• What will help cure diabetes mellitus

    Laparoscopic longitudinal( gastric) resection of the stomach( LSG) - the so-called operation, which helps to forget about diabetes once and for all. Its essence is to reduce the size of the stomach, by removing a significant( about 75%) of its part.

    As a result of the operation, the stomach volume decreases to 100-150 ml and a new digestive organ in the form of a "sleeve" is formed, in fact, there remains a narrow tube for food passage. Therefore, saturation occurs much faster and, accordingly, less food is consumed. Also after this operation, the level of the hormone GLP-1, which is responsible for the production of

    , increases in patients. This discovery belongs to Italian scientists who put an experiment on the basis of one of the Roman universities. It was made as a result of an experiment in which 60 volunteers participated. All of them had type II diabetes, acquired as a result of obesity.

    Participants in the experiment were divided into groups. In the first, patients who had undergone an operation to reduce the stomach were collected. The second group consisted of volunteers who underwent standard medical treatment for the disease.

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    In the results of this experiment, 80% of Group I patients completely cured their diagnosis. This indicator includes all those who have had diabetes for less than 10 years, as well as 40% of people who have the disease for longer. In the second, no one had any improvement, and in some patients the condition even worsened. Also after treatment the following parameters were taken into account:

    1. Average body mass index. In group I there was a decrease in IMS to 28.3%, and group II was 39.8%.
    2. The level of cholesterol in volunteers from the first group has significantly decreased, and in the second - remained unchanged.
    3. Cases of apnea syndrome( short-term respiratory arrest in sleep) in patients after surgery decreased by 40%.

    Today, specialists from all over the world have experience in the treatment of type II diabetes, based on this type of operation. According to the estimates of the American Association, by 2020, around 192 billion dollars a year will be spent on treating this disease worldwide.

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