• Exercises for correct posture

    Do you want to have a beautiful figure?

    Good cosmetics, fashionable clothes, stylish hairstyle. Most women believe that their appearance depends on this. In this, of course, there is some truth. But even if you have a beautiful hairstyle on your head, and the face is expertly tinted, bad posture, hunched shoulders nullify all your efforts. Add to this an ugly, awkward gait, and even the best dress will not save the situation. Wrong posture is our main trouble.

    With a correct posture, the head is high( not extended forward and not tilted downwards), the thorax is convex, the back is straight, the abdomen is flat, the knees are straight.

    Exercises for the neck muscles

    It must be mobile, and then the head will get a beautiful landing. All this can be achieved with the help of special exercises. Persistently working out a month, you yourself will notice the results.

    1. Sit down, bending your legs, on the floor. Hug your knees with your hands, straighten your back so that the shoulder blades are connected. In this position, throw your head back and straighten it. While tilting, try to stretch the neck as much as possible. Breathe during the slope. Repeat the exercise 10 times.

    This exercise is not very effective in three directions at once and it may seem too simple for you. But this is only an external impression. It acts in triple: straightens the back, makes the upper part of the spine more flexible and strengthens the muscles of the chin( you can see this by placing your hand on the chin).

    2. Sit down, folding your legs "in Turkish", clasping your toes with your hands, straighten your back. At the count of "times", turn your head vigorously to the left, at the expense of "two, three" try to turn your head further, into the "four" account, go back to the starting position. Exercise in each direction 4-6 times.

    3. Go down on your knees, lean on your hands, placing them on the width of your shoulders. Place your arms and hips at right angles to your body. The weight of the body is evenly distributed. Perform circular motions with your head 4 times, starting down, left, back, right;4 times, starting down, right, backward, left, etc. In each direction 3-6 times. Try to keep the circle as wide as possible.

    4. Lie on your stomach, put the woven fingers on the back of your head, raise your elbows and take them back, the shoulder blades together, your forehead rest on the floor. Tilt your head back, at the same time with your hands trying to bend your head down, then go back to the starting position. Breathe in during the slope. Exercise repeat 8-10 times.

    5. Sit "Turkish"( back straight), fingers tighten into fists and put them one on top of another, chin rests against fists, elbows perpendicular to body. Tilt your head forward, leaning heavily on your resisting arms. After completing the 4 incline, lower your arms freely along the trunk. Then accept the former position. Repeat the exercise 6-8 times. Breathe in when you lower your head after tilting.

    Exercises that straighten your back

    A hunched back is even old even to a very young woman. If you want to have a good figure, pay the most serious attention to the back. Even an elderly slender woman looks much nicer than a young girl with a shuffling gait, with her back curved in a wheel. Sometimes, looking behind at the going mother and daughter, it is difficult to understand which of them is older.

    Remember a few exercises to reduce the back muscles.

    1. Lie on your stomach, bend your arms in the elbows, put one palm on the other, rest against them with your forehead. Pull out the socks and put the heels together. To ease the exercise, you can rest your heels in a closet or bed. Now lift the upper part of the trunk, while spreading your arms to the sides. Do not lift your chin, do not lower your hands down. Then go back to the starting position. Take a breath when lifting the torso. Exercise 6-10 times.

    2. Lie on your back, bend your knees( try to put your feet as close as possible to your hips), hands spread out with the back of your hands to the floor. Under your back, you can put a pillow and a towel folded several times. Now, heavily resting your hands on the floor, bend your chest, leaning on your head. Try to keep the lower part of the body as close as possible to the floor. Breathe when you arched. Exercise repeat 5-8 times.

    3. Stand on your knees, leaning on the floor with your hands, placing them on the width of your shoulders. Place your arms and hips at right angles to your body. Knees slightly apart. Now raise your right hand up and down, while pulling your left straight leg back. Return to the starting position. Then do the same with the left hand and the right foot, the leg back-up. Repeat the exercise 6-8 times. Take a breath when lifting your arm and leg.

    4. Stand in front of a chair, slightly apart legs, at a distance of two steps. Then straighten the trunk, bend over, leaning on the hands. The arms in elbows are straightened, the knees and back are straight, the head is slightly raised. At the expense of "one, two, three," bend the spine. At the expense of "four, five, six," go back to the starting position. Breathe breathing rhythmically. Exercise repeat 4-6 times.

    5. Stand on your knees( legs join together), raise hands above your head, palms turn forward. Straighten your back, stretch your neck, do not hide your head in your shoulders. Very slowly lean forward, while sitting down on the heels. Especially intensive work hip and knee joints. Do not lower your hands, they remain in the same position all the time. The head must also be immovable. When the chest touches the knees, relax the back muscles. When you touch the palms of the floor, relax the shoulder muscles and lower your head freely. This exercise is called "Japanese bow".Return to the starting position, pushing away from the floor with your hands, simultaneously straining your back muscles, then slowly straighten the trunk, taking a vertical position. Finally, you lower your arms along the trunk. Exhale to make at an inclination, an inspiration at rectification. Exercise repeat 4-8 times.