• How to choose a bag and decorations

    The color of the bag

    As we have said, according to the laws of the classics, the color of your bag must match the color of your shoes. If the shoe presents different color combinations, then the bag should be selected for any of these colors. For example, if the shoes are brown with cherry inserts, the bag can be either brown or cherry. The main thing is to choose the same shade. At present, the requirements for the color of the bag have softened. Now the designers believe that it does not necessarily have to match the color of the shoes - enough that the bag repeats the color of some part of the wardrobe, better - the "bottom".The size of the bag

    Each woman has her own needs, that's why there are different sizes of handbags.

    For some, the handbag is primarily a container of a mobile phone, a purse and a small cosmetic bag;Others want to put everything in a bag, including a notebook, an umbrella, a deodorant, etc.

    However, when choosing a bag, you need to consider not only your needs, but also the features of the figure. So, full women are not recommended to wear tiny accessories - they emphasize their overall dimensions. Miniature ladies, on the contrary, should not buy huge bags.

    It's best to focus on the average size of a bag. If it does not fit everything you would like to put, try looking at the contents of the bag with a fresh look. Do you really need to carry an umbrella all the time? Is it possible to transfer something to what you often use to work?

    Shape of the handbag

    It can be different - rectangular, square, round, trapezoidal. Even a business suit in choosing the shape of a handbag represents more freedom. The main thing is not to overdo it and not to choose a bag, for example, in the form of a heart. In general, to correct the figure, we recommend that tall, slender girls choose rounded bags;such accessories also fit a thin girl with an angular figure. Fatties are better to choose a bag of square or rectangular shape.

    Belt length

    The length of the belt should be comfortable for you. Do not rush to buy a handbag if it is too tight against your arm or when walking constantly hitting the thigh - this discomfort will not allow you to wear it.

    If you are comfortable with any length of the belt, carry the bag at the level that you would like to emphasize in your figure. For example, if you have a thin waist, wear a handbag at the waist level. With a small bust, you can wear a bag on a short strap - this visually enlarges the chest. If you, on the contrary, have a magnificent bust and want to distract from it, select an accessory with a longer strap or carry the bag not on your shoulder, but in your hands.

    Style of the bag

    Usually, in appearance of the bag immediately you can see in what setting and what clothes it is better to wear.

    Sports bags are large enough, rectangular in shape, on a long thick belt, bulky, with a lot of pockets on buttons or zippers. To sports bags also it is possible to carry

    soft rectangular bags from a fabric on short handles. These bags can be worn only with sportswear or jeans.

    Beach bags - large, roomy, flat. Often they have a bright color or are decorated with marine symbols. They are worn on the beach with light summer clothes and beach shoes.

    "Postman" bags - simple, soft, capacious, on a long strap. Such bags can be seen at couriers, advertising agents and all those who, due to the nature of their work, have to carry a lot of papers and take them out not always in comfortable conditions.

    Small flat handbags without handles, decorated with rhinestones, are most often intended for evening wear. With such an accessory you can go to a restaurant or a theater.

    Finally, the bags that women carry with them to work, study and with which they just walk around the city. Such accessories differ in appearance from one another:

    if you are dressed in a strict suit, you need the same elegant bag - no extra decor, better rectangular shape, in tone shoes;

    if you work in an institution where strictness in clothes is not required of you, your bag can be more interesting and feminine;non-uniform coloring is allowed, and the bag itself can be made up of materials of different colors, sewn from rags, decorated with a small amount of accessories;

    if you work in a circle of creative people, if you go on a date or shopping - your bag can be any, most importantly - that it matches the general style of clothing and footwear. So, for example, if you are dressed feminine and romantic, and sandals are abundantly embroidered with beads, then it is desirable that the same beaded bag was also.

    How to choose jewelry

    A clear understanding of what jewelry, when and to which to put on, is a whole art. To facilitate your choice, we offer general rules for selecting accessories "for a suit."

    Decoration should be in harmony with your age. A young girl should not wear heavy and expensive items, for example, large precious stones, massive gold rings, heavy necklaces. A woman of the age, on the contrary, will look ridiculous in baubles, cheerful beads, plastic earrings of bright color, such women will not go modest thin chains.

