• Exercises for all cases

    Defect of thin legs

    If your thighs are too thin, this is not a tragedy, but when the muscles are too weak and lethargic, a long distance appears between the legs. This defect is especially common in young girls, since most of them have too thin legs.

    Here are the exercises that eliminate this small defect.

    1. Ascending to socks. Put your feet to the width of your shoulders with your socks outwards. In this position, carefully and slowly rise on your toes, then slowly sink. Repeat those exercises 25-30 times. So that you do not get bored, turn on the rhythmic music.

    2. "Scissors".This exercise should be performed on some heavy shoes, such as shoes, or using weighting for the legs. Lie on your back, pull the pyki along the trunk, turn the palms down. Raise straight erect legs to a height of 15-20 cm. Counting to 8, cross your legs - left above right, right above left( knees straightened, muscles strained).Then put your feet on the floor, rest a minute and repeat the exercise. Remember about even breathing. Repeat the exercise 8-10 times, gradually increasing the norm, until you reach 20.

    Also perform the "vertical scissors".Movement only in the hip joints, the distance between the legs is about 30 cm.

    3. Squatting. Stand in the main position. Heels together, socks apart. On the account of "once" rise on your toes, "two, three, four, five" slowly sit down, spreading as wide as possible knees( back straight, head lifted, pyki freely lowered down or on the hips - as you like). At six, seven, eight, nine "straighten out, remaining on your toes, drop to the" ten "for the whole foot. When doing the exercise, try to strain your muscles as much as possible, breathe evenly.

    Then relax the muscles of your legs, bending them in the hip joint, lightly shake them. Do the exercise 6 times, gradually bring up to 20.

    4. Raising the legs, sitting on a chair. Sit on a chair, facing the back( like a horse).Hands grasp the back of the chair, press the elbows tightly against the trunk, and with the jaws of the feet rest on the floor. In this position, straighten the legs in the knees, then lower them. Straining the muscles, repeat the exercise 20-30 times.

    5. Squeezing the ball with your feet. Take a small rubber ball, pinch it between the ankles. Counting to four, squeeze the ball hard, relax the muscles by "five".Repeat the exercise 10-20 times.

    6. Leg reduction. Stand up straight, place your feet shoulder width apart. Then, moving both feet together, connect them together. Exercise is quite difficult, but it is very effective in eliminating the distance between the legs. Repeat the exercise 10-40 times.

    If you have too thin calves

    1. Walking on your toes. Rise high on the tiptoe and go forward in small steps, almost without bending your knees. Take 50-80 steps.

    2. Semi-squatting. Stand up straight, heels together, socks apart. On "time" rise on socks, on "two" a little sit down, knees apart, on "three" rise above even more on socks, on "four" descend on all foot. Repeat the exercise 20-30 times, from time to time relaxing the muscles of the legs.

    3. Riding a bicycle. If you have a real bike, try to ride as much as possible on it, your calves will get a perfect shape. If there is not a bicycle, ask a friend or someone from home to help you. Exercise is: lie on your back, hands pull along the trunk, palms down. Lift your legs up, bending them in your lap. Your assistant stands facing you and rests his hands on your soles. Now, make a move like when riding a bicycle, and your assistant should create resistance. Breathe evenly and so 5-15 minutes daily.

    If your hips are too massive

    Immediately warn you that "increasing" trouble is much easier than "reduce".But in this case, we will help you, only every exercise should be repeated more often, well, and you need to do it systematically. A week later the results will not be visible, but after a month or two your efforts will be crowned with success.

    1. Pedaling. Lie down on your back, perform your legs as if you were riding a bicycle. But the main emphasis is on the muscles of the thighs. The muscles of the legs should be completely relaxed, exercise at a very fast pace. Start with forty movements. Gradually increase the pace, bring the number to 150. Two times take a break for a rest.

    2. Crossing of legs. Lie on your back, lift your legs at a right angle, knees slightly bend, the muscles are perfectly relaxed. In this position, move the hip joint over the left leg over the right, then right over the left one. Exercise at a fast pace about 150 times. Remember the relaxed muscles and pace.

    Please note: anyone who wants to reduce hips should avoid exercising on toes, sit-ups and muscle tension.

