• Effective treatment of tonsillitis - we select a technique

    Tonsillitis is one of the most common infections of the respiratory tract, which affects, as a rule, palatine tonsils. However, lesions of other lymphoid formations belonging to the pharyngeal ring are not excluded. As a result of the infection, inflammation develops.

    How to treat tonsillitis? There is a huge amount of medicinal, surgical and folk remedies for its treatment, however, there is no universal medicine for tonsillitis.

    Each of the means has its contraindications for different groups of patients. And in itself tonsillitis is also heterogeneous, so that one type of tonsillitis may not be cured by a drug from another of its variety.

    Treatment of acute tonsillitis

    The name "acute tonsillitis" is not quite usual for the average person. More often it is called angina. Like any acute condition, angina occurs much more complicated than all other types of tonsillitis. It is characterized by a high temperature( from 39 to 40C), in conjunction with a sharp pain in the throat. With angina, you can easily feel the lymph nodes, as they greatly increase in size. Sometimes it happens that the temperature with angina is not very high, but the throat is inflamed much more.

    Few infectious diseases are as dangerous as acute tonsillitis. Treatment in this case should be carried out as quickly as possible, since angina gives very serious complications, if it does not do it in time. However, it is treated also unequally, since angina can occur for a variety of reasons.

    The causative agents of angina are very different, and therefore even a specialist can not always accurately determine what exactly caused angina. Often, angina is recommended to use such medications to treat tonsillitis, which can fight off pathogens of different origins. To do this, use local antiseptics, like Miramistin, and if necessary, prescribe antibiotic treatment, if there is a suspicion of infection of other parts of the body.

    Information on chronic tonsillitis

    Chronic tonsillitis is a more tranquil course of tonsillitis. However, a person suffering from this unpleasant disease experiences very great inconveniences, since the ability of the body to resist any infections and all kinds of colds is greatly reduced, the flu simply persecutes a person. And angina, that is, the transition of the disease to an acute condition, happen with unenviable regularity - three to four times a year. And they can provoke anything - even a small portion of ice cream. How to cure this unpleasant condition?

    If you have not experienced any complications from chronic tonsillitis, then you can try the usual conservative treatment without surgical intervention, you also need to use solutions for disinfection, only you should wash the tonsils more systematically and regularly.

    Treatment of tonsillitis with antibiotics, if it is in chronic form, can not be performed, since antibiotics are more relevant in acute inflammatory processes.

    Recently, this method of working with chronic tonsillitis, like the treatment of tonsillitis with a laser, has become widespread. What is this method, what are its positive and negative sides? The procedures are carried out under stationary conditions and are considered one of the most powerful ways to treat tonsillitis with conservative agents.

    This method is usually used by people who are recommended for the removal of tonsils, but they do not dare to lose this useful for preserving the body's immunity. If the operation is not recommended urgently, then it is possible to try this method, but if laser treatment has not helped, then operations can not be avoided.

    Treatment by surgical intervention

    Unfortunately, treatment of viral or bacterial tonsillitis can not always remain only conservative. In order to completely cure tonsillitis, it is sometimes necessary to completely remove the tonsils. Despite the important role they play in the body in the protection of immunity, tonsils during the illness can accumulate in themselves so many bacteria that have developed to such an extent that it is simply impossible to get rid of them through normal disinfection.

    Also in the tonsils often develop abscesses, which can cause even infection of the blood, and in this case without removing tonsils you can not do. So do not delay with surgery if you really need it. Conservative treatment is not a panacea, like folk methods, and in some cases only a scalpel can help.

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