• At what diseases do the kidneys ache and vomit?

    The kidneys are a paired organ, they are located on the back side under the 6th rib. The fact that a person's kidneys are sick and sick, is a common symptom of many pathologies.

    Pain can only be felt on one side or immediately on both sides. As a rule, they are localized in the region of the back near the spine near the last thoracic and first vertebra of the waist. In general, the pain in the kidneys spreads in the direction of the ureters to the external genital organs.

    The nature of the pain is pulling, pricking, cutting. They manifest themselves spontaneously, when feeling, walking or doing sports. Pain is caused by changes in body position, alcohol consumption, colds, mechanical injuries, and in women - monthly and pregnancy.

    This is important! Pain can make you aware of yourself due to impaired blood flow in the kidney, mental trauma and severe overfatigue. Thanks to this, blood flows to the kidneys, so the body starts swelling, squeezing the capsules and causing renal colic.

    Differences in the main symptoms and pain in the kidneys

    When feeling pain in the kidneys, you should also pay attention to the following manifestations:

    • A sharp decrease in the volume of urine released during the day.
    • Clouding of urine, its darkening, an admixture of blood and small stones or sand.
    • Pain during urination.
    • Frequent urge to drain urine.
    • Edema.
    • Rashes on the skin.
    • Fever.
    • Nausea.

    Simultaneously, nausea and pain in the kidneys, and other manifestations indicate a disease of the kidneys, not other organs. It is important to differentiate the disease with renal colic, appendicitis attacks, intestinal dysfunction and other pathologies with similar symptoms.

    Causes and Possible Diagnoses for Kidney Diseases

    There are types of pathologies that are always accompanied by pain in the kidneys - an inflammatory process that develops after hypothermia or after cystitis.

    This is important! Pain is usually blunt or acute, pressing, covering the entire lumbar region, upper abdomen, causing discomfort to the patient.

    This increases the temperature, and frequent urge to urinate.

    • Glomerulonephritis is an infectious-allergic pathology that progresses in the body after infection. At the same time, headaches, weakness, swelling are observed, the body temperature rises, and the volume of excreted urine drops sharply with an admixture of blood. Disease, as a rule, begins with severe headaches.
    • Chronic form of kidney failure is an irreversible damage to the kidneys, progressing for three months or more.
    • Nephroptosis or omission of the kidney is a shift in the organ due to the weakening of the ligamentous apparatus. Kidney pains aching, stitching, manifested not immediately, but only after physical exertion. The disease is characterized by a lack of appetite, a violation of the stool, nausea. At times, throbbing pain develops.
    • Because of improper discharge of urine, pathological changes of the organ may appear - hydronephrosis transformation. Often the disease passes without symptoms and manifests itself due to infection or injury. Often the pain affects the lumbar region, provokes an increase in pressure.
    • The symptom of urolithic pathology is urolithiasis, when the calculi are in the kidneys and in the urinary canals. The disease is often found and correlates with the conditions of a person's life, hard water, abuse of kis, spicy and salty foods. The accompanying signs are blood in the urine, a rise in temperature and pain during urination.
    • Tumor in the kidney is benign in nature - it may not manifest itself at all and carries no danger. Most often involves an operation.
    • Renal oncology is the most terrible diagnosis, which is accompanied by constant weakness, a rise in temperature and the presence of blood in the urine. In the lumbar region, the compaction is felt and the loin hurts.

    Folk recipes for the manifestation of pain

    With the formation of pain in the kidneys and the impossibility of visiting a doctor, you can try using folk remedies for pain.

    These are herbal teas, which are used in place of the usual ones. Well affect the work of the body such herbs as motherwort, bearberry, petals of cornflower, licorice root.

    These herbs are mixed in three tablespoons each and poured 300 ml of boiling water. This tasty and healthy drink will significantly improve the patient's health and well-being.

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