Useful and healing properties of stone and stars

  • Useful and healing properties of stone and stars

    Stones, like people, are interconnected with cosmic processes. Astrologers have long ago established the location of stars and planets that each of them has its own signs of the zodiac, which affect, among other things, the activity of natural minerals.

    There are quite a lot of different calendars matching different stones to certain constellations. Below is one of the most common.

    Aries corresponds to sardonyx, Taurus to amazonite, Gemini to topaz, Raku to chalcedony, Lion to jasper and onyx, Deva to emerald, Libra to Beryl, Scorpio to amethyst, Sagittarius to hyacinth, Capricorn to chrysoprase, Aquarius to rock crystal and rose quartz, Pisces - sapphire.

    All organic and inorganic life on our planet is tuned to vibrations that have certain differences.

    People and natural minerals constantly translate radiation from the energy of the Earth and the Cosmos, strengthening or weakening the energy fields of each other( as well as other surrounding objects).

    Every person born at a certain time has the appropriate features of the energy structure. Favorable stones for him, which are also associated with certain constellations, are able to save and accumulate positive energy, its owner can use to restore and maintain physical and mental strength.

    There is a constant energy and information exchange between stars, minerals and man. The natural stone affects the person as a whole, and on certain organs.

    Correctly chosen, it will help to heal from the ailments, stabilize the emotional state, relieve the negative effects of the environment. It is well known also the preventive effect of successfully selected minerals, which prevent the development of diseases and pathologies, to which a person has a predisposition. Therefore, for the treatment of stones, it is so important to find your own mineral, tuned to the natural characteristics and diseases of each particular individual.

    You can find such a stone by contacting specialists or by studying the relevant literature on astrolithology.

    Strengthen the healing and energy properties of stones can be, if you enclose them in a gold or silver frame.

    In ancient times it was believed that metals on Earth are only seven: iron, gold, copper, tin, mercury, silver and lead. MV Lomonosov gave a definition for the metal: "A light body that can be forged."He excluded mercury from the list, since it is a liquid substance, and therefore does not give a fork. The famous French scientist A. Lavoisier in his book "The Initial Course of Chemistry" called 17 metals, in our time 83 metals have already been discovered. And they all differ from each other.

    Metals can be hard and soft. The hardest is chrome, cutting even glass. The softest are potassium, rubidium and cesium, which are themselves cut with a knife. The only liquid metal is mercury.

    Other physical properties of metals, by which they differ from each other, are the density and melting point. Metals, whose density is less than 5 g / cm3, refer to the lungs, the rest to heavy. The lightest of the metals is lithium: its density is only 0.53 g / cm3, and the heaviest is osmium with a density of 22.6 g / cm3.

    Metal is distinguished by its melting point. Thus, cesium and gallium can be melted by the heat of the palms, whereas tungsten melts only at a temperature of +3410 C. Metals conduct electricity in different ways. This is a very important property, because in many respects it determines the medicinal properties of metals. It is best conducted by silver, followed by copper, gold, aluminum and iron.

    As a remedy, metals have been used since antiquity. They were successfully treated by the doctors of Ancient Egypt, Mesopotamia, India, China and other civilizations, they knew about their miraculous properties the alchemists of the Middle Ages. First of all, the so-called precious metals - gold and silver, as well as copper - were used for medical purposes. And it is no coincidence that the actual crosses worn after baptism were usually made of these three metals. From a young age they had to protect not only the soul of babies, but also physical health.

    The effect of metal therapy is partly due to the fact that contact with metal creates an electric current. The direction of its action is different: when copper, gold, lead and zinc come in contact with the skin, the current flows from metal to skin, and when silver and tin come in contact, from skin to metal.

    Modern healers remember the medicinal properties of metals. Traditional medicine widely uses metal therapy for diseases of blood, vessels, lymph and skin, vegetative-vascular dystonia, iron deficiency anemia, problems with metabolism. With metal therapy it is useful to combine the treatment with grape juice. To do this, in 1 liter of drink put 2-3 copper coins and withstand 6-7 days. Clean water, infused with gold, platinum, silver, iron, copper and other metals, treats many ailments - osteochondrosis, diabetes, arthritis and arthrosis, diseases of the thyroid and pancreas, gastrointestinal tract, genitourinary, locomotor and hormonal systems.