What to do when the kidneys ache after alcohol. The causes and consequences of pain

  • What to do when the kidneys ache after alcohol. The causes and consequences of pain

    Alcoholic beverages initially have a depressing effect on the filtration and excretory function of the kidneys - it is easy to establish on the extensive edema present in almost all people who abuse alcohol. In this regard, kidneys ache after alcohol.

    One of the most dangerous alcoholic beverages can be considered beer, because it has a strong diuretic effect. People drink beer in nemerenyh quantities, thereby provoking an overload of the body, manifestations of dehydration of the body. Initially, the moisture from the kidneys is removed in order to remove ethanol from the body. Subsequently, an insufficient volume of liquid is formed, a violation of the exchange of minerals in the body and the formation of stones.

    Influence of alcoholic drinks on the kidneys

    The most damaging to the kidney alcoholic beverage should be considered beer, which makes them work in a strengthened mode. Abuse of beer markedly increases the urge to urinate, because the body is fully included in the work to remove harmful liquid from the body.

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    From the beer, which is not even used in large volumes, the kidneys begin to ache with time, because alcohol continuously penetrates the body, and the kidneys stop doing their work normally.

    In addition, there is a violation of acid-base and water-salt balance in the body, which provokes fluid accumulation. Then this process leads to complete poisoning of the human body, because all the toxic substances remain in it.

    When kidneys ache from alcohol, it indicates the onset of the development of a large number of pathologies, such as:

    • Pyelonephritis;
    • Jade:
    • Kidney dystrophy.
    • Kidney failure. Necrosis of renal tubules.
    • Gout.

    This is important! If a person abuses alcohol, then his kidneys can not be healthy, as this is contrary to a healthy lifestyle, and the main problem is that it is impossible to reverse pathological processes.

    From alcohol, the kidneys begin to become clogged with toxins that, after processing, also settle in the liver. In addition, alcohol drinks completely wash away from the kidneys such useful and vital substances as phosphates, vitamins, magnesium - this causes the formation of stones that threaten the life of the patient. Often, to answer the question of why the kidneys ache after alcohol, doctors prescribe a diagnosis for kidney stones.

    Daily consumption of alcohol causes destruction of the kidney parenchyma, which is subsequently replaced with a connective tissue. In the next stage of the lesion, the kidneys begin to decrease in size and stop working at all. At best, the kidney affected by ethyl alcohol is subjected to removal, in other situations, a lethal outcome is also possible.

    Very dangerous for kidney beers. Many believe that due to the fact that the dose of alcohol content in it is lower, then the damage from it is small, and you can use this drink daily in small quantities. As a rule, after a beer kidneys ache, weakness in the morning and the need for frequent visits to the toilet. Beer provokes the increased activity of the kidneys, washing out the necessary minerals and salts from the body.

    After drinking alcohol, the character of pain in the kidneys and in the liver is pulling. A very complicated situation is manifested when mixed use of several varieties of alcoholic beverages. In the mornings a person will be strongly tormented by thirst and a desire to drink a large amount of water, since besides minerals and salts, moisture is also eliminated from the body, and the cells need replenishment. In the presence of problems with the pancreas, it can stop producing important enzymes responsible for the splitting of food - this provokes the development of diabetes and pancreatitis.

    How to treat kidneys after drinking alcohol

    Already with the first manifestations of lesions and kidney pain after alcohol, you should immediately visit a doctor. Only a timely examination helps to start treatment to prevent irreversible processes.

    . Thanks to the fact that the kidney tissue is able to recover, timely treatment and compliance with dietary rules can help to achieve positive dynamics.

    This is important! The best way to treat kidney damage due to the negative impact on them of alcoholic beverages is the total refusal to consume alcohol in any form. With complete refusal of alcohol, there is a chance for the restoration of the kidneys and their continuation of normal work.

    Kidney damage after alcohol develops due to the influence of ethyl alcohol on them. The organ ceases to completely filter blood from toxins and other harmful components. In the current situation, other methods of treatment can be prescribed, for example, extrarenal cleansing - hemodialysis, etc.

    The modern population is increasingly asking the question - why after the beer kidneys hurt. This happens because beer has a good diuretic effect and flushes out useful components from the body.

    Restoration of the body

    The first and main step towards the restoration of kidneys is the complete refusal to consume any beverages with even minimal alcohol content. It will take only a couple of months to completely restore the damaged organ - the kidneys - this is the only organ that can recover even after severe injuries and diseases. But for this in the future will need to constantly maintain their health.

    In addition to the organization of specific medicinal treatment experts advise patients to adhere to a strict diet, organize a healthy lifestyle, as much as possible to stay on the move and spend free time in the fresh air. If these recommendations are followed, a person will be able to fully restore the functioning of the kidneys.

    Dangerous consumption of alcoholic beverages in a situation where a person has previously had painful processes in the kidney - pyelonephritis, a chronic form of permanent progressive jade. A common defeat is a heart attack or kidney sclerosis. In this case, severe pain in the kidney area can be extremely dangerous and cause a hemorrhage. In case of a hemorrhage, an immediate hospitalization is required.

    This is important! Kidney stones, formed as a result of a lack of phosphates, magnesium and calcium, are very dangerous because when drinking alcoholic beverages, the necessary salts are washed out and concrements are formed.

    People who regularly drink alcoholic beverages must go to nephrologists and urologists without fail, but they will not be able to avoid pain after drinking alcohol. A suitable and effective course of treatment can be prescribed only by a specialist after a careful study of the history of the disease and the diagnosis.

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