• How to treat the pharyngeal abscess?

    A pharyngeal abscess is an inflammation of the pharyngeal lymph nodes with the presence of pus in them. Also in this process is involved zagorothic fiber.

    Causes of

    As a rule, a pharyngeal abscess occurs in young children from infancy to two years. The reason for this is the anatomy of the child, since at this age the swallowing space is very much located to such phenomena. Why? Only up to two years a person retains lymph nodes in this area, therefore, they can be prone to inflammation.

    As a rule, by the age of six, the child completely atrophies lymph nodes in the retropharyngeal space. Symptoms of an abscessed abscess, however, can appear and at later age.

    The pharyngeal abscess does not appear suddenly, it is the result of a prolonged inflammatory process that originates in the oropharynx and continues in the lymphatic tract. Initially, the inflammation can occur for a variety of reasons, as a result of angina, measles, purulent otitis, rhinitis, or as a result of traumatic effects.

    Absorption of the pharynx is usually formed about five to six days after the infectious disease has begun. Sometimes this disease appears in an adult, but it is often the result of traumatic effects, for example, if that area was damaged by a fish bone.

    Signs and symptoms

    Often, an abscess can be suspected in a person who has angina, especially a small child of the above age. As it follows from his description, the option of having an abscessed abscess starts to appear after five to six days from the onset of the illness, if the high temperature is maintained.

    Characteristic signs of the abscess: great difficulty in swallowing, hoarse voice, and also possible acceptance of patients "forced pose" - to reduce pain, the patient throws back his head with a slope in the direction where the zaglugal abscess. The pain that accompanies the pharyngeal abscess, that because of them the patient can even refuse food and water. Breathing is especially difficult if the body is in an upright position. The sick half of the neck swells outside, slightly behind the angle of the lower jaw.

    How to cure a disease?

    If someone suggests you to treat the abscess with medicines or methods of alternative medicine, do not trust such advice in any case. Hyphalic abscess is one of the most dangerous diseases, as the breakthrough of purulent formation can cause death due to suffocation.

    You can treat the abscess of the pharynx only by an operative route from a competent surgeon. Although the easiest way to prevent the occurrence of this disease: if a child suffers from angina, then try to determine as precisely as possible what exactly it caused and drink a literate, correctly selected course of antibiotics. Adult people should exercise a little more caution when eating fish with bones.

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