What men pay attention to first: the look at the woman through the eyes of men

  • What men pay attention to first: the look at the woman through the eyes of men

    Women have always wondered what men pay attention to first. Now scientists know the right answer.

    So, men who are not attuned to a serious relationship, pay more attention to the body of a woman who are interested in long-term relationships - on the face - this is the conclusion made by psychologists from the University of Texas. As part of the experiment, 375 students were given the opportunity to see either the figure or the face of a potential short-term or permanent partner.

    51% of men preferred to look at the body, they said that they are not tuned to something serious, 25% of men looking for a long-term relationship, looked at the figure of a potential partner, the rest - in person.

    The body of a woman is a signal of her fertility, and the person gives an idea of ​​her plans for family life. The priorities of men depend on what they want from a partner at the moment.

    External data

    The first time a man looks at the hair of a new acquaintance. If the hair is laid perfectly, or a complex hairstyle on the head, such grace is associated with severity, and this can alienate a man.

    But if he sees soft, clean and well-groomed locks, a waterfall streaming over the shoulders of a stranger, in his eyes she looks more feminine and from this desirable. Mentally, he is already launching his palms there and inhaling their heady, delicate fragrance.

    Eyes. No wonder they say that they are a mirror of the soul. If a woman is interested in a man, he will gaze into her eyes, expecting to see in them warmth, openness and sincerity. And always let small, but hitch. At the first meeting it does not matter what length or density of your eyelashes. It is very likely that they will not even notice.

    According to most men, the best makeup of a woman is her smile. Frequent smile during the dialogue, any man, most likely, will perceive as an interest shown to his person. And any relationship arises from mutual interest.

    But do not forget about makeup. Many a "building" of his image with the use of all the achievements of decorative cosmetics a man can not perceive at all the way you expected. His attention, first of all, will attract the state of your skin, and not skillfully put on the cheekbones blush or impeccably painted lips.

    A man likes well-groomed women, and not a puppet, whose spectacular appearance is easily washed off along with the make-up applied.

    At the first acquaintance with a woman, a man always pays attention to her gait and posture. In order to make you admire yourself, you do not need to have an ideal figure at all. Men with great interest will look at the pretty girl who passes by a flying gait, with a straight back and her head held high. But no one guarantees this stooping, slender beauty.

    Contrary to popular belief, men do not often pay attention to women's breasts, as described in advertising brochures of plastic surgery clinics or in underwear advertising. But it's also not worth dumping it. After all, a sexual hollow on the chest attracts men's views, whatever one may say.

    Although be prepared for the fact that if you wear a dress from the neck to the navel, the man in your eyes is unlikely to look at you.

    Important trivia

    There is one more thing that a man will never pass his attention to when he first meets. This is your voice. Owners of high or screeching voices initially cause a feeling of rejection in men. And if the lady suddenly starts to speak with a bass, then she leads her companion into a stupor. Best of all, a man's hearing reacts to a voice that is moderately sonorous, but at the same time soft and not very loud.

    But do not forget about the manner of communication. Showing covetousness, excessively displayed delight or chattering incessantly is the sure way to ensure that you will not have a second meeting. The more you remain silent, the less on the first date a man will be able to find out about you. A mystery woman is the strongest magnet for any man.

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