Spray from sinusitis will help us to eliminate the symptoms!

  • Spray from sinusitis will help us to eliminate the symptoms!

    Sinusitis is a fairly common disease, accompanied by inflammation of the sinuses and suppuration. Also, the disease is characterized by headaches, congestion and discharge of pus from the nose. Modern medicine offers a variety of treatment options for the disease: puncture, antibiotics, nasal lavage. Quite popular is the local treatment of sinusitis - in this case, prescribe a spray of sinusitis.

    Treatment of sinusitis of the lung course

    Catarrhal sinusitis, as a rule, is treated with conservative measures. During treatment, whenever possible, avoid catarrhal and viral diseases, drink and eat only warm food.

    The most common treatment for the disease is the use of local vasoconstrictive nasal sprays. Using a spray can reduce the level of swelling and secretion on the mucous membranes of the nose. But do not forget that the nasal spray of sinusitis with prolonged use is addictive. As a result, the patient begins to use these preparations much more often.

    Another side effect of prolonged use of the spray is a sharp increase in blood pressure. Therefore, people with heart and cardiovascular diseases should not exceed the dose prescribed by the doctor when using nasal sprays.

    Treatment of complicated sinusitis

    Bilateral sinusitis is an acute inflammation and can develop into a chronic form of the disease. This can lead to the development of chronic diseases of the respiratory system - bronchitis, pneumonia, as well as serous diseases such as meningitis, brain abscess, vascular thrombosis and many other serious diseases.

    You can prevent suppuration with antihistamines and vasoconstrictor sprays. Use these drugs is recommended not more than one week. If the period of use of drugs will be more than 7 days, the patient will develop a medicinal runny nose.

    The result will be disappointing - surgical intervention. Therefore, the treatment of sinusitis should be strictly according to the doctor's prescription. To ensure a good outflow of blood, the nose must be regularly sprayed with a spray, the action of which will be aimed at reducing edema and swelling of the nasal mucosa overlapping the lumen of the nasal cavity.

    Depending on the condition of the patient, the severity of the disease, the doctor prescribes antibiotics. Spray antibiotic for sinusitis is prescribed at a temperature, as well as in the presence of purulent formations.

    Spray Therapy

    Spray for the treatment of a disease is a very convenient drug, the use of which helps to eliminate the symptoms of the disease and significantly improve the patient's condition.

    1. Use of antibiotics - sprays

    To reduce the inflammatory process, the patient is prescribed antibiotics in the form of a spray. This is due to the fact that a weakened organism is difficult to cope with the inflammation that has formed, so it is advisable to use certain antibiotics, preferably in the form of a spray.

    The doctor will choose the necessary drug, taking into account the characteristics of the patient's body, also the stage of the disease. As a rule, the antibiotic spray is prescribed for the middle and severe stages of the disease, the duration of treatment is at least a week.

    2. Application of vasoconstrictive sprays

    There is a huge number of vasoconstrictive sprays, which the doctor will appoint after consultation of the patient. These drugs are used as symptomatic drugs to eliminate inflammatory processes and allergic reactions in the mucous membranes of the nose.

    Local application of drugs narrows the vessels and reduces swelling in the nasal sinuses. Under the influence of vasoconstrictive aerosols and sprays, inflammatory processes and the amount of pus in the nasal cavity are reduced, because the drug after administration reduces the severity of inflammatory and vascular reactions of the mucous membrane of the nasal cavity.

    3. Spray with corticosteroids - rules for using

    A spray from sinusitis with corticosteroids can stop the inflammatory process that affects the mucous membranes of the nose, they also increase and improve the functioning of the immune system. As a rule, these sprays are prescribed if other conservative methods are ineffective, as well as swelling and polyps in the nose.

    Nasal spray from sinusitis with corticosteroids will relieve swelling, reduce the size of polyps and improve ventilation in the sinuses. They are prescribed for the rapid elimination of symptoms, since they begin to act within 2-3 minutes after application. Unfortunately, the spray with corticosteroids is ineffective in bacterial and viral sinusitis, but it helps to cope with the elimination of their symptoms.

    Spray from sinusitis is quite effective and safe method, which in a short time can eliminate the symptoms of the disease. The patient is required to consult the doctor as soon as possible and adhere to all his recommendations. The use of this method of treatment as part of complex therapy will help to avoid a puncture in genyantritis.

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