• Positive effect in the treatment of sinusitis folk remedies

    A sinusitis is an inflammation of the maxillary sinuous sinus of the nose or, as this formation is called, of the maxillary sinus. The acute form of the disease often develops as a complication after the flu, scarlet fever, measles and other common infectious diseases.

    In addition, very often the disease occurs against the background of inflammatory diseases of the teeth. The most common factor that provokes the development of sinusitis, experts consider hypothermia on the background of a decrease in the level of immunity.

    Chronic maxillary sinusitis is usually a consequence of acute inflammation, in which timely and adequate treatment has not been performed. Especially often the disease passes into a chronic form under unfavorable conditions for the outflow of the pathological secret, which accumulated in the sinuses. The appearance of a chronic form of sinusitis can contribute to factors such as hypertrophy of nasal concha, curvature of the nasal septum, etc.

    When considering the ways of penetration of pathogens, the specialists distinguish such types:

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    • is rhinogenic( more typical for adults);
    • is odontogenic;
    • is hematogenous( more common in children);
    • is traumatic.

    In addition to the above, the specific forms of this disease are also distinguished. Thus, patients with vegetative disorders often diagnosed with vasomotor and allergic forms of sinusitis.

    Traditional methods of treatment and therapy

    Acute and chronic form is treated, most often, with the help of usual pharmacotherapy, the components of which are selected by the doctor individually in each specific case. There are also folk ways of treating chronic sinusitis, however, according to numerous experts, they are not as effective as medications. Nevertheless, folk recipes of treatment in chronic form can be fully used in addition to the treatment prescribed by specialists.

    Inflammation of the paranasal sinuses, without puncture, is performed only if there is severe pain or with a copious discharge of pus. By the way, folk methods of treatment of sinusitis also include the washing of the sinuses with the help of various decoctions and infusions.

    It is worth noting that, regardless of the chosen technique, rapid recovery from the disease is almost impossible. Naturally, already in the first days of treatment the condition of the patient is facilitated, however neither folk treatment of genyantritis nor traditional medicine methods will help to get rid of the disease in a couple of days.

    Often specialists, in order to eliminate the effects of inflammation and to enhance the effect of medications, may prescribe laser therapy. In case of a serious illness, treatment with a specialist should be combined with various non-traditional methods, including acupuncture and folk remedies for sinusitis. As a rule, the full course of treatment of the acute form of the disease takes from two weeks to two months, depending on the severity of the patient's condition.

    As a rule, treatment is carried out on an outpatient basis. Most important in this case, ensure a good outflow of pathological contents from the affected sinuses. With a severe form of the disease and the appearance of complications, the patient is shown hospitalization in a hospital.

    In acute and chronic forms of sinusitis, doctors, most often, are prescribed antipyretic and sulfanilamide preparations, antibiotics and vitamins. It is worth noting that it will be useful to consult with your doctor about how effective treatment of genyritis with folk remedies, he can advise in addition to traditional medicine in this case.

    Application of folk remedies

    As mentioned above, folk remedies often have a very positive effect in the treatment of this disease. However, according to doctors, it is better to use such techniques in addition to traditional medicine, because when using exclusively folk methods, sinusitis can not only not be cured, but also worsen its degree.

    There are a huge number of recipes that have a very good effect in this disease. For example, treatment of sinusitis with a bay leaf is a very effective technique. To do this, in a small amount of hot water to lower a couple of laurel leaves and after the broth boils, moisten the napkin in it and attach it to the bridge of the nose and the frontal part of the head.

    It is most optimal to perform such a procedure before bedtime. A good effect gives and treatment with honey. In this case, honey is used as drops - 1-2 drops of honey should be injected into each nostril every 3-4 hours until relief comes. By the way, the treatment of Kalanchoe is carried out by the same method.

    Traditional medicine for acute sinusitis

    Very good reviews among other folk remedies have received treatment of sinusitis with an egg, the essence of which is to apply hot, hard-boiled eggs to the maxillary sinuses until they cool down completely. Many folk methods include the use of modern medicines. So, for example, drops in the nose with genyantritis are prescribed in order to prevent the development of the disease and help the mucosa to actively remove purulent discharge to the outside.

    The treatment of sinusitis with St. John's Wort has received good reviews, for which a decoction of this and several other medicinal plants is used. The obtained infusion can be used not only as drops, but also for carrying out inhalations. A good effect is provided by the treatment of radish genyantritis, which consists in applying compresses from the grated root to the area of ​​the maxillary sinuses.

    Purulent maxillary sinusitis

    Treatment of this form of the disease is carried out with the help of medications and some folk methods. However, it is worth taking into account the fact that purulent antritis treatment with folk remedies is carried out without consulting a specialist, can cause serious complications in the future.

    The fact is that most folk methods include the use of warm compresses on the area of ​​the maxillary sinuses, and in some cases, heating is contraindicated. Therefore, before using one of the folk methods, you should consult a specialist, carry out all the necessary studies and only after that start treatment with traditional as well as folk remedies. It is also important to understand that not always treatment of genyantritis without puncture with folk remedies and modern medications gives the desired effect and the disease goes away.

    With this form of the disease, a relatively good effect gives the treatment of sinusitis with leeches. The fact is that in the process of exposure, the leech emits certain substances in the bloodstream of a person that promote the improvement of blood circulation, which positively affects sinusitis and improves the excretion of pathological masses outwards.

    In any case, before you start treatment of sinusitis, and any other disease, you should consult a specialist, go through all the necessary tests and diagnose the disease correctly, in order to determine the most effective and adequate treatment methods in a particular case.

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