• Juices from vegetables and fruits

    Of course, freshly prepared home juice is better than purchased. But factory juices, prepared with the observance of modern technology, are much more useful than Coca-Cola and carbonated beverages poisonous and synthetic. Buy juices and glassware or and packages, natural, corrupt geese without sugar and artificial preservatives, for children's and dietary foods: apple, grape, apple-grape drink, tomato juice;You can also use nectars( juices! with pulp): apricot, peach, banana, mango, plum, tomato, dog-rose.

    As juices are better absorbed in a diluted form, homemade preparations can be diluted with boiled water at the rate of 2/3 juice per 1/3 of VDY, purchased juices are not necessary. You can use an extract of dogrose to dilute the juice.

    Pregnant and lactating women are recommended to consume fruit and vegetable juices for 15-20 minutes before meals( the juices are absorbed quickly).

    It should always be remembered that "vegetable juices are the building material for the body, and fruit juices basically purify the body of decay products and toxins"( Walker N.).For all its exceptional value!freshly prepared juices can be too strong irritant with a weakened mucosa of the unhealthy gastrointestinal tract, k Therefore, with a tendency to peptic ulcer of stomach and duodenum, gastritis, colitis and enterocolitis, the pregnant woman should drink juices by diluting them in half with a liquid filtered broth of oatmeal or broth of bran,and with a tendency to constipation - a decoction of flax seed.1

    If your family has the treasured 6 hectare, plant more carrots, 1 beet, greens."Daily use of carrot juice has great constructive value for the future mother's body than 12 kg of calcium tablets," writes N. Walker.

    Carrot juice, for example, is the richest source of vitamin A, contains also vitamins of group B, C,null, E, K in sufficient quantities. In the

    mixture with beet( in a ratio of 2: 1), it improves the structure of bones and teeth in a future child, because it is rich in calcium, sodium, potassium.1

    It is very useful, especially with poor blood tests, to add beetroot juice to vegetable juices, but it must be remembered that beet juice should be defended. It is best mixed with other juices. For people with a sick gastrointestinal tract, fresh cabbage juice is recommended, but it must first be tried, since sometimes it is bitter.

    You can add a little greenery to the juices: nettle, plantain, carrot tops, beet tops, turnip tops, spinach, sorrel. Even a teaspoon of

    of this juice will significantly increase the nutritional value of the main juice, since the tops contain a lot of valuable elements for health.

    Adding 1 teaspoon of dandelion juice( from leaves and roots) to carrot or carrot-beet juice will strengthen the value of the drink, since dandelion juice is one of the most valuable tonic. It has a very high content of organic substances: potassium, calcium, sodium, a lot of magnesium, which does not allow softening of bones, strengthens the skeleton of the child, prevents damage to the teeth of the mother.

    If too much weight and diabetes, too sweet juices are undesirable, with sick kidneys and arthritic pains harmful tomato juice, with diabetes - grape;patients with gastritis, colitis, ulcerative colitis, enterocolitis, stomach ulcer and duodenal ulcer are recommended not to drink "acute" juices( orange, cherry), and the usual juices for the prevention of exacerbation is best diluted with filtered liquid mucus broth of oatmeal.

    If you tolerate oranges well, try using fresh orange juice( along with soft juices).It is even better to make juice from grapefruit( provided that you do not forget to remove from each grapefruit slice bitter film).This is a healing and vitamin C-rich juice does not cause anybody an allergic reaction.

    It is recommended to mix different vegetable juices, carrots with cucumber or with an apple, for example;and with a sick liver, pumpkin juice will be most beneficial. By the way, with a sick liver in the juice or broth of the oatmeal, add, if sour, 1 teaspoon of holosissa or rose hips syrup.

    In diseased kidneys, the juice of watermelon, birch sap is very useful. Pomegranate juice is useful for low hemoglobin, it must be diluted with water or a decoction of oatmeal.