• How to take care of oily hair

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    Oily hair requires frequent washing and thorough care

    Oily hair often leads women into despair andcause them a lot of inconvenience by the fact that they quickly get dirty and by the end of the day look greasy and stale, even if they have been washed since morning.

    However, experts urge not to get upset and say that it's much easier to care for them than for dry ones, which are often brittle and weakened.

    Moreover, oily hair, thanks to increased fat content, has a huge advantage over dry, because they, like oily skin, are perfectly protected from adverse external influences with the help of natural lubricant.

    Causes of increased hair fat ^

    The main reason for the increased fat content is that the sebaceous glands are too active and produce much more skin fat than necessary. Elevated salivation is often due to genetics, but it can also indicate abnormalities in the endocrine system.

    In addition, the separation of fat intake of antibiotics, inefficient nutrition, sharp temperature changes, severe stresses and improper care enhance the separation of fat. Experts are sure that proper care for oily hair will avoid many problems and ensure that they always look beautiful and tidy.

    Washing greasy hair ^

    Very urgent is the issue of wash frequency. And if more recently, cosmetologists called for washing their head not more than 1-2 times a week, not to stimulate increased fat release, but now they have come to the conclusion that it is much more harmful to walk with excessively greasy hair.

    If you do not wash your hair for a long time, microscopic fungi and yeast start to multiply actively in the upper protective layer of the scalp, which causes itching, dandruff, acne on the head and various inflammatory processes. In addition, hair follicles are clogged with fat, and the sebaceous ducts harden, causing the hair to stop growing, thinning and falling hard.

    Therefore, the washing of oily hair should be done correctly:

    • as needed, at least every day;
    • water for washing should not be too hot, since hot water activates the work of the sebaceous glands;
    • should be carefully combed before washing - this will allow to partially remove dirt, dandruff and protect from tangling;
    • shampoo does not need to be applied directly to the hair, because in this case it will not spread evenly.
    • It is best to dilute a small amount of shampoo with water and wash with the solution obtained, or apply it first on the palm;
    • soap greasy hair better twice, distributing the shampoo with soft circular motions and without scratching the skin with nails.
    • it is very important to thoroughly rinse hair after washing, because from the shampoo residues they get dirtier and have an adhesive and matte appearance;
    • after washing, you do not need to comb your hair right away, they need to dry out a little. Dye try to use only in case of emergency, because the temperature drops are bad for the fat skin and stimulate the increase in fat release.

    Shampoos for oily hair ^

    Shampoos for oily hair should be selected very carefully, carefully studying the composition indicated on the label. Properly selected shampoo helps to restore the correct operation of the sebaceous glands and remove irritation, and using an unsuitable shampoo will only worsen the situation.

    Rules for choosing a quality shampoo for oily hair:

    • Choose a shampoo of transparent natural color - white or yellowish, because creamy shampoos of brightly poisonous flowers often contain unnecessary and harmful dyes.
    • The most effective are shampoos with herbal extracts - nettle, chamomile, sage, mother and stepmother, as well as containing seaweed, vitamins A, K, C and zinc.
    • If you have dandruff, choose shampoos containing zinc, sulfur or tar.
    • Do not buy shampoos if they contain silicone, because they make your hair heavier and make it even greasy.

    Dry shampoos

    dry shampoos are very popular recently, they are especially convenient for business trips, travel and in the absence of hot water and time. Such shampoos are available in the form of a powder and applied with a spray. After 5-10 minutes, when the powder absorbs all the fat and dirt, it combs comb.

    Dry shampoo is easy to prepare and at home. Here are a few simple and quick recipes:

    • Mix 2 tablespoonsbran with 1 tbsp.dry mustard. For ease of use, you can pour the mixture into a salt shaker with large holes.
    • Mix 1 tsp salt with 1 glass of corn flour.
    • Use baby powder or starch as a dry shampoo.

    But, despite its quickness and convenience in use, dry shampoos are not recommended to use constantly, because they do not replace the full purification with water. With excessive fat, you can alternate the use of normal and dry shampoo.

    Folk remedies for oily hair ^

    • It is very useful to wash fatty hair with an egg. To do this, whisk the egg well, rub into the skin, wrap it with a towel and leave it for 5 to 10 minutes. Instead of shampoo, use the following mixture - 100 g of baby soap, tune and pour a glass of boiling water. Then strain and add 25 g of alcohol or cologne.
    • The well-known ancient recipe for washing with rye bread has a beneficial effect on growth, well rinses, nourishes and cleanses oily hair, acting as a soft scrub.150 g of rye bread pour boiling water and get a mess gruel, holding it for 5 minutes.
    • Well removes excess fat washing with mustard( 1 tablespoon dilute in 1 liter of warm water).
    • After washing, rinsing with various decoctions and infusions of herbs is recommended.
    • A decoction of chamomile .2 tbsp.l. Drugstore chamomile boil 5 minutes in 1 liter of water. Strain and rinse after washing.
    • Decoction of leaves of mother-and-stepmother .2 tablespoonsherbs pour 1 cup boiling water, boil 10 minutes on a quiet fire, insist 20 minutes.
    • You can prepare infusion of herb plantain, St. John's wort or yarrow, or their equal mixture.5 tablespoonsdry chopped grass pour?liter of boiling water, insist half an hour, drain.
    • With very oily hair it is useful to wipe daily the scalp with home-made lotion , consisting of?a glass of vodka, 10 ml of 3% boric alcohol and 1 tsp.lemon juice.
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    Home masks for oily hair ^

    Home masks for oily hair are one of the most effective and natural care products. Particularly useful is the use of egg yolk masks, which contains not only a lot of vitamins, but also cholesterol, which suppresses excess fat formation.

    Yolk mask

    • Mix 1 yolk, 1 tsp.alcohol and 1 tsp.water.
    • Apply for 10 minutes, rinse with warm water.

    Yolk - yeast mask

    • Mix 1 yolk, 1 tbsp.yeast, 1 tsp.warm water.
    • Yeast pour water and let them come up a little.
    • Then add the yolk, stir and evenly apply. Keep until the mask begins to dry.

    Yolk - honey mask

    • 2 yolks mixed with 2 tbsp.honey.
    • Hold an hour, to enhance the effect can be left overnight.

    Aloe mask

    • 1 tsp. Aloe, 1 teaspoon of honey and 1 tsp.lemon juice.
    • Apply to damp hair, wrap with polyethylene, on top with a towel and hold for 40 minutes.

    Mask with kefir

    • For 30 -40 minutes before washing the head, it is useful to apply a mask from low-fat kefir.

    Mustard mask

    • Mix 2 tbsp.dry mustard powder, 1 yolk, 2 tbsp.hot water, 2 tsp.sugar and 2 tbsp.vegetable oil.
    • Keep in the warmth for 30-60 minutes. This mask not only eliminates the excessive fat content of hair, but also strengthens and accelerates their growth.

    But to solve the problem of fatiness of hair, except for home masks for oily hair and proper care, you need a correct and balanced diet:

    • It is extremely important to reduce the amount of fatty, spicy, salty foods, as well as canned food and spices in the diet.
    • There should be more vegetables, fruits, cereals and dairy products in the menu.
    • Animal fats should be replaced as much as possible with vegetable fats.

    In addition, you need to drink a sufficient amount of water every day( at least 2 liters) and engage in simple physical exertion, for example, walking, which will help normalize sleep and normal bowel function. All this set of measures will help improve metabolism in the body and the absorption of fat, which will ensure the beauty and health of the hair.

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