ripe chestnuts thoroughly washed and cleaned.

    The core is used for treatment. It is necessary to cut it into two parts, and place the halves in the nostril for 5 minutes, then repeat for the second nostril. The course of treatment is a week.

    Many patients try to treat the sinusitis without a puncture at home. With a comprehensive, rational approach, this is a real challenge. But still finding out in yourself the symptoms of this disease it is recommended to consult a doctor and clarify the appropriateness of using a particular folk remedy.

    To accelerate recovery and ease your health in the treatment of sinusitis at home, it is recommended to include some over-the-counter medicines. Various aerosols, nasal drops and sprays help to quickly remove symptoms and improve the quality of life of the patient. In cases when home treatment does not bring the expected relief, it is necessary to consult a doctor - in some cases( with frontal, main or latticular sinus inflammation), complex therapy is needed in a hospital setting.

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