    It is highly recommended to buy a device for mechanical massage, which is sold in sports stores. Massage the hips from the knee upwards.

    Once again about the hips of

    A modern woman should follow the inexorable norm and not have a hip and stomach, but only a hint of them.

    But what should those who have hips and stomach exceed the norm do? Daily hard to do gymnastics, as well as get rid of excess weight.

    Here are exercises that will help in this.

    1. Makhi foot. Stand near the chair, with your left side to the back( close), grasp the back with your left hand, which will make it easier for you to exercise. Now perform a strong swing with your right foot forward, up, left. Put the sock of your right foot on the chair seat. Repeat the exercise 10 times. Then move the chair and swing the left foot. Remember about even breathing. Try as much as possible to load muscles of the hips, swing as much as possible with the foot. This exercise helps to lose weight thighs.

    2. Throwing legs. Starting position: lie on the right side, right arm bend at the elbow at a right angle, turn the palm down, left palm rest in the floor at the waist level. Vigorously push away from the floor with your hips, leaning on your hands. Torso and legs on the same line. Then lower your hips and lie on your side. Repeat the procedure 10 times. Change the starting position and lie on your left side. Repeat the exercise in the other direction( this exercise helps to lose weight thighs, buttocks).

    3. Carrying the legs. Sit on the floor, bending your knees, and pull your feet as close as possible to your hips. Palms lean against the floor from behind. From this position, slowly move your knees to the left and to the right, trying to touch the floor. Repeat 10-20 times. Exercise helps slimming your thighs.

    4. "Walking" on the buttocks. Sit on the carpet, straighten your knees, hands forward, shoulder blades together, raise your head. From this position, start moving forward: extend the right arm and right leg with the movement from the hip, then follow this movement with your left foot and left hand. Thus, move forward for 2-3 meters, gradually increasing the distance. This exercise helps to lose weight in the abdomen and thighs.

    5. "Cradle".Sit on the floor, put your hands near the hips. Strongly strain the abdominal muscles. Overturn on the back, without changing the position of the legs, which are at right angles to the trunk. Then return to the starting position while sitting. Rock this way 15-20 times. Exercise strengthens the abdominal muscles.

    6. "The halter".Lie on your back, stretch your arms along the body, press your hands firmly against your hips. On the "times", pull your knees up, without lifting your feet from the floor, lift the hips upwards on the "two", leaning on the head and feet. Strongly strain the muscles of the buttocks, hands remain in the starting position. Torso with head - on one line to the knees. At the "three", lower the hips. At "four" straighten your legs. Breathing is uniform, exercise repeat 10-15 times. With strengthens the muscles of the buttocks.

    After a while, complicate the exercise. Lie down your back, put your feet on the edge of the chair, hands stretch along the body with the palms down. On "fold", lift the hips, straining the muscles of the buttocks, and lean on the head and heels. Hands are close to the floor. At the "two" stay in this position. At the "three", lower the hips. On the "four" vacation. Remember breathing. Repeat the exercise 10-15 times.

    7. Emphasis on the hands. Starting position: sit on the floor, connect the legs together, raise the head, straighten the back. Make a sharp turn to the left, hands, slightly bent at the elbows lean against the floor. At this time, the legs make vertical scissors. Pushing the palms away from the floor, return to the starting position and connect the legs together. Then you do the same exercise in the other direction, that is, to the right. In each direction, do the exercise 5-10 times. Do not hold your breath. Exercise will seem difficult at first, do it slowly, including all those exercises that strengthen the muscles of the thighs and buttocks.

    8. "Locusts".Lie on your stomach, pull your head back, with your chin leaning against the floor, hands extend along the body. On the "fold" raise your hands, clenched into a fist( elbows straightened), and at the same time straightened in the knee right on up. Take a breath at this moment. At the "two", lower your hands and feet to the floor. Exhale. At the "three" raise your hands and your left leg up - inhale. At the "four", lower your arms legs - exhale. Repeat with each leg exercise;10 times, the chin all the time rests on the floor. After how many days you can try to raise both feet at the same time. Exercise strengthens the muscles of the back and buttocks.