• Train your body

    Because in sex the body is the conductor of the senses, you have to work on it. By training the muscles of the vagina, you increase the intensity of your sexual sensations. Exercise is quite simple - imagine that you have a tampon inside and try to push it out in three seconds. Repeat this 10 times. During the week, do this exercise three times a day. Next week, add 3 more visits daily for 25 times. In the next 4-6 weeks do the same exercises, but hold the muscles longer. Imperceptibly you can do this at any time of the day. What do you get in return? The pleasure from sex is several times stronger than before.

    It seems that you are losing your head. You are pierced by a current, burning fire - and all this in a state of weightlessness. Can this be learned? Imagine - yes! If you do not yet know this wonderful sensation, to which the French invented the name "little death", and you listened enviously to the story of your friend about orgasm, during which she lost consciousness, remember the main thing: every woman has everything necessary for having sex, experience a maximum of sweet sensations. And you, too!

    A man receives an orgasm from every little experienced partner, but we are arranged differently. Ruthless statistics frighten figures: almost 30% of women have never experienced orgasm during intercourse, and 15% experience it irregularly. However, it's consoling that 93% are still able to sense a relaxation( or maybe happiness?) Of this kind. It is better not to wait for mercy neither from fate, nor from nature: it is our task to take all the necessary miracles on our own. Especially since a woman who regularly experiences an orgasm looks special: she smiles more often, communicates more easily with others. It is to such unconsciously stretch both men and women, just such, with a mysterious gleam in their eyes, easier to achieve success. How to know, maybe the reason is;that success was repeatedly rehearsed in bed. .. In a word, let's learn! Regular exercises will prepare your body and soul for erotic delights.