    Jewelry should be in harmony with your image. So, if you are dressed in country style, with your image will be harmonized wooden bracelets, but they will look ridiculous with a strict business suit.

    If you prefer a sporty style, for example jeans and a T-shirt, then you will not get earring-pendants, it is better to put on "carnations".However, long earrings will look great with a feminine gown.

    The easier it is to cut your clothes, the fewer colors in a suit, the more jewelry you can afford. For example, you can put on both a bracelet and beads to a straight, long solid one-piece sleeveless dress.

    If the blouse with a long sleeve is full of ruffles and embroidery, then there is no mention of any jewelry on the neck and wrists;modest earrings - this is the maximum, which in this case you can afford.

    However, when choosing jewelry, you need to pay attention not only to clothes, but also to shoes and a bag. If these items have many small parts, for example, decorated with beads,

    beads, stripes, it is better to do without any accessories at all.

    Jewelry should be combined with the nature of the fabric. The easier and cheaper the material, the easier it should be to add. Fabrics of sports type - denim, raincoat, knitwear( from which are made T-shirts and sports T-shirts) - will look good with products made of leather, wood, ceramics, plastic of metal, silver and silver. In the coloring of such paintings, the predominance of geometric motifs is desirable. To a day dress made of silk and viscose, a necklace from plastic or metal parts, as well as a small pendant made of semiprecious stones - tiger's eye, coral, turquoise, agate, etc., will suit

    . The thicker and heavier the fabric, the harder it is to make jewelry. So, on a single-colored beige jumper you can put on long wooden beads, in the center of which is a large heavy pendant.

    Evening outfits require expensive, but at the same time exquisite jewelry. Chiffon will be well combined with sapphire and aquamarine, and crepe de chine and velvet - with pearls. If you do not have enough money for real jewelry, buy artificial ones. Expensive jewelry, by the way, is respected even by artists. After all, to a beautiful evening gown of silk, if not diamonds, then at least colored shiny stones on a necklace, and to a dress made of velvet - a necklace, if not from natural, at least from artificial pearls.

    Accessories must be in harmony with each other. So, in the classical version, gold jewelry can not be simultaneously worn with silver;products from precious metals, precious and semiprecious stones do not combine well with wood, ceramics, plastic, leather. Decorations made of plastic will not look good with products made of wood, ceramics and leather. However, the tree is in harmony with the light brown skin. At the same time, combining jewelry with each other, you need to take into account not only the material, but also the style of objects. For example, a feminine necklace of beads can not be worn with beaded females of a sports type - although both are made from beads, a huge difference in styles does not allow them to be worn together.

    The location of the jewelry should not be too close to each other - so if a brooch is pinned on the collar, do not put accessories on the neck.

    Jewelry should be worn to the spot. If you go to a restaurant or theater in the evening, you are wearing a chic evening dress, you have an evening hairstyle and makeup, your image is ideally complemented by luxurious and feminine items made of gold, silver and precious stones. But wearing diamonds during the day is a sign of bad taste. Pearl jewelry is more suitable for evening and weekend dresses. In the daytime, it is recommended to wear simpler things, as well as jewelry. Gold and silver can be worn during the day, but at minimum - in the form of a thin chain, miniature earrings, thin rings.

    Decoration should not be too much. As Coco Chanel used to say: "It's always better to remove something from something worn than to add something."Follow this commandment - and you will always look elegant.

    And one more thing. Very often the necklace is sold together with earrings;it would seem, an ideal combination. However, quite often, even though the decorations are made of one material, in one style, etc., put on together, they look very bad, turning you into a New Year tree. In this case, if the kit is already purchased, it is better to wear only a necklace without earrings.

    Jewelry should suit your type of appearance. On a lady with a lush breasts and a large decollete it will be good to look like a massive necklace or beads on the

    .However, a thin girl with a small chest is better to put on a small kulonchik of medium length on a thin chain or thread.

