How to determine your hair type - hair types

  • How to determine your hair type - hair types

    Why is it enough for some people to wash their hair once every five or even six days, and the hair will look great all the time, and others will have to get up every day for half an hour to have time to wash and arrange hair before the start of the day?

    The whole point is that each person has his own type of hair. If you correctly identify it, you can learn to care for your own hair as required, and then the hair will always look beautiful, and the styling will last a long time.

    Testing your hair type at home

    Napkin for the test

    It is important to know how to determine your hair type without resorting to the services of a professional hairdresser, because there are no special difficulties here. You can use two options: either a small test, or just watch your hair carefully.

    The test is as follows. After washing your head( using only shampoo, without balm rinse), you need to take a thin napkin and attach it to the top of the head, as well as to places behind the ears. Looking at the napkin, you either do not find anything, or you will see a fat trace. In the first case, you are the owner of a dry or normal type of hair, in the second - fat.

    Mixed and normal hair type

    Mixed type

    However, there is another option - a mixed type of hair. Understand the above test does not help, it will have to be guided only by own observations. If you notice that the hair quickly starts to shine at the roots, and the tips are dry and brittle, then this is just the case - mixed or combined type. Proper care for the hair in this case is not very easy: the tips will have to apply funds for dry hair, on the roots - for fatty. But the result will justify all the money spent and efforts.

    Normal hair type

    Most of all, lucky owners of a normal type of hair. They can afford to wash their hair every 4-5 days. At the same time, their hair does not suffer particularly, the volume is not lost as it gets dirty.

    But even normal type hair should be taken care of and taken care of.

    Decoctions of herbs

    For preserving shine it is useful to do after washing rinses with broths of chamomile or sage. From time to time, you should make masks( for example, with burdock oil) to energize the hair - especially in winter.

    Please note! During this period, almost any hair becomes drier due to the warm air of the batteries and a sharp temperature drop when leaving the room for frost and back.

    How to help dry hair

    Dry hair

    Normal hair can become dry with age. The body loses its ability to retain moisture, muscles become less elastic, wrinkles appear. Unfortunately, age changes affect the hair. They become more brittle, sometimes prone to loss, the tips begin to separate.

    Dry hair type requires careful care and constant care. Such hair lacks subcutaneous fat - it is not enough for distribution along the entire length. If you also like to experiment with different new products, often stain hair, straighten or curl it, do not have the patience( or time) to wait until the hair dries by itself, and therefore constantly use a hair dryer - the dryness and fragility will only intensify. Some ladies insist that they do not use chemical paints, only henna with basma, and at the same time complain of excessive dryness of the scalp. And the reason is just in the used dyes.

    Please note! Unfortunately, natural dyes, when used frequently, overdry the skin and hair.

    To pour in such dry and weakened hair strength, you need to pay attention to your own nutrition, add to the diet of sunflower seeds, carrots and cabbage, vegetable oils.

    Burdock oil

    It is necessary to regularly make masks with burdock oil( it is possible with the addition of red pepper), egg and beer - there are many recipes today. Such masks are applied to the hair before the washing procedure. Do not forget about the balm rinse - they will give the hair softness, facilitate the process of combing. The ends will have to be regularly cut, as they often split - they do not have enough food.

    Please note! The quality of the water that you wash your head, greatly affects the condition of hair - from hard water, the dryness increases.

    In the street in bright sunlight, do not neglect the headdress - the hot sun is pleasant, but, alas, does not contribute to the preservation of the health of hair follicles.

    "Taming" greasy hair

    Fat hair

    There is a fatty type of hair - it is he who delivers to his wearers special anguish. It is worth not to wash your hair for at least one day - and now the hair is lost in untidy icicles, which spoil any hair. They do not retain volume, no matter how much reinforcing means you have not poured on yourself. Are there ways to care for such problem hair that could make life easier for their owners?

    1. Do not listen to the advice of moms and grandmothers who believe that too frequent washing harms the hair. In your case, this is not so.
    2. Continue to wash your hair daily, but slightly change the conditions: exclude the use of hot water - let it be just warm.
    3. Rinsing must be carried out even with cool water.
    4. Try not to comb for too long - it also increases fat, irritating hair bulbs, and helps to enhance secretion secretion.
    5. Be sure to apply balms - with them, combing will turn into a simple and quick procedure.
    Masks with honey and lemon

    Before washing it is good to make a mask of honey mixed with lemon juice and aloe - for a short while, literally for about five minutes. After this, you should thoroughly wash and rinse your hair.

    Please note! It is necessary to try to limit the consumption of fatty and salty foods, as well as spices - all this contributes to the appearance of fat.

    Buy fruits and vegetables more often.

    Persistence is the key to success

    Permanent hair care

    Now, you probably know how to find out your hair type. From now on, without a hairdresser, you can determine what kind of hair you have, and start courting them according to the rules. The main principle is regularity.

    If you comply with the conditions necessary to care for your type of hair( and not use, for example, shampoo according to the advice of the girlfriend), then after some time the hair will please you with a magnificent appearance. But, if there is no special effect after the measures taken, it is necessary to consult a doctor: increased fat content or, conversely, dryness may indicate hormonal problems in the body.

    Take care of yourself with pleasure, and let your hair be healthy and beautiful!