"I'll never marry you!" Let's try to figure it out!

  • "I'll never marry you!" Let's try to figure it out!

    He tells you compliments. Gives flowers. She whispers "I love. ..".But do not rush to choose curtains for your common home. He will never marry you. And not because he is the Pope. He has another title - an eternal bachelor. At the very beginning of a love story, it is rather difficult to guess what will end: the offer of the hand and the heart or the phrase "Let's remain friends".However, there is a certain category of men about whom you can say in advance that they will not go further than beautiful courtship. All these gourmets, who prefer to eat their passport, just to not hear Mendelssohn's march, can be divided into five categories.

    Kazakova. About him usually say: "Pomatrosit and throw."Or: "Do not talk to him about the wedding - will immediately run away."He is a real collector. And you're just his next "nice little thing."He is courteous to all his women, gallant, smiling, easy to communicate. How is it with Bulgakov?"Let the Behemoth be sent, he is charming."Long-term relationships with him are possible, if you do not pay attention to him and do your own business. He has several such regular friends in his reserve, and always( !) Some outsider Masha with a sinking heart is waiting for her happiness. And can so all life to wait.

    Well, why? Only vanity can induce you to pronounce the words that almost every girl of his that says: "With me it will become completely different."It will not. He will exchange you for another girlfriend. And not because it's better, but because it's newer. Casanova in a psychological sense, only relationships that are built on a sense of novelty are successful.

    And suddenly! Casanova, even in a wedding suit, is a rather dubious acquisition. He will never forget about other ladies for you alone. And he will never refuse to make sure that among those, others, his chances are still great. And you will fight with all these women a variety of menus and starched sheets. But still a lot of rivals - young, beautiful, accessible and not so tired struggle - will live your whole life to the back of your head.

    Mama's son. Mama's son can not live without her own parent. At the request to spend a weekend together, each time responds that he promised Mamula to stay with her. And if suddenly you make an offer to him, you start screaming: "I can not, my mother does not allow me."Mom really does not allow him to marry. No, of course, she does not put an ultimatum: "In the registry office - only through my corpse!"( Although this is not so rare).She only tells terrible stories about how insidious crooks frown on innocent boys, depriving them of apartments, money, peace of mind and - oh horror!- communication with parents. She persistently develops in her son the fear of girls, becoming for him an expert on the female part. In the end, he begins to believe that only mother, the only one of all women, really needs it. And she is glad. As they say, Oedipus complex, not Oedipus - the main thing is that Mommy loved.

    Well, why? It's silly to ask such a guy a question: "Why, why do not you marry me?" He just does not know what to answer you. Mama sverhopeka did not give him the opportunity to become a mature man, able to make decisions. Therefore, he will only dissolve his hands: "I do not know. So Mom said, but she knows better. "It should be noted that such childish helplessness is quite satisfactory. After all, it is thanks to her that he is freed from all duties, has freedom and time. He is cut from morning till night into computer games or lying in front of the TV, eating homemade cakes. Career growth does not really appeal to him. Yes, and jealous of everything, even to work, my mother excessive workaholism does not welcome. He satisfies sexual needs in unstable relationships, which are often tolerated and even approved - it is necessary to somehow sow the tension somewhere. But all the more or less serious relationship with the girls vigilant mother curbs on the vine.

    And suddenly! Of course, in communication with his mother's son there is a charm - after all, like no one else, he is able to understand women. And the chance that he will still go under the crown, is. Usually this happens when he loses his mother or when she begins to need care. Are you ready to wait for so many years? But even if you manage to become a wife of this type much earlier - know what awaits you. First, Mamula will forever remain for him the main authority, oracle and teacher. Secondly, in the case of conflicts between you and your mother-in-law, and conflicts with you, "a slob, hysterical woman and invader", will necessarily be - the husband will clearly indicate who is more important to him. He will never stand by your side. Not now, nor after you have given him three children. However, he needs children least of all. After all, even calling himself the head of the family, he intends to retain the child's role.

    Free bird. Another type of eternal bachelors is a man shuddering at the word "stamp".And although the stamp - it's just a type of printing on business paper, any mention of him causes such a man uncontrolled sense of fear. To see this, it's enough to approach him from behind and quietly say: "I want a stamp."It does not matter which one and where. Yes, he will not ask. When a woman says this word, he loses his speech.

