Why do children cry before bedtime - why does the child cry before bedtime?

  • Why do children cry before bedtime - why does the child cry before bedtime?

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    In the first year, children often cry before bed. As studies show, 30% of children are disturbed by sleep. As a consequence, there are problems with night awakening, with falling asleep and changing sleep patterns. The same causes appear in children at preschool age and lead to hyperactivity in children's behavior, depression and mental disorders.

    Causes of crying a child

    Crying a child before going to sleep can be explained by the fact that during wakefulness it is oversaturated with information and before going to bed it needs to splash out the accumulated supply of energy and emotions. The reasons for crying are different. And often a child cries before going to sleep not because he is hungry or has something to hurt, but only because he can not fall asleep without crying. Many are crying because the light is too bright or they hear loud noises. Therefore, it is necessary to protect him from these stimuli.

    Why a child cries before a night sleep

    Why a child cries before crying
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    If a child cries without a reason, it seems to you, then you should first make sure that he does not have anything to hurt. If the baby is a newborn, the main cause of tears and bad restless sleep are colic. What kind of dream is there in this case. Special drops, tummy massage, a warm diaper on colic, or tea with fennel can help here.

    But there is still a psychological factor. So, waking up at night, the child does not see his mother nearby, and yet he is so used to seeing her in the daytime, so the child can worry about it and cry. There are two ways. The choice of this or that method depends on you.

    Dr. Spock( this name is familiar to every mother) believes that a child can learn to fall asleep alone alone in just three nights. The process itself is painful from a moral point of view. The point is that when a child cries, the mother should not approach the bed. Either come up for a couple of minutes, try to calm the child( which is unlikely to work out) and go away again. This method requires the mother a lot of patience and not everyone can. On the third or fourth day the child will understand that his mother will not approach him, and the cry will cease.

    A baby child cries before going to bed because of the fact that his teeth may have started to be cut. In this case, you need to apply sedative ointments for the gums.

    After 2-3 years, against the background of the views of the programs, cartoons, children often have terrible dreams. The child becomes restless, cries in a dream, screams or just talks. Often, to avoid stress in a dream, the child moves to sleep with his parents. He feels comfortable and the sense of fear disappears, and a feeling of security appears. Parents often allow such actions themselves. Over time, the child learn to control emotions and figure out where the dream, and where the reality. It is not necessary to consider this situation as a problem, it will be solved in the near future. In practice, it has been shown that children who have been separated from parents for a long time sleep with their parents, the death of one of their relatives or the child simply does not have enough attention and warmth of their parents during the day.

    To stop tears before going to bed and at night, do not overload the child in the evening. Try all important points, such as lessons, reading, cleaning the room, decide during the day.

    Sleep problems

    To understand for yourself why children cry before bedtime , can answer the following questions and if the answer is correct, you should learn more about the specifics of such actions on the part of the child.

    • Does your child like to lie down and get some sleep?
    • Does he always fall asleep problematically and for a long time?
    • Waking up in the morning, the child arrives in a bad mood.
    • When traveling on public transport, the child falls asleep.
    • The child sleeps less than the recommended time.
    • During the whole day the child is irritable, aggressive and sometimes tired.
    • Constantly requires that you take it in your arms.
    • Constantly yawns and rubs eyes.

    If there are answers with a positive indicator, it is worth considering the fact that at an early age to solve the problem of restless sleep. If the process is started, then it will only worsen.

    Instructing a healthy sleep

    Sleep has always been considered, and will be considered, the best way to regain strength. If the child is crying , , then it should serve as a kind of "bell" to the fact that something is wrong. If you start to establish a sleep mode in a child at a very early age, the result will be a full rhythm of the child's life in the future. It is necessary to remember the following rules and consequences associated with sleep:

    • During sleep, a person restores body strength.
    • On the growth of a child, sleep, no doubt, has a huge impact. Sleep also affects the immune system of the child.
    • Sleep problems affect behavior throughout the day.
    • Too emotional children is sometimes very difficult to calm down and immediately fall asleep.
    • Children who sleep "right" and in the right amount of time. They feel very well during the day, they better perceive learning processes and come in a beautiful mood.
    • Scientists tend to think that during sleep the brain solves a lot of problems and sorts the information received throughout the day.
    • If the child does not get enough sleep, then he does not eat well, becomes moody, irritable and often cries.
    • Frequent whims and tears may indicate the fact that the child simply wants to sleep.
    • Children who do not get enough sleep absorb less new information, are irritable and have a bad memory.
    • If a child often wakes up at night, this can eventually lead to moods and conflicts with parents.

    Our sleep is influenced by internal biological clocks, whose cycle is formed in the very first weeks of a baby's life.

    A child cries after bathing

    Why children cry after bathing

    Children cry after and during bathing for various reasons. These can be abdominal pain, incised teeth, a desire to sleep, a headache, or an ordinary overexcitement.

    There are several opinions about the correct preparation for bathing. This can help in answering the question of why a baby cries before or after bathing. Some are inclined to believe that bathing should be before evening feeding. After it, you can immediately put the child to sleep. If you look at the other side, then bathing too hungry a baby is not right, because you need to consider that the appetite after bathing increases. It should also be noted that water procedures should not be performed immediately after feeding. Therefore, we recommend that you find the "golden mean".If the child cries constantly, during and after bathing, it is worth stopping these procedures for a few days, or moving them for example in the morning.

    Newborn children with an enviable regularity cry every day for two, three hours. So do not overdo it too much on this issue.

    If the cause of tears is fatigue, then only mother's caress and attention can calm him down. Every day, opening the world and receiving a lot of information and emotions, the child is very tired. It is believed that the brain of a child under 12 years "digests" as much information as he will master from 12 years to the end of life. It is not surprising in this case that children are sometimes very irritable, which sometimes manifests itself in their inexplicable, at first glance, aggression. If it is right to approach the development and formation of the personality, then it is possible to form a habit for the baby to follow certain rules for the benefit of one's own health.