• How to lose anorexic, diet and menus of thin girls

    Do you know how to lose weight anorexic? We know! Then a few "recommendations".

    1. Drink as much as possible. Hot drink gives a feeling of satiation, cold helps to burn calories.
    2. Include in the diet of vitamin-mineral complexes, carnitine and laxative.
    3. Feeling of hunger helps deceive cleaning teeth, diet carbonated water, ice cubes and chewing gum.
    4. Hang in the kitchen images of fat people and photos of models, try not to eat alone.
    5. Count the number of calories before you eat. Thoroughly plan the menu.
    6. Remember that there are no low-calorie products. It's just a deception of the producers.
    7. Money that would go to food to stimulate yourself, spend on clothes, cosmetics, beauty salons.
    8. Walk as much as you can. Forget about the existence of elevators.
    9. Weigh often.
    10. If the desire to eat is irresistible, eat it. And then induce vomiting.
    11. How are anorexics fed? Most often they are vegetarians or vegan. Eat with a non-working hand( for right-handed people - left), very, very slowly, never finishing until the end and only until 15:00.
    12. Hide the chosen way of feeding from family and friends for as long as possible.
    13. Start doing sports. Force to draw in energy drinks.
    14. Sleep as much as possible. In a dream, they do not eat. But do not lie down before 3-4 hours after eating.
    15. Any alcohol is the strictest taboo.
    16. The diet of thin girls necessarily includes a couple of teaspoons of apple cider vinegar before eating.
    17. Distract yourself from thinking about food by any activities. Find a hobby. At the worst, just go for a walk. If it's cold outside, you'll also get rid of some calories.
    18. The less in a food house, the less you eat. In your room, in principle, it should not be.
    19. Change the entire wardrobe by purchasing clothes 2-3 sizes smaller.
    20. If you really want to eat, start walking in circles or quickly spinning around your axis. Dizziness and nausea will drive thoughts of food.
    21. The main meal is breakfast. Not more than 200 grams of food. Ideal for eggs.
    22. Before meals, do a minimum of 50 sit-ups or as many times as you swing the press. Drink as much ice water as possible.
    23. Set a goal and determine your ideal weight. First, subtract from the growth in centimeters 120.

    What can you eat?

    What do anorexics eat? Almost nothing. The amount of nutrients and necessary vitamins is minimized. All more or less high-calorie foods are included in the diet a couple of times a week or even less often.

    The anorexic menu is basically fresh fruit and vegetables. In a day a girl is allowed not more than 500 kcal. The only thing that is not limited is liquid( water with lemon juice, green tea and coffee without sugar).This helps to stimulate the metabolism and briefly muffle the feeling of hunger.

    All the food is necessarily recorded in a special diary and carefully analyzed and counted. Weight is tightly controlled - weighing is carried out at least 3-4 times a day.

    What does this lead to?

    The way anorexicans eat is without a doubt a harmful extreme. These girls with their fanatical attitude towards the cult of a slender figure lead themselves to terrible consequences. As an extreme option, even a lethal outcome is possible.

    Among the specific negative consequences:

    • Chronic exhaustion and fatigue, depression, fatigue, hungry fainting, problems with nerves and sudden mood swings.
    • Malfunctions in metabolism and organ failures.
    • Food rejection of the stomach, persistent nausea and vomiting.
    • Deterioration of the condition of the hair, nails and teeth until the fall, bad breath.
    • Painful pallor, turning into a skin-covered skeleton.

    Is it beautiful? Not at all. Is it worth it? Of course, no.

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