• Hirsutism in women: photos, causes, symptoms, treatment

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    Hirsutism is an unpleasant disease, characterized by the appearance of an excessive amount of hair on the face, trunk and extremities in women.

    The name of the disease was derived from the Latin word - hairiness. This disease is curable, so do not despair of the fairer sex.

    There are many methods of combating hirsutism, and if you do it in time, you can avoid the appearance of symptoms and signs of the disease. Hirsutism is a disease known from ancient times.

    Butch-like women, covered with hair, caused astonishment, and only later became aware of the causes of the disease.

    Causes of hirsutism

    Why does hirsutism develop in women, and what is it? The disease is caused by an increased content of male hormones( androgens) in the woman's blood. There are both internal and external changes in the body and appearance.

    The main causes of hirsutism in women:

    • heredity;
    • menopause or accelerated puberty;
    • idiopathic syndrome without hormonal abnormalities, characterized by an increased content of androgens in the blood;
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    • reception of medical preparations which provoke the appearance of excess of male hormones in the blood( hexachlorobenzene, phenytoin, corticoids, androgens);
    • adrenal gland disorder( congenital or acquired disease);
    • disruption of the testicle( polycystic ovary, tumor, androblastoma, granuloma);
    • pituitary dysfunction;
    • genetic abnormalities or chromosomal abnormalities.
    In other words, for one reason, there is an excess of male sex hormones in the body of a woman, resulting in excessive hairiness. A woman becomes a little like a man, her attitude to herself and the world changes. It is important to notice signs of hirsutism and consult a doctor in time.

    Often, young women themselves are to blame for the development of hirsutism. Large physical exertion, as well as debilitating and prolonged diets, lead to disruption of the adrenal glands, which leads to the production of androgens.

    Symptoms of hirsutism, photos of women

    Hirsutism in women has such symptoms - if the place of light and soft hair appears rough, dark hair covering the back, stomach and face, this is the first signal of the appearance of the disease.

    Do not try to shave your hair, they will grow even more. The correct step to recovery is diagnosis and proper medication. Of course, for every woman the appearance of excess hair on the body is a tragedy, but one should not worry, because this disease is treatable.

    What happens in the body of a woman when hair appears on the body? Excess of male hormones leads to a delay in ovulation, with a violation of the menstrual cycle and often infertility in women. It is possible to increase muscle, baldness, the appearance of a low voice, a reduction in the breast.

    Symptoms of defemination are not always evident, more often if the patient does not consult a doctor for a long time and the disease becomes severe.

    Treatment of hirsutism

    The first thing to do with the slightest suspicion of hirsutism is to contact the endocrinologist. The doctor will send for examination of the body and the delivery of blood tests. Diagnostics includes studies on the content of testosterone in the blood, DHEAS of blood serum( an indicator of the work of the adrenal glands).

    The level of androstenedione in the serum is also determined( elevated content indicates ovarian function disorders), the concentration of cortisol and gonadotropin. When receiving a picture of the disease - the causes and stages, the doctor prescribes appropriate treatment for hirsutism in women. For this, medicinal preparations are used. For example, oral contraceptives that have the property of suppressing male hormones.

    If these drugs are ineffective, antiandrogen drugs are prescribed, but they have many side effects. Also prescribe prednisolone or dexamethasone - drugs that inhibit the production of male hormones in the adrenal glands.

    If hirsutism is caused by taking medications that stimulate the production of androgens, then the doctor cancels their use. With tumors of the adrenal glands or ovaries, surgical intervention is recommended to remove the tumor.

    The doctor selects a specific method for treating hirsutism, depending on the condition of the woman, her desires and the degree of the disease. Sometimes it is necessary to conduct therapy for the treatment of Isenko-Cushing syndrome, or to apply ketoconazole. This is an effective drug, but contraindicated in case of pregnancy.


    For a noticeable effect, it will take quite some time, about 6-12 months. With proper treatment, the growth of new hair practically ceases. However, it is not always possible to remove previously grown hair.

    But the main goal of treating hirsutism is the prevention of hormonal disorders and the prevention of the growth of new hair. This goal is almost always achieved. Hair growth stops completely or the growth process slows down.

    You can remove hair with chemical epilation, but it leads to skin irritation. Plucking coarse long hair causes the appearance of scars on the skin. Discoloration is effective only at a mild stage of hirsutism. To date, the best method of hair removal is electrolysis, as a result of which hair bulbs are broken.

    It should be noted the painfulness of the procedure and its high cost. For the treatment of hirsutism, the best results are given by complex measures - hormonal preparations and other means, including folk remedies.

    Complications of hirsutism

    If the disease is not treated, complications can occur. It changes not only the appearance, the work of the whole organism is disrupted. Disorder of the menstrual cycle often leads to infertility of the woman.

    There are male signs - a coarse voice, increased muscle mass. There may be an increase in the clitoris and a decrease in the lubrication of the vagina. Symptoms of defemination are noticeable when a woman's breasts are diminished, hair loss appears on the head and temples.

    Treatment of hirsutism at home

    For a better therapeutic effect, it is necessary to combine methods and means. In addition to hormonal drugs, it is recommended to use non-traditional methods of treatment and folk remedies. Folk remedies include walnuts.

    The fruit of the unripe nut is cut, after which the juice is wiped with a place covered with hair. After 3-4 procedures, soft and fluffy hairs disappear. If you need to remove hair over the upper lip, then this tool is ideal.

    In addition, you can try a decoction of dope. The grass is crushed, poured with boiling water and boiled for 15-20 minutes. After cooling, filter and wipe the location of the hair.

    Also prepare the depilation composition yourself, which will be absolutely harmless. For example, take 5 gr.glycerin, 9 g.starch and sodium sulfate, 80 gr.water. This mass is applied to the face or other parts of the body. Treatment takes time, but the result is noticeable after only 1-2 weeks.

    Doctors of alternative medicine recommend to create a composition based on starch and zinc oxide( 25 grams of each ingredient), barium sulfate( 50 grams) and a little water. Apply mass to clean skin for about 5-6 minutes. After a time, discoloration or hair loss occurs.

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