• What is not worth replacing sugar?

    Replacing the usual sugar with fructose, honey or glucose is prone to people who adhere to the right way of life. But experts do not advise to completely switch to these components of nutrition. Why are such experiments not always justified?

    The supplier of energy for cells is glucose. In addition, its use is recommended after the disease in order for the organism to recover more quickly, under stress, and also during pregnancy. When poisoning, glucose is administered intravenously, since with its help the body not only cleans well of toxins, but also receives nutrition.

    Completely glucose-free full life is impossible. But do not go to the other extreme - for many years to take foods rich in glucose. Such food contributes to a significant increase in the risk of developing diabetes.

    If we talk about the benefits of honey, it should be recalled that it contains a combination of glucose and fructose. The latter is found in most sweet fruits and berries. Despite the fact that the chemical formulas of glucose and fructose are similar, they differ in their properties.

    Compared with glucose, fructose is sweeter by a factor of 2.In this case, it is worse absorbed by the body. The remaining undigested portion of fructose is not deposited as fat, but should be excreted( more often with the help of the liver).Therefore, this body lays a serious load with frequent use of fructose. Experiments were conducted in mice, which for a long time were given food with a high content of fructose. Such nutrition led to the development of fatty hepatosis in rodents.

    There is a negative effect of fructose and on the state of the digestive tract. Fructose, which is not absorbed into the walls of the small intestine, gets into the thick, where it is processed by bacteria. As a result of this process, hydrogen, methane and carbon dioxide are released. Therefore, with significant consumption of fructose, flatulence, bloating, pain and diarrhea can occur.

    When fructose is consumed, the insulin level rises more slowly compared to glucose. Therefore, the feeling of satiety is slower, and this can lead to the fact that people are not able to quickly satisfy their hunger and eat more.

    If we talk about the medicinal properties of honey, they are provided by the presence in it of various useful substances. But as a source of sugar, honey almost does not differ from ordinary sugar.

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