    With a short neck, one should avoid jewelry "under the throat" - beads and pendants, however such accessories will suit the owner of the long neck. If you have short fingers, you should avoid wide massive rings and choose thin rings or rims, made in a vertical design - they visually extend the hand. If you have short and chubby fingers, you should opt for asymmetrical rings with triangular motifs or having a vertically-stretched design. Owners of long thin and even fingers are advised to abandon the thin rings, but give preference to wide rings, massive or set;You can wear rings made in both horizontal and vertical design. Bracelets should not be used by women with full hands. Those who often wear these ornaments, must remember a few nuances. So, if the bracelet is in the form of a hoop or chain, it must fall freely from the hand, if with the stones - it is tight around the arm. The bracelet is usually worn on the right hand, but if you want to wear accessories on both hands, they should be

    paired. With thin wrists, it is recommended to wear several identical elegant bracelets - it is beneficial to emphasize the beauty of the hands.

    Earrings - a beautiful decoration, but with protruding or large ears, it is better not to wear it, so as not to draw attention to this shortcoming. When a round face should avoid earrings-rings - they will make the face even rounder, should prefer the earring-suspension, which visually elongate the face. However, with a thin, long face, on the contrary, instead of earrings, it is better to wear earrings-rings.

    Gold decorations are suitable for the color types "spring" and "autumn", and silver ones for "summer" and "winter".

    And one more important thing that you should always remember: accessories on hands require perfect manicure.

    Decoration on the neck should be approached to the neckline on clothes. Most of these things look good on naked skin;therefore, it is necessary to take into account the shape of the cutout of the blouse, selecting jewelry. So, if the cutout is round or oval, beads, necklaces or a chain of the same rounded outlines will look good. If the cutout is V-shaped, a pendant or pendant will fit that would repeat its shape. The height of the decoration for any shape of the cutout should not be too small - otherwise the object will be lost in clothes. But the accessories put on the big decollete( except for special ornaments "under the throat") should not be too high, otherwise the emptiness in the middle of the decollete will be very evident. Therefore, if you have the opportunity, adjust the height of the pendant so that it itself is located approximately at the center of the décolletage or replace the jewelry with another.

    Sometimes accessories are worn over clothing, but care should be taken. For example, on a sport turtleneck

    is better not to wear anything at all. But consider the following option: for a fitted skirt suit chocolate color is wearing a thin beige turtleneck. On the suit is a large round V-neck. In this case, over the turtleneck, you can put on an oval, elongated on the vertical pendant of jasper on a thin leather cord, the shade is darker than the turtleneck, but lighter than the suit. In this case, the accessory should be in the center of the décolleté zone being examined. Will

    look very stylish In general, wearing jewelry over clothing is most appropriate when cutting out the boat, as well as for deaf rounded cutouts. Then on the tight-fitting solid "top" you can put on either a pendant or a string of beads tied with a knot.

    Jewelry should be combined with the color of the clothes. So, silver is referred to as "cold" metal, and it is better to wear it with appropriate colors - cold shades of pink, purple, gray, blue. Gold is a warm metal that will look good together with warm tones - peach, orange, yellow-green, terracotta, brown. With white and black clothes, you can wear both gold and silver.

    The situation is more complicated with decorations made of other materials - semiprecious stones, ceramics, plastic. If the accessory

    is large enough( for example, a necklace), it should ideally match the clothes. For example, with a red dress will harmonize the red necklace, the shade of which coincides with the shade of the fabric. If the decoration is small in size( for example, a ring), then it no longer requires full color match. So, the turquoise ring can be safely worn already when there is at least a small turquoise insert on the suit.

    In addition, the decoration can contrast with the objects of the wardrobe. So, the blue dress will look good orange brooch, but then in the suit should still be something orange - for example, the belt.

    It is better to wear multi-colored ornaments with monochrome not schmucks, and so that one of the tones of the accessory coincides with the tone of clothes. For example, yellow-green beads can be worn to an ES costume.

    Jewelry should be in perfect condition. This means that they are inadmissible broken buckles and other defects, silver and gold should be carefully polished. During socks, make sure that the jewelry does not turn over - it is very ugly, for example, looks like a chain fastener that has moved forward for everyone to see.

    theme is over, you learned a lot about creating an image. Now you have all the possibilities to look stylish and beautiful. Of course, much we did not have time to tell, and time does not stand still - new models of clothes, shoes, accessories and ornaments appear. Therefore, we recommend that you view fashion magazines, take interest in novelties, and finally just pay attention to what people are wearing. Let it be a source of inspiration for you to create your own unique style!