Pancakes with baking: recipe and interesting video lessons

  • Pancakes with baking: recipe and interesting video lessons

    Pancakes are firmly in our lives. Many traditions are associated with them.

    Did you know that by tradition pancakes should be eaten by hand? If you pierce the pancake with a fork or cut with a knife - you will call for trouble, since the pancake symbolizes the sun. In ancient Russia, a man who cut a pancake was slaughtered with sticks. That's left the rule - to take a pancake with your hands. You can fold it, twist it, but with your hands.

    Pancakes with pripekom - originally Russian dish. Without pancakes, it's hard to imagine Sunday breakfast. And for Shrovetide, you can eat this amazing treat with different fillings for a whole week.

    There are many ways to prepare pancakes, today we will consider how to make them with baking. Each hostess has her own proven recipe, but the desire for experiments provides a variety of meals. Our original recipes for pancakes with baking will help surprise household members.

    Pancakes with baking, homemade recipe

    To make a dough for these pancakes, you must melt the butter and cool a little. In this oil sift flour, sugar and egg yolks. All must be carefully stirred.

    Then add curdled milk to a consistency that resembles liquid sour cream. The dough should be left for 20 minutes to "rest".

    The remaining proteins need to be beaten. The success of pancakes depends on this. To get a lush foam, you need to add a whisper of salt. Proteins are added to the dough and we can start the oven.

    The frying pan needs to be warmed up well, grease with oil and lay out the baking. After this, it is necessary to pour the resulting dough into a frying pan and distribute it throughout the frying pan. Bake like ordinary pancakes.

    Pancakes with baking can be prepared with buckwheat, wheat, rice, fresh or mixed.

    From what it is possible to make "pripek"

    It can be a fish which finely chop, season and fry. You can take a onion or green onion and lightly fry, some spread boiled carrots. Pancakes made with mushrooms are very popular.

    You can use what is in the fridge: sausage, cheese, hard or fused, boiled meat. It's enough to show imagination and enjoy delicious pancakes.

    Onion pancakes on water

    Than this recipe is good - it does not contain milk, eggs, sour cream, kefir. Sometimes these products simply can not be in the refrigerator, go to the store - the weather does not allow, and pancakes really really want. That's helping out such a simple recipe.

    Here are the products you need for the test:

    Wheat flour - 2 stacks.

    Water( boiled) - 3 stacks.

    Sugar - 1 tsp.

    Yeast( fast) - 20 g

    Vegetable oil( for frying)

    Chili pepper( to taste)

    Pumpkin( pumpkin seed flour, you can not add) - 2 tbsp.l.

    Onion 2 - 4 pieces( depending on size)

    To begin with, dissolve the yeast in a small amount of warm water, add a spoonful of sugar, and leave for five minutes, so that a frothy cap forms on the surface. Next, add 2 spoons of flour from the pumpkin seeds, but you can and without it.

    Then add the remaining water and wheat flour, mix thoroughly so that there are no lumps. Cover the lid, and set aside for a while in a warm place.

    At this time cut the onions finely, fry it in vegetable oil. Onion salt, pepper( to taste, you can add garlic and), and leave to cool.

    After 5-10 minutes add the onion to our pancake already approaching the dough, stir. And start the oven! Pancakes are so delicious that they are eaten almost immediately.

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