Cake Ryzhik: recipe with a step-by-step description, videos and tips

  • Cake Ryzhik: recipe with a step-by-step description, videos and tips

    Cake Ryzhik, a recipe with a photo of which we will give you, is one of the most favorite sweets for both children and adults. This recipe is already many, many years, it is passed on from generation to generation, and each time the hostesses change it a little, adding something new to it. However, despite these changes, his wonderful honey cakes, impregnated with a gentle cream, remain the highlight of the cake.

    Rye with sour cream

    To bake such a cake with sour cream, as in the picture below, you will need the following ingredients: 2 cups sugar, 3 tbsp.l.honey, 2 eggs. And also 1 tsp.oil, 1 tbsp.l.soda, 4 glasses of flour and half a liter of fatty sour cream.

    First we prepare sour cream. Take cold sour cream, add 1 glass of sugar and beat with a mixer. Such sour cream together with cakes of honey gives the cake a stunned taste. It is to improve the taste of this honey cake in the recipe used sour cream of high fat content. Next, you need to prepare the cakes.

    How to prepare the cakes

    How to prepare the cakes for honey Red: take 1 glass of sugar, eggs, butter, honey and soda. All carefully mix and put on a "water bath" for about 15-20 minutes. The mixture is constantly stirred. During the boiling, its volume should increase approximately 10 times.

    Then add 4 cups of wheat flour and knead the dough into the prepared steamed and hot mix. The resultant dough should be divided into 9-12 parts, rolled out of it so koloboks.

    Then, each part of the dough is rolled in flour and very thinly rolled out. With the help of a plate, we cut out circles that will serve as a template for the cake. The dough for cakes is best rolled out when it is still warm.

    The scraps of dough from cakes also need to be baked, they will serve as a decoration for our Redhead.

    Bake cakes should be in a well-heated oven. Such cakes are baked very quickly, therefore, in order to prevent them from sticking, it is necessary to put a frying pan with water in the oven.

    While the cakes for the honey cake are baked, ready, not postponing, you need to smear sour cream. When all the cakes are baked, they need to be stacked on each other, heavily soaking with cream. On top of the cake chaotically pour cream and sprinkle with crushed scraps of cakes.

    Put the finished cake in the fridge so that it is impregnated for 8-12 hours.

    Advice for experienced housewives

    - To ensure that the cakes are not burned in the oven, do not place the pan on the top, put it in the middle, and put a pan filled with water down.

    - The baking powder for the dough will give the best result, if previously mixed and sifted together with flour. By the way, do not forget that after a couple of hours it loses its properties, so if you added it to the dough, then bake the cakes as quickly as possible.

    - The best way to turn a baked dough into a crumb for a cake is to lay it in a polyethylene bag, release the air, tighten it and roll it out with a rolling pin.

    - All ingredients for any cake should have approximately equal temperature, preferably room temperature. Therefore, get them out of the refrigerator beforehand and let the products warm up.

    And the last tip: do not rush to clean honey "Ryzhik" in the refrigerator immediately after cooking. Let him stay warm first so that he soaks better, and after a couple of hours, refrigerate at least 12 hours. Bon Appetit!

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