• Bread and bakery products

    Somehow the language does not turn to say that the less white bread you eat, the better. In Russia, from time immemorial, it is believed that bread is everything to the head.!

    And the aroma of fresh bread and pies is a symbol of the home. However, the harsh truth is that modern methods of making dough and baking bread do not make it a healthy food. Wheat grain is one of the ideal products of Nature, but with modern methods of factory preparation, flour is cleaned from factory in approximately 20 vitamins and minerals( this is the refining process), and then 4 vitamins are added to the refined, virtually lifeless flour( and those artificial ones!) and call it "vitaminized."

    How can you get out of the situation so you do not change your habits too drastically? Try to buy bread from cheaper varieties of unrefined flour. Now a lot of useful breads have appeared: bran, whole grains, doctor's, health, Barvikha, aromatic and other dietary varieties with healthy additives( sea cabbage, sesame, etc.).

    Remember that all varieties of rye bread are healthier than white bread, which( sorry!) Helps constipation. Teach children to eat black bread since childhood. After all, there is nothing more delicious than Borodino bread! And the smell is marvelous: after all, it is sprinkled with coriander seeds. It is known that when New York began to sell Borodino bread, this store first appeared in the queue.

    Do not seek to buy hot and too soft bread, because it is very harmful to the stomach. It is important to recall that products containing refined flour, during cleavage in the process of assimilation form a large amount of mucus. Therefore, white bread, confectionery, pasta, etc. are not recommended( as well as milk) with a tendency to chronic bronchitis, bronchial asthma, chronic sinusitis, sinusitis.

    In the case of a sick gastrointestinal tract, it is generally better to get breadcrumbs with bran, crispbread, dry biscuits, biscuits, crackers, crackers.

    Studies have shown that on bread, which is sold in cellophane packaging( especially in vacuum packaging), there are much fewer microbes. Do not save on health and do not buy bread from the trays, where it is stored in clear. Cut the bread in thin slices. The whole Western world at breakfast eats dried bread in the toaster, try it. If there is no toaster, it does not matter: you can dry the toast on a clean dry frying pan, just make sure that they are not burnt.

    Do not eat a lot of bread when hungry.

    The main limitation is as little as possible of bakery and confectionery products from refined white flour of higher grades, especially with the addition of margarine, preservatives, dyes and refined sugar. On holidays - please, but if you eat cakes and cakes every day, then do not complain when it will be difficult to give birth.

    Try to bake the cakes yourself, add the bran in the dough, use natural butter. Put more fruit. Now ready-made low-fat cakes prepared using yogurt appeared. By the way, ice cream from yogurt is very popular in those countries where it is "fashionable" to be healthy and orderly.