• Chronic pharyngitis: treatment and prevention of disease

    Chronic pharyngitis is a disease in which the pharyngeal mucosa becomes inflamed. Sometimes he acts as an isolated disease, as a concomitant of a profession. Can be diagnosed simultaneously with chronic sinusitis or tonsillitis.

    After the diagnosis is established - the treatment of chronic pharyngitis should be carried out according to the purpose and under the supervision of a specialist doctor.

    Causes of the disease

    The main reasons for the development of pharyngitis are:

    • Weak immunity;
    • Allergy;
    • Regular supercooling;
    • Avitominosis;
    • Specificity of the profession;
    • Chronic diseases of maxillary sinuses, palatine tonsils, adenoids, oral cavity;
    • Overstrain.

    Among the main pathogens provoking occasional exacerbation of chronic pharyngitis, experts include: conditionally pathogenic and pathogenic streptococci, staphylococci;herpes viruses;adenoviruses;fungal.

    Therefore, before deciding how to cure chronic pharyngitis, you should identify the specific cause of its formation and pathogen. For this it is necessary to conduct a series of analyzes.

    Therapeutic process

    In order for the treatment process to lead the patient to full recovery, the doctor must form a set of procedures.

    For local antimicrobial therapy, preparations containing antiseptics, local anesthetics, and rarely antibiotics are prescribed. These drugs can be in the form of rinses, inhalations( inhalipt), lozenges or tablets for resorption( drill, pharyngept, hexalysis).

    The fusafyungine inhalation antibiotic( Bioparox) demonstrates high efficiency during the therapy. It stably shows high antimicrobial properties, and is also famous for its anti-inflammatory effect. Good results show the use of drugs imudona, hexetidine, octenidept.

    When establishing the bacterial nature of pharyngitis, the complex includes antibiotics.

    To ease the painful condition, rinse with slightly warmed antiseptic solutions( furacillin) is recommended. To restore the body's defenses immunocorrectors, promising vitamin and mineral preparations are prescribed.
    In the presence of chronic infections in adjacent areas, targeted treatment of the problem is conducted.

    In case of exacerbation, the treatment of chronic pharyngitis is supplemented by warming compresses on the neck, steam inhalations, special foot baths.

    An experienced specialist recommends including a gentle throat and a weakened diet in the complex therapy and quitting smoking.

    Atrophic chronic pharyngitis

    At this stage of the disease, the mucous membrane becomes thinner, dry out, sometimes covered with viscous mucus and crusts. Usually such consequences result in the main inflammatory purulent process in the tonsils, the nasal cavity or another. Therefore, the treatment of atrophic chronic pharyngitis should be directed, first of all, to the elimination of common and local causes of the disease.

    Therapy involves washing the surface of the pharynx from mucus and crusts. Periodically, the courses should lubricate the back of the pharynx ligul solution or other composition. Do not use drugs that have a drying effect. So, it is forbidden to use sea buckthorn or eucalyptus oil.

    Novocain blockades have proved to be very successful locally in the lateral sections of the posterior pharyngeal wall. Novocaine is preferably administered with biostimulants: vitreous, traumel, aloe. Treatment is made out of a course of ten procedures, separated by a gap of seven days.

    Treatment of chronic pharyngitis by folk remedies is - gargling with herbs of medicinal herbs, useful vitamin teas, essential oils.

    Additional tools

    In this group of drugs to combat chronic pharyngitis included activities that increase the body's immunity. Than to puzzle how to treat chronic pharyngitis, you should think about the general tempering of the body, and about tempering the pharynx in particular. For this, a daily rinse with a gradual decrease in the water temperature with a saline solution is suitable.

    Take care of the timely cure of all diseases, especially seasonal ARVI.Often incorrect, intuitive self-treatment of ARVI provokes pharyngitis.

    In the off-season protect your immunity with drugs ribomunil, IRS-19.

    Contact an allergist to get rid of an old allergy.

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