Acute pharyngitis: symptoms, treatment, photo, prevention

  • Acute pharyngitis: symptoms, treatment, photo, prevention

    Acute pharyngitis is an inflammation of the pharynx, as well as of the lymphoid tissue.

    Sometimes the acute stage of the disease is the first sign of such dangerous diseases as measles, scarlet fever and measles rubella.

    Often, only the onset of the disease is associated with viruses, because they pave the way for further bacterial infection.

    Potentially dangerous microorganisms live in our throats all the time, and when a provoking factor develops, such a disease as pharyngitis develops.

    Symptoms of acute pharyngitis in adults

    In adults, the clinical picture of acute pharyngitis includes many symptoms, among the main listed are the following:

    • pain, sore throat.
    • feeling of discomfort, dryness.
    • pain when swallowing.
    • mucus on the pharynx of yellow, white or transparent color.
    • ear pain.
    • need to clear throat.
    • increase in temperature to 37-38 degrees.
    • general weakness, malaise.
    • enlargement of lymph nodes on the neck.
    • reddening of the posterior pharyngeal wall.
    In children, the signs of acute pharyngitis are not very specific. They are similar to the symptoms of any other colds. Because of the anatomical structure, pharyngitis in children quickly passes into nasopharyngitis. In response to the stimulus, children begin to cough paroxysmally and dryly.

    Symptoms of acute form of pharyngitis are much more pronounced in comparison with chronic pharyngitis. Upon examination, the doctor sees a hyperemic posterior pharyngeal wall, swelling appears, the shell differs in varnish surface. Lymphatic follicles are examined in the form of red grains, they are slightly enlarged. By the way, the manipulation of the examination of the throat can be done by an ordinary person with a spatula or spoon.

    Often, acute pharyngitis can be confused with such dangerous diseases as diphtheria, measles, so at the first symptoms, consult a doctor.

    Treatment of acute pharyngitis

    First of all, when an acute form of pharyngitis is detected, everything that is acute, sour, hot and cold is excluded from food. It is recommended to drink more to cleanse the body of toxins and help the sore throat. It is necessary to give up alcohol and smoking. These measures will help to cure acute pharyngitis in adults.

    Pharyngitis, which is caused by a viral infection, is treated with symptomatic procedures aimed at reducing pain. Also, warm throat rinsing is prescribed to relieve the inflammatory process and remove excess mucus.

    Usually, the doctor prescribes the following rinses:

    • rhotokan and chlorophyllipt( 1 tsp / 1 tablespoon per glass of water).
    • 2 tablets of furacillin per glass of water.
    • 30 drops of propolis( tincture).
    • 1 tsp.soda and salt, a few iodine drops.
    In addition, such effective vegetable decoctions of eucalyptus, chamomile, St. John's wort are effective. Gargle should be 3-4 times a day after you eat.

    In acute pharyngitis, it is very important to determine the cause - the causative agent of the disease. Usually, a doctor prescribes a swab from the throat and nose that indicates if there is a bacterial infection. Mycoplasma, Streptococcus pneumoniae, Klebsiella, Staphylococcus aureus - any infection is determined after bacterial inoculation, after which an antibiotic is administered that specifically affects these microorganisms. It is extremely important that pharyngitis does not go to the chronic stage - to overcome the disease at the initial stage.

    Often doctors prescribe general restorative therapy: vitamins, immunomodulators. The latter stimulate the body to fight the disease, and in fact often acute pharyngitis is a consequence of a decrease in immunity, cold or draft. Multitabs, Duovit - complex vitamins are necessary for maintaining the body in times of illness. You should also lubricate the back of the pharynx after rinsing with a mixture of glycerin and peach oil.

    Bioparox is highly recommended for bacterial pharyngitis, it is also effective Hexaspree - 4 injections every four hours. Such a medicine as Jox has an excellent disinfectant and analgesic effect. You can make warm compresses on the throat with vodka.

    To maintain the effect of treatment of acute pharyngitis, candies such as Strepsils, Pharyngocept, etc. are prescribed. They are dissolved after eating.

    Prevention and complications

    The inflammatory process in the pharynx, which for a long time exists there, greatly depletes our body and the immune system as a whole. With regard to prevention, it is necessary to support protective functions.

    First of all, it is important to monitor food: eat in small portions and in small fractions. In order to avoid further damage to the mucous membrane, spicy, smoked, sour, cold, poorly digested food, carbonated drinks are excluded.

    For a speedy recovery should be taken foods with high content of vegetable fat and vitamins A, Group B and C.

    Preventive measures include strengthening immunity immunomodelators - Echinacea, for example, but as directed by a doctor. It should be avoided a significant number of people during the epidemic of influenza and ARVI.It is also important to prevent the infection of the oral cavity - tonsillitis, caries, preventive vaccinations. Assign inhalation with essential oils to moisturize the overhyped pharynx.

    Complications after pharyngitis - autoimmune diseases that have arisen due to allergic organism. The most dangerous are rheumatism and glomerulonephritis. Rheumatism affects the heart valves, promotes the development of vices, and also stimulates heart failure. Glomerulonephritis often leads to chronic kidney disease. Children due to pharyngitis may experience a false groin.

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