• Hair Nutrition

    In the care of hair, air conditioners, balsams and masks play a crucial role. All of them are applied to clean hair after washing, and most often according to the instructions it is required that the hair is wet.

    Conditioners - their main function is to smooth out the scales of hair, so that later the hair is easier to comb, less fluff and electrified.

    Rinsers - to date, rarely sold in its pure form. The main purpose of rinsers is the same as that of conditioners, to make hair more smooth and docile, to smooth out the roughness of each hair. In addition, the rinse aid helps to better clean the hair of the remains of shampoo. Often, the rinse is done in combination with balm, contains medicinal ingredients and is called "balm rinse".To date, the differences between conditioner balms and conditioners are increasingly eroding. Balm rinse used in the same way as the conditioner. When applied, it is not rubbed into the skin.

    Balms are most often used to repair damaged hair cuticles. Balsams are widely used in hair treatment and restoration, which is especially important for hair weakened by dyes, curl, sun, cold, hard water, poor ecology and stress. Balsam is able to restore the structure of the hair, forming a protective film on the surface of the skin and hair, preventing drying.

    Balm can have a nutritional and restorative effect on the hair follicle, so that hair loss decreases, and their growth improves. After applying the balm, the hair becomes soft, docile, easily fit into the hairstyle. Balms restore shine and elasticity of hair.

    Masks, unlike balms, are less popular, although they are more intense in their effect. The effect of hair masks can be versatile.

    Firstly, masks can be used to power dry, lifeless hair, to restore their structure, namely, keratin contained in the hair.

    Secondly, masks can regulate and skin condition: nourish dry, dry fat.

    There are also masks aimed at treating dandruff, as well as moisturizing masks, relaxing and refreshing.