Hair biolamination at home - how to biolaminate hair yourself

  • Hair biolamination at home - how to biolaminate hair yourself

    About what is lamination, even a schoolboy has an idea today. In general, this concept means applying a protective film to a surface. How can I laminate my hair?

    It turns out, you can. The essence of the procedure is that each hair is covered over its entire length with a special compound that protects it from unfavorable external influences. Of course, this is probably not a medical procedure, but a cosmetic one. The hair is in a kind of cocoon. All scales are smooth, due to which the surface of the hair is leveled. The result - your hairstyle is easily constructed and keeps for a long time, the hair is straight and neat.

    Advantages of biolamination

    Lamination of hair

    Advantages and disadvantages of this method are their own. There are much more advantages, so it's worth to first tell about them. Bioamination is carried out on the basis of natural, natural materials. The main components of the bio-laminate coating are wheat protein, cellulose.

    Please note! This means that the procedure is absolutely safe and harmless.

    It can be performed even by pregnant women. The emergence of allergies is almost impossible.

    In the barber shop the whole procedure will take about half an hour. An experienced master can easily cope with even long, curly and unruly hair, carefully processing each strand. However, it is not always possible to get to a professional at the reception: often a shortage of money and time. Is it really for these reasons that you will have to abandon biolamination, capable of returning your natural hair to your weakened hair?


    Not at all! We will not neglect the latest achievements in the field of hairdresser's art and we will conduct hair balamination at home. Do not worry, you will succeed if you at least once in your life painted your hair yourself. Biolamination is very similar to coloring by the way it is done, so you can do it alone, but if you invite an assistant - daughter or girlfriend - it will be even better.

    We carry out the procedure ourselves

    kit So, first of all, you need to purchase special means for biolamination. It is very convenient to do this via the Internet. Now you can proceed to the procedure.

    • It is necessary to wash the head with a restoring shampoo and dry it thoroughly.
    • Then the hair is applied to the preparation of hot action. Do not be scared: you will just feel the heat. When applying the product, do not start directly from the roots, but retreat a little - about 3 cm.
    • The head should be wrapped with a towel from the towel or put on an old unnecessary hat. You need to hold the drug for 20 minutes. At this time, you can do the usual things - just like when you dye your hair with henna, for example.
    • Then, the hair is washed and a cold action is applied.
    • It should be washed off after 5 minutes and after that make a regenerating mask.

    Everything, the procedure is over. Now it only remains to dry your hair and admire their renewed appearance. Make a mask for hair restoration will now need to be after each washing of the head, so that the effect of biolamination lasted longer.

    On the shortcomings and how to cope with them

    Nourishing mask

    Biolamination, like any medical-cosmetic procedure, has its drawbacks. True, there are only two of them: firstly, it is an expensive method of hair care, and secondly, the composition on the hair does not last long - about a month or slightly longer. But with the first problem, as it turned out, you can handle by laminating at home. With the second "minus" you can fight, properly caring for the hair - then, perhaps, the composition will last on the hair for about three months.

    Please note! It is easy to take care of - you will have to wash your head with a shampoo with a low alkali content and regularly make nourishing masks.
    Sun protection

    It is also necessary to strictly follow the general rules for caring for your hair: do not go to the frost or the bright sun with your head uncovered, protect your hair while in the sauna, and feed your own body with vitamins.

    Biolamination can significantly improve the appearance of weakened, thin hair that has lost its natural shine. Look at the photos that the ladies post on the Internet before and after the procedure. At first the tangled, tarnished hair;on the second - a magnificent silky shiny wave.

    Please note! To achieve this effect, the hair still needs to be treated a little first: deal with the split ends, stop the active loss.
    Hair before and after biolamination

    If the hair is dyed before laminating, the paint will last longer.

    Please note! In addition to colorless biolamination, there is also a color - at the moment more than 20 shades.

    Choose any and change with pleasure!

    Yes, a small postscript: Biolamination has another little nice "plus".Since when laying you can now do without fixing tools and the hair is created much faster( and saved for the whole day), then you can sleep in the morning longer, using the saved half an hour for the sweetest morning rest.


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