• Fitness

    Recently, the foreign word "fitness" has become firmly embedded in our everyday vocabulary. This fashionable concept can be seen in every advertisement of the gym and sports complex. But few clearly understand what fitness is and why it is used to correct the figure and improve the elasticity of the muscles.

    The term itself came from the English word "fit", which has several meanings - "cheerful," "prepared," "healthy."And, on jjjjjff our view, it is the definition of "prepared" that most accurately demonstrates the essence of this concept. Fitness is first of all the preparation of the muscles of the whole body for active activity, improving the blood supply of all tissues and organs, and general improvement of the body.

    The American version of the emergence of fitness has a completely logical rationale. In the 1970s, a series of various scientific studies was conducted among all population groups. The results were overwhelming: it turned out that most Americans have serious problems associated with obesity and metabolic disorders. With the improvement of the quality of life, these diseases have acquired the dimensions of mzdemii. That is why the President of the United States established the Special Fitness Board, which included 20 reputable professionals in the field of health gymnastics and sports, as well as politicians and public figures

    In 1983, the American Mark Mastrov created the author's system forthe name "24 hours fitness." This research study contained the development of a very simple and affordable scheme for applying a unique healing technique - from the price policy and the mode of operation of gyms to the recommendationsOf course, this idea was not fully realized, but it made it possible to pay attention to the need for health control, active lifestyles, stabilization of body weight.) Fitness very soon gained universal popularity and became popular among various strata of the population - from simple workersup to successful businessmen

    In our country, fitness appeared recently - at the end of the last century. The method of improving exercises was called "physical culture".And the first specialized sports centers began to appear here about 15 years ago.

    The complex of health-improving exercises, selected taking into account the uniform distribution of the load on all the muscles of our body, is not just gymnastics. Fitness is, in fact, a new science that studies the formation of mechanisms of motor activity and the influence of physical exercises on the body.