    Well, why? Gamophobia( fear of marriage) is not necessarily caused by children's complexes. Most likely, this is a kind of spirit of freedom, formed in youth, passed among experienced men. These stern soldiers, who do not know the words of love, most cherish their independence. At the same time, they are sure: if desired, each of them can marry at least the entire team in rhythmic gymnastics. What kind of woman, in their opinion, does not dream of catching such an eagle and making a family nest with him? But eagles are free birds! And God forbid them to contact the hens, who only know how to lisp: "Mousik, the gusik is already ready," and watch tearful serials. No pasaran! Acknowledgments "This is a real man - no one has ever bothered him!" Are considered among the superheroes the highest praise. But all this is not from strength, but from weakness. After all, what kind of threat can a woman be for a real man?

    And what if? Chance to get a marriage certificate with such a man you have almost no. Although he, unlike other eternal bachelors, is able to enter into a serious relationship with a woman, share her living space with her and even have children. That is, to be in a so-called civil marriage, but with a clean passport.(Truly, man's logic is incomprehensible!) But do you want to be a lifetime witness to the question of your friends "Well, when will you finally get married?"The father of your children will crumble for the thousandth time:" Oh no, only that was not enough for me! "

    Iceberg in the ocean. Representatives of this type of bachelors are called psychologists intimophobe. Relations with him always start beautifully. In them there is room for timid confessions, and half-forgotten poems from the school curriculum, and oaths: "Darling, I will give you a star!" But all this romance never passes into the next phase - a close, trusting relationship. Intimofob does not believe in devotion and friendship. And no your tenderness will melt his icy heart. As soon as he feels that he begins to become attached to the girl, then he immediately escapes. The average intimophob is well educated, well-financed. However, it's not in a hurry to spend money on your beloved ones - you still have to give up, why do you need to spend extra money? Only the stars and promises. And in this situation, you really have a better chance of becoming a starship captain than his lawful wife.

    Well, why? To find out the reasons for his emotional coldness is an altogether ungrateful occupation. You will not be able to correct it anyway. And do not assure yourself that inside this man the feelings that he hides under the guise of indifference are bubbling. He does not hide anything. He panically fears for any feelings at all. Intimofob likes to prove to others that he has not yet met the one, the only one. But it seems that she will never meet him.

    He initially is not confident in himself and is afraid of the supposed pain that he can bring him real closeness. Therefore it is much easier and calmer for him to keep you at a distance.

    And suddenly! No "suddenly"!You have two choices: to run from him with all your might, until he broke your heart, or stay and try to get the most possible pleasure. You have to run if you do not have time for a futile relationship. But if you are satisfied with a short-term passion - this option is quite suitable. A couple of weekends.

    Creator. He is convinced of his genius. First he plays in a rock band, then writes a novel that is designed to immortalise his name, then goes wandering around the world and, after reaching the North Pole with dog sleds, eventually realizes that his main vocation is to write paintings in the spirit of Van Gogh. He hates the routine. Proudly claims that he can not sit at work from nine to six. He prefers the schedule of a free artist, that is, work according to the principle: "And when he wants to."He easily and even masterly falls in love with himself. But at the same time she never lives with a girl under one roof, preferring to remain for her a mysterious stranger. He likes to be alone, often disappears for a while, explaining this by saying that a quiet family harbor is not for him.

    Well, why? The Creator simply can not sit at home and talk with his wife about how it would be good to start saving money for a new refrigerator. All this disgusts his aesthetic nature. As a drug addict, he needs constant shakes, delivering high: parishes, parishes, jealousy, duel, all-consuming fire of love. And after the wedding, as it seems to him, the couple use the fire of love only in order to fry potatoes.

    And suddenly! Do not bring the Lord! Even if in a fit of passion he suddenly finds himself with you in the registry office, at best you will become the third number in the list of his life values. He will talk only about himself and his work. This extreme egoist does not want to adjust to someone and complicate his bohemian existence. With him you will be bound only one thing: you both will be in love with him. However, soon he will find himself on the side of a new muse - a wife walking around the apartment in slippers, in his opinion, a muse basically can not be. In this "criminal" connection, he will receive the necessary dose of emotional doping. And your duty will be humbly accepting his disappearances, drunkenness and eternal complaints that no one understands his talent.