• Tune in to win!

    You are still just waiting for the baby to visit! And in fact wise yogis knowingly say that the child is a guest in the house. Ahead of the long nine months of the marathon, but I'm sure you will win! The main thing, do not forget that now, to a large extent, from you, the mother, depends on what will be not only his childhood, but youth and maturity. Think about what you can do now to provide him with a healthy and healthy life. Will your baby( and you with him) meet a new day with energy and a smile, prepared for life's trials? First of all, your child's health depends on perseverance, patience, persistence, succession of parents, on how you prepared for the conception and the birth of a child. And for this we need knowledge!

    Try to extend for years to come this state of vigorous energy and readiness to combat the difficulties that are so characteristic of children. Remember the motto of the kshatriyas - the soldiers of one of the highest castes in India: "Do not think about victory or defeat, prepare for battle!" That's how you should build the child's health right now, during pregnancy and the first three years of his life, when youpractically devote him all the time. Of course, this is not easy, but if you understand that this time is the most important test for a genuine verification of maternal and paternal love, then you with joy and enthusiasm embrace the most urgent business - laying the foundation for the strong health of your child for life.

    Instead of waiting for the child to get sick, and only then go to the doctor( and this, of course, is necessary!), Is not it wiser to pre-empt the hygienic skills of a health culture from the very first day, that they enter his flesh and bloodfor life. It is up to you to teach your child from childhood to simple healthy food that will help to keep your teeth, relieve stomachaches, insomnia, headaches - in general, a whole heap of diseases, the onset of which is inevitable with age without preventive measures to maintain health. It depends on you to teach him to temper, brush his teeth, wash socks and put things in their place. It depends on you whether your child will only consume or whether he will prefer to create. The most important thing depends on you: will our child and the future on the side of Good or Evil, whether he will bear the world of Love or sow Hate.

    You doubt, you will say: "it's too early", "he was not born yet", and then - "he is still so small", "what can I do now?".But you are the Mother, you are already the Mother, you are already responsible for the future of your child. And the future is that mysterious seed that awakens to life under your heart.

    Janusz Korczak stresses: "Yes, the baby is still sucking the breast, and I'm already asking how it will give birth, for this is a problem over which two decades do not think too much."

    Let's now, today build the future health of your child. Then we can honestly look into his eyes, because he will grow strong and adapted to the storms of life. Let us now do everything in our power to strengthen its immunity. Then we will not rush from one "narrow" specialist to another, because our child will not become a chronic patient. We do not have to hold out a heap of prescriptions for potent( and expensive!) Medicines to heal complications caused by previous drugs.

    Of course, a doctor must necessarily treat a child, and there are situations when drugs save lives( remember the discovery of penicillin during World War II!).But we must remember how important is the role of the mother, her mother's instinct, her mind, her will, her knowledge, which will help choose a dewy path of health, not the beaten path of standard medication and "popular" bad habits, even if it is lined with chocolate bars.

    The mother is always responsible for the health of her child. She is the first assistant to a doctor giving advice on treatment and prescribing a prescription for a medicine. And if the Mother has the knowledge to strengthen the health of her family members and her own, if she is familiar with the methods of pre-medical care, then the prescription with a potent and fashionable antibiotic may not be needed. This knowledge will help her to prevent illness into her home or ease the burden of the disease if she uses non-medicinal( nonspecific) methods of healing. And "pay" for her tireless efforts to preserve the health of children and loved ones - their clear eyes, open smile, sonorous laughter, strong muscles, healthy heart.

    The question is: how do you, a woman, love your unborn child? For himself or for him? Read the wise book of the doctor, teacher, writer Janusz Korczak "How to love a child".Meditate on it now, then it may be too late. Learn unselfish, unconditional, unconditional love, learn how to serve your children, how your mother served you, and your children will pass the baton of love and care further( it is natural that serving does not mean to serve).

