Diet for gout in the legs: antipurin diet and proper nutrition in this disease

  • Diet for gout in the legs: antipurin diet and proper nutrition in this disease

    For the treatment of gout in the legs, doctors use complex methods of treatment. After all, a single medication is not enough, treatment should combine therapy and diet. Unfortunately, it is impossible to get rid of gout forever, but to lessen the pain and reduce seizures is quite realistic.

    Principles of nutrition for gout in the legs

    The development of the disease occurs due to the accumulation in the body of Uric Acid or, more simply, uric acid, which is a product of the metabolism of purines. The latter appear in the body upon ingestion of food. And the greater the level of uric acid in the blood, the more often gouty attacks occur. It follows that without proper nutrition and restrictions in products containing purines, the matter will not move from the dead center.

    Specially for such purposes, dietitians have developed an antipurin diet with gout on their legs, aimed at reducing purines, fighting obesity and restoring metabolic processes. The basic rules of this diet:

    • no starvation and overeating should not be
    • salt must be excluded completely
    • the amount of drinking water should be at least 2 liters.
    • strong teas and coffee also need to be excluded

    Gout exacerbation. What to do?

    If the disease worsened, you need to immediately put taboos on meat, smoked products, fish, various fatty sausages, meat sausages and sausages, semi-finished products. For a while, give up soups and broths.

    A day after the cancellation of the above products should be carried out the day of unloading. With an exacerbation, you can choose the following types of diets for a fasting day:

    • Kefir or lactic.
    • Kefir-curd cheese.
    • Fruit and vegetable.

    With such nutrition, the amount of urine dissolved increases markedly. When the exacerbation of gout has passed, you can pamper yourself with a piece of meat or fish once a week. However, first you need to boil the products( this helps get rid of a large number of purines).It is not necessary to constantly absorb cooked food: after boiling, from meat or fish, you can cook cutlets, meatballs or bake it with sauce.

    Diet in case of exacerbation of

    The approximate diet for exacerbation of gout for several days has the following form( note that this is an approximate menu, but should be fed strictly at the time when convenient for you, the break should not exceed 3 hours):

    Day 1

    • At 9:00 on an empty stomach, drink a broth of dogrose.
    • At 9:30, eat a cucumber salad with sour cream and drink a weak tea.
    • Drink fruit juice at 11:00.
    • At 14:00, eat cabbage fried cutlets, rice soup on vegetable broth, you can drink compote.
    • At 16:30 again, the broth from the dog rose.
    • At 18:30, prepare zrazy of carrots, scrambled eggs and tea with lemon, again not strong.

    Day 2

    • At 9:00, drink a broth of dogrose.
    • At 9:30, eat salad, this time with cabbage and sour cream, it is recommended to drink tea with milk.
    • Drink tomato juice at 11:00.
    • At 14:00, eat meat with sauce and vegetarian borscht.
    • At 16:30 the broth of dogrose.
    • At 6:30 pamper yourself with stuffed cabbage with rice and vegetables and buckwheat porridge with milk.
    • Be sure to drink fresh fruit juice before bed.

    Day 3

    • At 9:00, as always, on an empty stomach a broth of wild rose.
    • At 9:30, breakfast should consist of curd with prunes and tea with milk.
    • Drink fruit juice at 11:00.
    • At 14:00 lunch of stew with vegetables and cold beetroot soup.
    • At 16:30 again boiled from the dogrose.
    • At 18:30, eat oatmeal and jelly.
    • Before going to bed, have a drink of apple compote.

    Nutrition for patients with gout is quite diverse and with such an abundance of allowed products, you can safely come up with new dishes, eat and recover. See the videos below for more details.