• Correction of the shape of the face with a tone

    Apply a tone: in the daytime - gentle, natural tones, in the evening - more pink. If there are dark circles under the eyes, darken them with a light tone. On the periphery of the face, apply a darker tone, in the middle of the face - a lighter one - this will make the face more expressive.

    It's difficult to find the right person. His apparent irregularity is unlikely to please the owner. And to adjust the shape of the face use special methods of imposing the tone. It should be remembered at the same time that the light tone visually increases, and the dark tone reduces the details of the face. Distribute the foundation throughout the face evenly, Do not skip the neck and ears, so as not to have the effect of a face mask.

    And now - the basic rules of correction.

    The face is round. Try to visually make it more elongated( see the figure).


    Apply corrective tonal cream at least two shades darker than skin color. Distribute it on those parts of the face that are shaded in the diagram. You can also apply a dark powder on the lower part of your face.

    Square face. Darken the skin in the corners of the lower jaw( see Fig.).


    Take care not to grab too much cheek area. The tone of the blush should be selected darker, overlay them and on the upper eyelids closer to the temples. Apply lipstick on the height, but not on the width.

    Triangular face. Put a dark tone on the chin and whiskey( see the figure).


    Apply lipstick to the width. Eyebrows draw, starting from the inside corners of the eyes. The lower part of the face is covered with a lighter powder.

    Pear-shaped face. Apply a dark tone to the entire shaded part of the face( see the figure).

    Extra long nose. The dark tone is applied to the most prominent points in the profile( see the figure).


    Second chin. Darken the most convex part of it( see the figure).


    Now the rouge. Where do they belong? Each kind of face requires its own, and this is clearly seen in the diagrams. And in the first case, always such a method will be unerring. Pull your cheeks. Was a fossa formed? Above her, and apply blush. This is another secret of yours. And then another one. No matter how tired your face, if you grow a little blush on your temples and even slightly above your eyebrows, your face will immediately freshen up. A little blush apply for the same purpose on the chin, quite a bit at the tip of the nose and earlobes( see the figure).


    Well, how? True, the face came to life?