Festive table for birthday: 10 tips for properly serving

  • Festive table for birthday: 10 tips for properly serving

    Birthday is known to be a bustling holiday. From guests, he requires gifts, and from the host party - treats. I always want the invited friends to be satisfied.

    Therefore, the festive table for the birthday should be well thought out .

    It concerns the design of the table itself: serving and decorative receptions, choice of menu dishes and, of course, cake.

    Menu and design of the table for the birthday of the child

    If you want to organize a table for the birthday of the child, it is better to make it a tea, that is, the dishes should be dessert and sweet. Such children prefer more in comparison with "adult" food.

    It can be milk and fruit cocktails, smoothies, jellies, cottage cheese soufflé and casseroles, cheesecake, fruit salads or just a selection of fruits. You can put candy and cookies in a bowl.

    With the cake you decide, usually fatty creams and an abundance of dyes do not cause delight from the parents. In the event that children of school age, before sweets can be served canapé with sausage, cheese or fish. There are salads here, and a side dish for meat. Sweet can be limited to a holiday cake with candles.

    As for the design, for children's holiday it is appropriate to use tablecloths with characters from cartoons, the lack of unnecessary devices, the presence of napkins and bright decorative ornaments.

    What should be a holiday table for an adult holiday

    For an adult audience, a festive table requires snacks, hot dishes and a light dessert . Salads can be any, everything depends on tastes and wishes. That repents hot, then it can be meat in French, baked chicken, shish kebab, cutlets and cabbage rolls.

    The festive table should be decorated with flowers in low vases, so as not to interfere with the view. It is better to take a tablecloth plain and to put an accent to put a bright path in tone to napkins. On the plates you can arrange scraps with the names of guests, place napkins in a certain way or use special rings. Evening gatherings can be decorated with candles.

    10 table layout rules

    1. Place the cutlery symmetrically.

    2. The dishes should be put in a straight line, stepping back from the edge of the table for 10-15 cm.

    3. Before each invited necessarily put a large flat plate, it will serve as a stand. All other plates: snack bar, soup place directly on this flat plate.

    4. Behind this plate put a dessert spoon for sweet( it's the smallest), a special water glass is placed to the right of it. On the left side of our base plate put a plate of bread.

    After all the bread is eaten from it, it does not have to be removed from the table. It is useful if you plan to serve fruit, guests will put there bones and skins.

    5. Forks are placed to the left. How many will be, depends on how many dishes you serve. They need to be arranged in such a sequence: snack, fish, meat. To the right of the stand we spread the knives in the same sequence as the forks.

    First use the device that is located farther from the plate, then - following it. Remember, forks need to be put so that the denticles "looked" upwards( these are hygienic requirements), the knife - the blade to the plate.

    6. Folded napkin placed on a deep or snack plate. For drinks, special glasses should be designed.

    7. The volume of a glass directly depends on the strength of the drink: the strongest must be poured into small dishes. This is very logical - if guests will drink vodka from large glasses, very soon your dinner will turn into a real horror. Light wines should be poured into large glasses, strong - in smaller.

    8. With the glasses on the table, put the last one on the right that will be used first. All the rest in the order in which you will offer guests drinks.

    9. If you decide to please the guests with a drink such as a hook, consider the features of its presentation. After its preparation, necessarily pour a hook into a beautiful glassware. Guests should see how beautiful you will treat them. Pour the crochet over the glasses ladle.

    10. You will need tall, wide glasses to serve cold cocktails. Add ice to drinks or water right before you give them to guests.

    Pay attention to the temperature characteristics of some drinks. So, many favorite white wine, it is accepted to serve chilled to 8-12 degrees, only at this condition, guests can feel the entire bouquet of the drink.

    But the red wines do not cool, they heat up. The temperature of the wine should be 15-16 degrees. Recommend guests to drink wine slowly.

    A lot depends on the beauty and neatness of the festive table. But, believe me, your works will not go unnoticed. Guests will appreciate your diligence.

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