    "Loving" your future child, you can absorb hamburgers and sweets and wear three sweaters, or you can enjoy black bread and run barefoot along the dew. Every woman chooses her own way. It is natural to want our children to be healthy;By itself, we would wish that they were healthier and happier on But want a little!

    We live in a time that is dangerous for health, when scientific and technological progress comes on all fronts, replacing Nature with synthetics. Air, water, food - everything has changed( often - for the worse!), But human biology can not be altered. His lungs choke in smog and protest - as a result of asthma. The skin fights vainly for the right to evaporate the products of metabolism - this leads to eczema. The stomach does not digest school breakfasts - since childhood gastritis occurs. The modern person sits whole days in stuffy rooms almost without movement - as a result of a heart attack in 30 years.

    To all this adds a nervous surge, the notorious "stress" - the scourge of our troubled time, especially in overcrowded cities. Try to learn how to relieve stress yourself. Master the basics of relaxation. This is very important during pregnancy and lactation! In addition, self-training and relaxation will be invaluable in the delivery process. One must know that inability to relax often leads to hypertension, contributes to the occurrence of nervous disorders.

    Of course, we should not simplify the matter: the causes of many diseases are not unambiguous, but we parents should do everything in our power to help our future children cope with the onslaught of progress. And it is extremely important to understand that a pregnant woman lays the foundation not only for the physical, but also mental health of her baby.

    Health promotion also implies knowledge of how natural non-medicinal or, as they say now, non-specific methods with the help of true friends of health: sun, air, water, healthy food, massage, respiratory gymnastics and physical exertion to fight against the onset of disease.

    This book has collected and systematized rational recommendations for pregnant women, which will help them minimize the danger of pathology, endure and give birth to a healthy child. These data are collected from numerous both modern and old Russian and foreign books devoted to tocology - the science of a healthy pregnancy.

    Of course, this book can not in any way replace the constant control of a doctor in a women's consultation! But no most attentive and conscientious doctor has the opportunity, time and patience to explain to a pregnant woman what hygiene recommendations she needs to observe every day, what it is necessary to know and do so that her body is a hospitable home for a future child.

    Everything goes on for women who are consciously preparing for the birth of healthy children and are ready for this vital goal for everyday, persevering work and taking care of restoring and strengthening their health. The purpose of this book is to teach a woman what she needs to know and do all nine months to independently, consciously and correctly prepare for the birth of a healthy child, have the strength and ability to feed him with breast milk.

    a certain level of hereditary health;

    correctly conducted a healthy pregnancy;

    normal, natural, or, as they say, "sweet"( soft) births;


    strengthening of immunity and hardening from the first hours and days after birth;

    the most important thing is Love and Care!

    It is clear that the healthier the parents, the stronger their child will be in the hereditary relationship. However, modern women( like men) rely almost entirely on doctors, being piously sure that care for their health is the task of doctors, and their task is reduced only to going to specialists and swallowing tablets.

    Most pregnant women are sincerely convinced that it is quite enough to go to the consultation regularly, do tests, weigh in, if necessary, take medicine prescribed by a doctor - and the baby will be born healthy. And if something goes wrong - it's clear the doctor is to blame! Is it always so? Should the future mother herself build the foundation of her child's health, ensuring that he has the highest possible level of intrauterine development? Does she know that she needs to do this? Is it preparing consciously to master the most difficult "profession" in the world - to become a Mother? Does she understand that right now, from the very first days after conception, is responsible for his health? After all, it's not in vain in China, for example, the age of a person is calculated from the moment of conception.

    Who is this book written for? For those women who, in fact, are concerned about health issues. For those who are ready to learn and work in advance to prepare for the most responsible exam in their life - the birth of a healthy child. Materials about natural healing during pregnancy is a fusion of knowledge and experience of many generations of doctors-naturopaths( supporters of natural, non-medicinal recovery) and wisdom and intuition of folk( traditional) medicine.