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    Antioxidants in products: benefit or harm

    Women who want to always look young, in addition to caring for their skin, are recommended to use natural antioxidants - they are present in the mostsimple products.

    Products containing antioxidants: how they work ^

    It has long been antioxidants in products that are considered to be indispensable elements preventing the oxidation of tissues and cells, as well as protecting against free radicals.

    What else are the useful properties of antioxidants:

    • Vitamins A, E and C: improve visual acuity, positively affect mucous membranes, strengthen hair and rejuvenate the skin;
    • Flavonoids and tannins;
    • Anthocyanins: slow down the aging of the body, normalize the sugar level, relieve inflammation;
    • Lycopene: reduces the levels of harmful cholesterol;
    • Selenium, manganese, copper and zinc: protect against toxic effects of heavy metals, increase the protective functions of the immune system, regenerate damaged cells, improve the endocrine system;
    • Lutein: useful for the eyes, protects from the harmful effects of ultraviolet light.

    Thus, antioxidant products are an effective weapon against various diseases, but they do not less benefit from the fact that they significantly slow down the aging process, so they must be included in your diet for each person.

    Before making your own menu, you need to understand what products contain antioxidants, because they are not everywhere, and in large numbers they can be found only in plant foods: vegetables, nuts, berries and fruits.

    The lower content of antioxidants in products can be found in milk and meat products, but, nevertheless, they should also not be forgotten.

    Products antioxidants: list and table ^

    Products - antioxidants: why they are needed

    Products rich in antioxidants: fruits and berries

    As mentioned above, the best products with antioxidants are those that are of vegetable origin, namely:

    • Cranberry: acceleratesmetabolism, strengthens the immune system, relieves heavy metals, improves the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract and nervous system, enhances the mood, makes the hair and nails stronger;
    • Blueberries: counteracts various infections, has a choleretic, anti-inflammatory and diuretic effect;
    • Plums: activate metabolism, reduce temperature for colds, remove excess bile from the body;
    • Blackberry: strengthens the gum, stops bleeding, strengthens the heart muscle, lowers blood pressure;
    • Prunes: stimulates the digestive tract, normalizes the chemical exchange, increases the strength of the vessels;
    • Raspberry: kills harmful bacteria, reduces fever, has a preventive effect in the period of exacerbation of infectious diseases;
    • Strawberry: prevents the growth of cancer cells, is useful for the work of the brain;
    • Gala apples: purify the intestines, prolong youth, make the skin more elastic.

    Which products have a lot of antioxidants: vegetables

    By right, vegetables are the best natural antioxidant products, because they have a high antioxidant capacity and a large number of useful elements:

    • Red beans: provides natural cleansing of the body, strengthens muscles, rejuvenates, helps to quickly recover during illness;
    • Potatoes: strengthens blood vessels, removes toxins, improves liver function, stabilizes metabolism;
    • Cabbage: increases efficiency, benefits the nervous system, helps to lose weight faster;
    • Spinach: reduces the likelihood of atherosclerosis, prevents the appearance of cholesterol plaques;
    • Red pepper: improves digestion, stimulates blood circulation;
    • Beets: removes toxins and toxins, cleans the intestines, relieves constipation;
    • Onions: It is a powerful antioxidant;it cleanses the blood and helps to digest food faster, and also helps to fight against neurological diseases and insomnia;
    • Pumpkin: normalizes biochemical processes in the liver, reduces the likelihood of heart and vascular disease;
    • Carrots: useful for sight, helps to regulate glucose level, prevents the development of cancer cells;
    • Squash: help to recover faster after surgery, strengthen immunity, accelerate the process of cell regeneration.

    Foods high in antioxidants: nuts

    You can find natural antioxidants in foods that can not only strengthen the immune system, but also rejuvenate the body. These include walnuts, pecans, hazelnuts, hazelnut, almonds and pistachios: they are useful for muscles, brain, immune system, hair and skin, becausesaturate the body with vitamins, dietary fiber, acids and trace elements.

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    Antioxidants in food: table

    Top-10 best products - antioxidants useful for health( antioxidant units per 100 grams)

    To learn more about what foods are antioxidants and how many antioxidants they contain, it is worth reading this table:

    All of the above antioxidants stimulate the immune system, which is important for those who want to stay young for a long time: as is known, it is because of illness that the body ages much faster.

    Thanks to the positive effect of antioxidants on the human body, it is possible to "slow down" the aging and prevent many diseases, therefore it is recommended to use the products containing them from the childhood to absolutely everything.