• How to use perfume

    It's not enough to choose perfume, you still need to be able to use them with knowledge. It is enough to overdo it a little - and a subtle exquisite smell will be reduced to a vulgar.

    The smell of the spirits of a real lady should act gently and subtly, to belong only to her and to distinguish favorably from others. In addition, the dosage of any flavors today is facilitated by gradation in a concentration that allows you to easily simulate the intensity of the fragrance in accordance with the mood or the moment of the day. It should be noted that not the same concentration of perfume for work in the office, lunch in the restaurant, riding, presence at the opening day or dinner at home with his life companion.

    From the extract to the toilet water, harmony remains the same, but the manner of treatment varies. Extract or perfume requires a certain thrift, while toilet water can be used generously.

    Spirits are different - floral, exotic, spicy. Choose them according to their nature or temperament. To determine the smell of perfume when buying, apply a droplet on the back of the brush and smell.

    Do not buy perfume before menstruation and during illness, since the sense of smell is blunted.

    Do not forget that they should be combined with the body cosmetics you use, bath foam, lotions, shampoos and creams.

    In small quantities, perfumes are applied to the back of the neck, at the temples and behind the ears, and also on the hair. After you have washed them, wiped them and blow dried, blow them, and the smell will last a long time.

    On the body to apply perfume better after the bathroom - the pores are opened, and the skin literally absorbs the fragrance( oily skin perceives it faster than dry).

    The perfume smell develops better and more harmoniously on fabrics from natural fibers: silk, wool, cashmere in particular. As for fur, as well as hair, these are real perfume censers. But on synthetic tissues, the development of the smell of perfume will be shorter and heavier, with less warmth.

    Some women seek to attract the attention of some super-fashionable perfume and smother harder, so that this smell stands out among others. However, we must remember that the concentration of aromatic vapors in the air has its limit, after which the smell becomes unpleasant and tiresome. Remember that a small bottle contains more fragrant substances than hundreds of kilograms of flowers, and a strong smell, especially indoors, is very tiring and annoying. It is necessary to dally for yourself, but always remember others.

    When going to the theater, guests, to work, do not use perfume with strong and spicy smells. In the sunny and hot weather, such spirits too tire. In the evening at sea, you can suffocate a little more strong and sharp perfume, as their smell is muffled. In summer and in spring it is necessary to suffocate more weakly, since the abundance of light increases the overall tone of the nervous system, exacerbates the sense of smell.

    When using perfume, one must take into account that spirits can change their shades on different people and under different circumstances.

    In order not to cause habits or fatigue and to feel the smell of your perfume for a long time, do not always use the same perfume. From time to time, alternate them with others.

    Keep the perfume in a dark place. Under the influence of bright light and sunlight, they decompose and get an unpleasant smell.

    Do not dilute perfume with water or alcohol - break the proportions, and the smell may be at best not as it was.